DIY Foot Peel Dead Skin Removal: Say Hello To Flawless Feet!

Are you tired of spending a lot of time in the shower aggressively scrubbing your feet? 

Do you feel like it’s a waste of money buying expensive fancy moisturizers because they never make any difference to your dry cracked heels?

Are you so embarrassed by the condition of your feet that you often end up hiding your feet from other people?

Well, if that’s the case then don’t you worry, we’re here to rescue your feet from their stubborn dryness and dead skin.

In this article, we are going to list down 2 simple DIY foot peels for dead skin that are going to help you remove the dead skin on your feet and transform them into something you are no longer ashamed of.

Once you’ve read this article, you’ll know just the right remedies to get the flawless smooth feet you’ve been dreaming of having for so long.

The most exciting part about these DIY foot peels for dead skin is that they are simple to do at home and don’t involve any expensive products.

This means you no longer have to spend a fortune on expensive pedicures at the spa.

Instead, you can simply use these foot peels on your feet with consistency and you’ll surely get amazing results. So, let’s get right to it!

1. DIY Aspirin Foot Peel

diy foot peel dead skin

If you’re looking for a foot peel to get rid of the stubborn dead skin from your feet and leave them feeling soft and smooth then this remedy might be a game-changer for you.

It’s a foot peel that is made with easily available products and it’s also quick to do at home.

Things You Will Need For This Foot Peel

diy foot peel dead skin

The ingredients listed below will be used for this treatment:

  • A bottle of uncoated Aspirin
  • 1 lemon
  • A small bowl for mixing ingredients
  • A large bowl to soak your feet in
  • Plastic wrap to wrap your feet with
  • A thick moisturizer like petroleum jelly

How To Make And Apply The DIY Aspirin Foot Peel

diy foot peel dead skin

Making this DIY aspirin foot peel is fairly simple. You can start by pouring some aspirin into the small bowl for mixing.

Keep this close by and move on to the next steps. The next thing to do is to soak your feet in hot water to make them softer.

You can also add vinegar or Listerine in the hot water if you wish to.

Once you have left your feet soaked in hot water for about 20 minutes, you should add one lemon to the small bowl with aspirin.

Mix the two ingredients together to form a smooth paste. After mixing, simply take your feet out of the water and dry them with a towel.

The next thing to do is to apply the paste of lemon and aspirin generously on your feet.

After you have applied this paste on your feet, you should wrap them up with the plastic wrap.

Leave your feet wrapped for at least 2 hours to let the aspirin work its magic on your dry cracked heels.

Once you’ve waited two hours, simply wash off the paste from your feet and lather moisturizer on them. You will definitely notice a difference in the texture of your skin.

We suggest you use this foot peel on your feet once every week. You’ll start to get noticeable results from the first try and your feet will start to feel softer and smoother in no time.

2. DIY Honey Foot Peel

diy foot peel dead skin

The DIY honey foot peel is ideal for you if you are looking for a mild treatment for your dry sensitive dead skin.

Most of the ingredients used to make this foot peel will already be present in your kitchen so you don’t have to go out of your way to buy anything.

It’s a perfect way to get softer feet in the comfort of your home.

Things You Will Need For This Foot Peel

You need the following ingredients to make this foot peel:

  • Organic Greek Yogurt
  • Organic Honey
  • Coconut Oil
  • Celery
  • Bergamot essential oil
  • A bowl for mixing ingredients

How To Make And Apply The DIY Honey Foot Peel

diy foot peel dead skin

To make the DIY honey foot peel, all you have to do is mix the ingredients mentioned above.

You have to take half a cup of the Greek yogurt and organic honey each and then mix them together to form a thick paste.

After this, you must add one tablespoon of celery paste, one tablespoon of coconut oil, and one teaspoon of bergamot essential oil.

Make it a point to mix all these ingredients thoroughly so that they are evenly distributed in the paste.

After this, you just have to simply slather the paste all over your feet. You should apply a generous amount and wear socks to lock in the moisture.

Let this foot peel stay coated on your feet for about 20 minutes.

The lactic acid in the Greek yogurt will work as a mild exfoliant to remove the dead skin while the honey will help to hydrate your skin.

Next, you just have to rinse off this thick paste from your feet and voila! Your feet will suddenly will much softer.

We suggest you try doing this remedy twice every week for best results. It’s a mild treatment and the use of organic products ensures there are no side effects.

This DIY foot peel is gentle on the skin so it will never cause irritation on it no matter how sensitive your skin is.

This is why the DIY honey foot peel is perfect for people who are afraid of trying harsh remedies on their feet.

Last Few Words

diy foot peel dead skin

We hope this article motivates you to try out these simple DIY foot peels for dead skin.

Try these treatments with consistency and they surely won’t fail to deliver the results you want.

They’re definitely a perfect way to finally bid farewell to the stubborn dead skin on your feet once and for all.

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diy foot peel dead skin