What Are The Side-Effects From Using Kerasal Nail? An Honest Look


Kerasal Nail Renewal, Restores Appearance of Discolored or Damaged Nails, 0.33 fl oz (Packaging May Vary)

You have finally decided to treat your fungal nail problem. Maybe you have had these issues for months, or maybe you have been putting it off for years.

You have finally decided no more – it is time to finally cure your nail fungus. You have decided on Kerasal Fungal Nail Renewal Treatment, a top-selling product in the nail fungus industry.

However, you have heard that certain nail fungus products can have terrible side-effects, such as liver failure, or even death.

What are the real possible side effects from using Kerasal Fungal Nail? Keep reading to find out.

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What Are The Possible Side-Effects Of Using Kerasal Fungal Nail?

The most common side effect using Kerasal on an infected nail is a mild warming sensation. This is due to the active ingredients, such as propylene glycol, urea, and sodium hydroxide penetrating the nail and destroying the fungal infection.

Please keep in mind that this does not affect everyone, and everyone’s tolerance to these effects differ.

If you experience a warming sensation, we recommend applying a thinner layer of Kerasal Fungal Nail Renewal Treatment to your infected nail. If this does not provide relief, we recommend reducing your treatment to once daily or once every other day.

Many of users report an increase in this warming sensation when they combine a topical solution with additional treatments, such as a vinegar foot soak.

Again, if you experience this, we recommend applying a thinner layer of the topical solution to the nail and reducing the frequency of the treatments.

In some extreme instances, users may experience skin irritation, burning, stinging, and itching. Although these side-effects are rare, it is still a possibility to reactive negatively to the topical solution.

If you experience any side-effects using any treatment, we recommend reaching out to your doctor immediately.

How Likely Am I To Experience These Side-Effects?

It is unlikely that you experience any of the more extreme side-effects. According to WebMD, the most common side-effects are the aforementioned itching, skin irritation, and stinging of the skin.

However, more severe reactions, such as hives and allergic reactions are possible in rare instances. For a complete list of possible side-effects and their frequency, click here to read a list compiled by WebMD.

It is difficult to precisely say how likely you are to experience any side-effects with any treatments.

Age, previous and current medical issues, and medications can all increase the likelihood of experiencing side-effects. Please consult your doctor before introducing any new treatment into your daily regimen.

How Does This Compare To Prescription Fungal Medication?

kerasal nail side effects

Many users turn to topical nail fungus solutions because prescription anti-fungal pills can have terrifying side-effects. For example, here are some of the possible side-effects from Lamisil:

  • Hives
  • Severe liver damage
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Fever
  • Severe skin reactions
  • Death

In most cases, topical solutions such as Kerasal Fungal Nail Renewal Treatment lack some of the terrifying potential side-effects that prescription medications have.

However, we are not doctors and this website does not provide medical advice.

Please consult your doctor before trying introducing a new topical solution, even if the likelihood of an adverse reaction is low.

Some doctors may even recommend combining a prescriptive anti-fungal medication such as Lamisil with a topical solution like Kerasal.

Does Kerasal Nail Really Work?

One of the questions we receive most is “Does Kerasal Really Work?” Yes, the product works. It improves nail appearance in over 90% of sufferers, and most people see results in just one week.

The active ingredients in Kerasal, such as propylene glycol and urea have been clinically proven to be effective antifungal and debridement agents that treat fungal infections such as onychomycosis.

Additionally, Kerasal is approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association, which is quite the honor.

As with any nail fungus treatment, it is going to take time and daily usage of the product to completely treat the fungal infection.

Keep in mind that it will take longer for extreme sufferers to see desired results.

Do You Recommend Using Kerasal?

Yes, Kerasal Fungal Nail is a fantastic treatment option for anyone suffering from nail fungus.

It is one of the best selling fungal nail treatments on the market today, and thousands of people have used it to treat their nail fungus.

It is so popular, in fact, that we have a full, in-depth review of the product and decided to create this article because of how many inquiries we were receiving about it.

Additionally, we have looked at some other great treatment options if you would like to review these as well.

Please keep in mind that nail fungus is highly contagious and can spread to other parts of the body quickly, so it is imperative that you treat your fungal infection as soon as it appears.


Although we already wrote an in-depth article on Kerasal, many of our readers reached out wanting to know more information about the possible side-effects.

We can honestly say that Kerasal Fungal Nail Renewal Treatment is a fantastic treatment option for anyone suffering from nail fungus.

Although there is always a risk of an adverse reaction, the likelihood of experiencing anything other than a mild warming sensation in the infected area is quite low in most cases.

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Kerasal Nail Renewal, Restores Appearance of Discolored or Damaged Nails, 0.33 fl oz (Packaging May Vary)

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