How To Make Feet Soft With Baking Soda: The Ultimate Guide

Nothing dries your feet like a summer full of beach days and pool parties.

You paint your toenails with bright colors and flaunt your pretty feet in flip flops at every party. You run around bare feet on picnics and beaches, enjoying the bright sunny days.

You think how summer is worth getting the tan while you head out and forget to apply sunblock every day.

Well, it’s all fun and games until you start to notice the harsh signs of damage.  

One day, you realize how dull and dry your feet have gotten over time. You notice the cracks on your heels and your heart suddenly feels heavy.

You start to wonder what happened to your flawless smooth feet. Then you decide you are going to do everything in your power to fix them before they start to get worse.

So you start applying moisturizer to your feet every night before bed in an attempt to restore their previous beauty.

Little do you know that the damage done to your feet will take far more than just moisturizing.

What You Should Do To Restore the Beauty of Your Feet

how to make feet soft with baking soda

Making your feet soft and smooth again requires far more effort and time than just moisturizing before bed.

You need to follow a proper skincare routine with multiple steps if you truly want to heal them.

Only then can you expect to get your beautiful flawless feet back.  

A skincare routine for feet includes several steps such as a foot soak, scrubbing, moisturizing, and massaging them once at least every week. All these steps are simple and can be easily done at home.

You don’t necessarily have to go to fancy salons and invest in expensive pedicures to fix the condition of your feet.

You don’t have to buy expensive skin care products and can use products already available at home. You can even make your feet soft with baking soda.

With consistency and time, you will surely see your desired results.

Furthermore, improving the roughness and dryness of your feet also requires protecting your feet from excessive sun exposure with the regular use of a sunblock.  

Regular use of sunblock will help to speed up the softening process.

This should be done especially whenever you plan to stay outdoors for longer periods.

After this, you’ll start to see visible improvement within a couple of weeks and never go back to your careless ways again.

Why Is Baking Soda Used For Foot Care?

how to make feet soft with baking soda

As baking soda is readily available at home, it is often used for beauty remedies.

Besides its obvious use in the kitchen for baking cakes, baking soda is highly popular in foot care as well. Baking soda is used to make foot soaks and scrubs because it softens the skin.

It is an effective ingredient if you want to and remove roughness from your feet and make them soft and smooth again.

Another advantage of using baking soda in foot care is that it is also useful for removing foot odor.

So every time you feel like your feet are stinking up the room, use this remedy for a quick fix.

How To Make A Foot Soak With Baking Soda

how to make feet soft with baking soda

You can easily give yourself a spa treatment at home and make your feet soft with baking soda. It’s a very easy remedy to do at home.

All you need is warm water and some baking soda.  

First of all, you need to fill a washbasin with warm water. Make sure the water is enough to go up to your ankles so you cover your whole feet.

Then you add 2-3 tablespoons of baking soda to the water. Make sure you stir up the water for even distribution of baking soda.

Furthermore, you can also add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to this solution. This will add a pleasant fragrance and make the whole environment more relaxing while you soak your feet.

Last but not least, add one teaspoon of whole milk or vegetable oil. Add the option that is easily available at home.  

The little addition of whole milk or vegetable oil will help mix the essential oils in the warm water. After this give this solution one last stir and out your feet in it.

 Keep your feet soaked in this solution for about 20-30 minutes for the best results. If you feel any irritation or redness, then reduce the length of time of soaking.

If you experience any severe reaction, please consult a skin doctor before trying this again.

This is how you can make easily make your feet soft with baking soda.  

It doesn’t require too much effort, time or expensive products. Furthermore, it’s a simple method to do at home on your own. It’s not rocket science, is it?

How To Make A Foot Scrub With Baking Soda

how to make feet soft with baking soda

Other than a foot soak, many people use baking soda to make a foot scrub. This also results in soft smooth feet and is as simple as the remedy explained above.

To make a scrub, you add ¾ parts baking soda and ¼ part water.

This forms a thick consistency paste that you have to rub on to your feet to remove the rough patches.

Rub this on your feet for about 15 minutes gently and focus on the drier areas especially your heels. You will instantly notice a difference in the texture of your skin.

The Bottom Line

This is how you can incorporate an ingredient available at home into your foot care and make your feet soft with baking soda.

Both the remedies are simple to execute and don’t require many additional products.

Try them out and see the results for yourself. Your feet will feel smooth and smell much better!

Make sure you moisturize your feet thoroughly after doing any of the two remedies explained above.

This will help hydrate your skin and stop it from becoming dry again. We hope this article has shown you how easy it is to take better care of your feet.

Thank you for reading this article on how to make feet soft with baking soda.

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