Everything You Need To Know About Lenz Heated Socks: An Honest Review


Lenz Set of Heat Socks 1.0 Black, Inklusive Lithium Pack RcB 1200 (EU/US), Size Small, (3-6) 2017 Model,...

Lenz Heated Socks are a revolutionary technology that brings socks into the 21st century. Utilizing the power of merino wool, polyester, polypropylene, Lenz has created an incredibly well-constructed sock.

Combined with the power of lithium batteries for warmth and Bluetooth control, Lenz keeps your feet warm for up to fourteen hours at a time.

We believe that these are the best heated socks on the market today.

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Lenz Set of Heat Socks 1.0 Black, Inklusive Lithium Pack RcB 1200 (EU/US), Size Small, (3-6) 2017 Model,...
Lenz Heated Socks
Powerful heated socks with lithium batteries

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Keeps Your Feet Warm During Your Activities

Lenz Heated Socks are performance socks that can be utilized for all of your outdoor activities, even in the winter.

Hunting, fishing, skiing – whatever you do outdoors, Lenz can handle. The lithium batteries send heat throughout the sock keeping your feet warm for hours at a time.

In fact, on the lowest setting, the batteries last upwards of fourteen hours per charge.

On the lower settings, the Lenz heated socks last even longer, making them ideal for your all-day outdoor activities.

What many people end up doing is turning on the first heat setting when their feet start feeling cold and then turn up the heat throughout the day.

This allows them to easily ensure a full day of usage from the battery pack.

Additionally, the heating feels completely natural – the warmth spreads throughout your feet evenly and naturally. It doesn’t even feel like you are wearing a heated sock, simply that your feet are cozy and warm.

The Lenz Sock Material Is Anti-Bacterial, Breathable, Odor Resistant and Warming

Lenz Set of Heat Socks 1.0 Black, Inklusive Lithium Pack RcB 1200 (EU/US), Size Small, (3-6) 2017 Model,...

The Lenz Heated Socks utilize the power of polyester, polypropylene, elastane and merino wool. All of these materials combined create high-end performance socks that are ergonomic and feel completely natural to use.

They are comparable in feel and thickness to other high-end wool socks, which is great.

Merino wool makes these socks breathable and manages moisture, making it so that your feet are always warm but do not sweat. Sweating feet means bacteria, and bacteria means fungus!

This keeps your feet in an ideal level of warmth and removes moisture – in fact, merino fibers can absorb and retain up to 30% of their own weight and still feel dry to the touch.

Additionally, merino wool has a number of other factors that make these socks incredible.

For example, because of their ability to handle moisture, they are odor resistant and quick drying.

Easy To Control Manually Or Using Bluetooth App

Lenz Set of Heat Socks 1.0 Black, Inklusive Lithium Pack RcB 1200 (EU/US), Size Small, (3-6) 2017 Model,...

Although the socks can be controlled manually, for the technologically inclined, Lenz has a fantastic phone application that can be used to control the heat settings.

This application is available for both iOS and Android users. The application harnesses the power of Bluetooth, which is available on all modern smartphones.

This application is incredibly useful for users who engage in activities with a lot of clothes and items – for example, skiing, hunting, ice fishing, etc.

The manual control is simple – there are three heat settings that can be controlled directly on the battery.

Ergonomic And Comfortable Design

Lenz Heated Socks Review

This is perhaps the best feature of Lenz Heated Socks – they feel completely natural to use.

The lithium packs are so slim that they are hardly noticeable in your shoes or boots, you would hardly realize that they are there.

Other heated socks and insoles sometimes feel bulky and interfere with your activities, but this is not the case with the Lenz design.

For our money, this is one of the greatest features of Lenz’s revolutionary technology. You benefit from the all-day warmth of these socks without even noticing that they are there.

How Do I Wash Lenz Heated Socks?

Lenz Heated Socks Review

It is quite easy to wash the Lenz Heated Socks. Simply utilize your regular washing machine cycle on warm, and then hang your socks to let them dry.

We do not recommend putting the socks in the dryer because high heats may damage the socks.

If you accidentally end up putting them in the dryer a few times it should be okay, but it may wear out the socks quicker. We recommend always trying to let them air dry.

How Long Do The Batteries Last?

At the lowest heat setting, the Lenz socks will last up to fourteen hours at a time.

If you crank up the heat settings they can last anywhere from eight to ten hours depending on which setting you chose.

Luckily, they can easily be recharged, allowing you to have warm feet whenever you need them!

Are The Socks Unisex?

Yes, the socks are unisex. Whether you are a man or woman, the Lenz Heated Socks are a great choice for you.

What Comes With My Order?

Each set of Lenz Heated Socks comes with two heated socks. Some of our users have actually expressed some concern because the picture only shows one – we are happy to report that each is a full pair of socks.

Additionally, each package contains the two rechargeable rcB 1200 lithium packs, 1 global USB-charger, and one USB charging cable.

What Other Heated Socks Do You Recommend?

Lenz heated socks are our top recommendation for heated socks. However, if you are a skier or snowboarder, check out our list of the best heated socks for skiing and other winter activities.

Where Can I Purchase Lenz Heated Socks?

Many of our readers wonder they can purchase Lenz Heated Socks. We recommend purchasing these remarkable heated socks on Amazon.com.

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Lenz Heated Socks Positives and Negatives


  • The most advanced and powerful heating socks on the market today
  • Three different heating settings
  • Can be controlled manually or using Bluetooth
  • The batteries recharge quickly


  • One of the more expensive heated socks
  • Need to be recharged after use

Our Verdict

Lenz Heated Socks are the best heated socks available on the market today. The sock material is top notch, the heating function feels completely natural, and the whole system is completely unintrusive.

The only real downside is that they are more pricey than traditional heated socks, but that is a small price to pay to have warm feet all day!

Whether you are a skier, hunter, fisherman, or just someone prone to cold feet, these incredibly heating socks are right for you.

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Lenz Set of Heat Socks 1.0 Black, Inklusive Lithium Pack RcB 1200 (EU/US), Size Small, (3-6) 2017 Model,...

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