Are Ingrown Toenails Contagious? Discover The Facts Here!

Ingrown toenails are painful and can become a menace for you if you are a regular wearer of open-toes shoes.

You can no longer go out in public with toes that look more like claws, growing back in towards your nail bed.

They can get caught in clothes and hurt your other toes.

Are ingrown toenails contagious? More often than not, if you have a tendency to have ingrown toenails, it is because of your lifestyle.

If you wear shoes that do not fit properly, or you do not practice proper foot hygiene, then you will notice that you are getting more ingrown toenails than anyone else you know.

This does not make ingrown toenails contagious.

They can be more common for you as opposed to other people you know, but this is usually not because one of your ingrown toenails was contagious.

It could be because your family is predisposed to having toes that grow in a certain downward angle, causing them to grow right back under your nail.

What Can You Do To Prevent Ingrown Toenails?

There are certain steps you can take to prevent your ingrown toenails from becoming a bigger problem.

Wear Well-Fitting Shoes

are ingrown toenails contagious

Wearing the right size of footwear makes a huge difference. It not only reduces your chances of getting ingrown toenails, but it also makes life a lot easier.

You have an easier time walking because your feet don’t hurt as much as they used to.

Having shoes that are the right size for your feet also prevents other problems, like infections.

When you wear shoes that are too small, your feet are crammed into a smaller space than they need.

They don’t have space to breathe, and this makes them clammy and sweaty.

Pair the moisture with the darkness of the environment inside your shoe, and you have the perfect home for fungus to start growing in.

If you feel that wearing closed shoes makes your ingrown toenails worse, then opt for shoes that don’t stuff your toes into a cramped space.

Wear flipflops when you are out for a casual event, or fancy, open-toed heels for a formal occasion.

If you are into running, make sure that you buy shoes that give your toes ample space to move.

Because the movement in running can often push your nail inwards, it is a good idea to check and make sure your toes can maintain their shape while being in your running shoes.

Trim Your Nails Often

are ingrown toenails contagious

Having a tendency towards ingrown nails means that you should probably avoid letting your nails grow out as much as possible.

There is no point in growing out nails that will only come back to stab you in the toe.

Clip your nails as close to the nailbed as you can, so that they do not reach the stage of turning inwards and growing in the wrong direction.

If you really want to have longer nails, but have a problem with ingrown nails, then you can buy fake nails or acrylics.

Not only do these save you the hassle of having to grow your nails out, but you also protect your nails from the dirt and grime or the outside world.

Do Not Try To Treat Your Ingrown Toenails Yourself

are ingrown toenails contagious

If you do have a case of ingrown toenails, it is preferable that you see a doctor who is qualified to treat them for you.

It is highly unrecommended to try and cut the nails or pull them out if they have become ingrown.

Doing so could result in an injury, an infection, or worse, a large amount of blood loss if you make any wrong moves.

Some people try to use dental floss to get their toes to grow outwards by attempting to pull the ingrown part out.

This is usually a messy process and can hurt your nail as well.

If you think you are capable enough of treating your ingrown toenails this way, you can give it a try.

Give Your Feet A Spa Day

are ingrown toenails contagious

For days when you have a little extra time on your hands, give your feet a spa day.

Soak your feet in warm water for around 15 to 20 minutes to soften the nails.

If you do this several times a week, you can easily keep your nails in shape because they are softer and easier to manage.

Wash your feet with warm water and soap regularly to prevent infections or the spread of them.

What Can You Do To Survive Ingrown Toenails?

are ingrown toenails contagious

Ingrown toenails are painful. They make it hard to walk and running is almost impossible.

You should consult a doctor if your nails have gone out of your control and are adversely affecting your life.

Take painkillers to make the pain manageable, but do not let this become a routine for you. Painkillers are dangerous if you become dependent on them.

If ingrown toenails are a lifelong thing for you, then relying on painkillers to manage them is a very bad idea.

Put antibiotic cream on your nails. This will prevent the ingrown area of the nailbed from getting infected.

It is highly probable that a nailbed that is wounded by an ingrown nail is exposed to germs.

Feet are already susceptible to dirt and debris, so you need to keep your nails safe by using antibiotic creams and disinfectants.

Final Words

healthy nails

Are ingrown toenails contagious? No. They are not.

However, they can become a regular part of your life depending on your lifestyle, or your genetic predisposition.

You can avoid them by wearing proper shoes and keeping your feet groomed.

For those of you who have a family history of ingrown toenails, the most you can do is prevent infections related to ingrown nails and keep your nails trimmed as often as possible.

With the right tips, you can maintain your hygiene and also ensure that you do not face problems pertaining to nail fungus and other issues of the likes.

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are ingrown toenails contagious