EmuaidMAX Review: Does It Really Treat Skin Conditions?


emuaid EMUAIDMAX Ointment 2oz - Eczema Cream. Maximum Strength Treatment. Use Max Strength for Athletes Foot,...

Acne. Hemorrhoids. Nail Fungus. Shingles. Eczema. Psoriasis. Millions of people around the world are faced with some type of skin or nail condition and are seeking relief.

EmuaidMAX (Also known as Emuaid MAX) is one of the best-selling natural pain relief ointments in the world.

But does EmuaidMAX really work to treat skin and nail conditions?

Yes! EmuaidMAX and Emuaid treat nail and foot fungus, hemorrhoidsacne, psoriases, eczema, and 75 other types of severe skin conditions. In fact, it is one of the highest rated treatment products on the market today.

Below we will outline all of the positives and negatives of Emuaidmax.

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EmuaidMAX Treats Over 75 Types of Severe Skin Issues

EmuaidMAX treats over 75 types of feet and skin afflictions, making it a powerful addition to your medicine cabinet. We think it is the best all-purpose balm that is on the market today.

These are some of the most common treatment uses:

  • Toenail fungus
  • Athlete’s foot (tinea pedis)
  • Eczema
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Acne
  • Balanitis
  • Psoriasis
  • Shingles
  • Intense Rashes
  • Fungal Infections
  • Severe Boils
  • Cold Sores
  • Worts
  • Poison Ivy & Poison Oak
  • Skin Irritation

Plus, the Emuaid formula has the ability to help reduce scarring, inflammation, and more.

The ointment helps support the creation of new healthy skin cells, which repairs and fights against afflictions quickly.

Additionally, Emuaid’s formula amplifies your body’s natural ability to fight off infections, providing faster relief for even the most difficult to treat infections.

Emuaid or EmuaidMAX is an incredible addition to your medicine cabinet.

EmuaidMAX is Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Inflammatory

EmuaidMAX is an unbelievably powerful solution that is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory.

This means that it can provide quick relief for difficult to treat infections such as nail fungus, athlete’s foot, shingles, and more.

It is quite rare to find an over-the-counter formula that has these powerful properties – usually, you would have to go through the hassle of getting a prescription for a treatment this powerful.

Increases Blood Flow To Heal Quickly

The patented EmuaidMAX formula increases blood flow to the applied area. White blood cells are the bodies natural infection-fighting mechanisms.

This means that Emuaid works with the body’s natural healing mechanisms to quickly give you relief while enhancing your natural healing abilities. EmuaidMAX immediately starts working towards repairing and destroying your infected or damaged skin.

This is especially beneficial to diabetics since diabetes can hamper blood flow to the feet and other parts of the body, which can have negative effects.

That being said, we always recommend consulting your doctor before introducing a new treatment.

Emuaid’s Powerful Formula Is Safe For The Whole Family


The Emuaid formula is both safe and powerful, meaning it can be used by the whole family. This is due to the natural ingredients utilizes in the formula, such as Tea Tree Oil, Vitamin E, and more.

These natural ingredients have powerful healing and infection-fighting properties that can be utilized by people of all ages.

If you need to apply the solution to your child, make sure that an adult handles the application. In any case, make sure your children do not ingest any of the ointment and keep it out of their eyes and mouth.

Consult your local physician before using the formula on children or pregnant women.

What Are The Key Ingredients In EmuaidMAX?

EmuaidMAX is made from a high quality, medical grade ingredients such as:

  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Argentum Metallicum
  • Bacillus Ferment
  • Vitamin E
  • Castor Oil
  • Olea Europaea Fruit Oil
  • And more!

Best of all, the formula does not contain any artificial preservatives, chemicals, alcohol, petrochemicals, or fragrances.

This means the formula is made without anything artificial or damaging to the skin, so you don’t have to worry about any nasty chemicals entering your body. Click here to view a full list of ingredients from the manufacturer.

EmuaidMAX is FDA-registered, and it is a high-quality treatment that utilizes the highest concentrations of natural ingredients to treat an incredible variety of ailments.

These natural oils have been used by indigenous cultures for centuries to treat all sorts of skin and nail conditions – everything from athlete’s foot to ear infections, boils, eczema, psoriasis, and more.

How Does Emuaid Differ From EmuaidMAX?

emuaid Ointment 2oz- Eczema Cream. Regular Strength Treatment. Regular Strength for Athletes Foot, Psoriasis,...

The main difference between EmuaidMAX and Emuaid is that the MAX formula contains more potent anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial ingredients.

EmuaidMAX is the maximum strength formula, with 10 times more Tea Tree Oil, 50 times more Vitamin E, and 2 times more Bacillus Ferment. Essentially, a higher concentration of the natural ingredients that treat skin infections.

We recommend using EmuaidMAX if you have a severe skin issue that has been resilient to other topical treatments. If you have a general skin issue that is not as intense, we recommend using regular Emuaid.

That being said, the Emuaid treatment is also spectacular and worth using for less-severe or difficult to treat ailments.

How To Use Emuaid or EmuaidMAX For Acne, Hemorrhoids, Eczema, And Other Skin Conditions

emuaid reviews

Utilizing the Emuaid formula for your severe skin conditions is easy. For most skin conditions, simply apply a thin layer of Emuaid or EmuaidMAX to your skin three to four times a day.

We recommend reapplying the formula throughout the day and continue applying even after your skin condition has started to heal.

Consult your local doctor before introducing your body to any new treatment.

How Do You Apply EmuaidMAX Or Emuaid To A Fungal Nail Infection?

emuaid reviews

1. Prepare Your Nails

The first step with any treatment is to clean and file your nails. If your nails have become thick due to your fungal infection, we recommend utilizing long-handled nail clippers.

After this, take a shower to wash away all of the infected debris. This will help maximize the effectiveness of the treatment and prevent spreading.

2. Apply EmuaidMAX or Emuaid To The Infected Area

Remove the 2 fl oz ointment balm from the packaging. Using a q-tip or cotton ball, apply a thin layer of Emuaid MAX directly to the infected area and let it sit for half an hour at a time.

Do not let your fingers come into direct contact with the infected areas. Nail fungus spreads easily, so take the proper precautions to protect your nails.

3. Go On With Your Day!

It’s as simple as that. We recommend reapplying Emuaid directly to the infected area at least twice a day or more, morning and night, depending on the severity of the infection.

You may be able to apply the formula up to four times a day to speed up the healing process.

It is important to keep utilizing the treatment even after the infection has been destroyed. This is to ensure that every trace of the infectious bacteria is wiped out so you don’t become reinfected.

Additionally, make sure you remove the fungi from your shoes, socks, and sheets to prevent spreading or possible reinfection.

How Long Will It Take To Cure My Fungal Nail Using Emuaid?

Many users report seeing results in as little as one week. This includes a lightening and softening of the nail.

Eventually, the infected portion of the nail will either grow out or fall off and reveal a healthy new nail.

Depending on the severity of your infection, this may take a month or longer.

What Are The Possible Side-Effects?

Although side-effects are rare, the most commonly reported side-effect is an itching sensation. This can range from mild to intense. If it is mild, we recommend reducing the amount of Emuaid applied and frequency of applications.

If you experience a more intense itching sensation, please discontinue use immediately and consult your doctor.

Additionally, it is always possible that you have an adverse reaction to the ingredients in the Emuaid or EmuaidMAX solution. We also recommend applying a small amount of the treatment to your skin to test for this.

Always consult your doctor being introducing any new type of treatment to your body.

What Other Nail Fungus Treatments Do You Recommend?

There are a wide variety of nail fungus treatments. EmuaidMAX is one our highest rated. We also recommend utilizing an over-the-counter, natural treatment whenever possible.

Prescription medications, such as Lamisil, can have terrifying side-effects. If you are interested in viewing some other natural options, we have a comprehensive buyers guide available for your viewing.

Where Should I Purchase EmuaidMax or Emuaid?

Many of our readers ask us where they can purchase Emuaid or EmuaidMax. They wonder if they can buy Emuaid products from Walmart, CVS, eBay, or Walgreen.

We recommend purchasing Emuaid or EmuaidMax on Amazon.com.

Click here to go directly to the product page for EmuaidMAX on Amazon.com.

EmuaidMax Positives and Negatives


  • One of the most powerful healing ointments on the market today
  • Most users see results in 1 week
  • Easy to use treatment
  • Treats a variety of skin issues


  • Some users report the balm causes an itching sensation
  • One of the more expensive treatment options for nail fungus and other skin conditions

Our Verdict

EmuaidMAX and Emuaid are both fantastic treatment options for nail fungus, eczema, boils, shingles, hemorrhoids and a wide variety of other skin ailments.

We highly recommend utilizing the powerful Emuaid formula to treat your fungal infection or skin condition.

Although it is one of the more expensive treatment options, it is incredibly powerful, and chances are you will be able to harness Emuaid’s power for a variety of additional uses, which makes it the perfect addition to your medicine cabinet.

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emuaid EMUAIDMAX Ointment 2oz - Eczema Cream. Maximum Strength Treatment. Use Max Strength for Athletes Foot,...

Shop Now At Amazon.com

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