How To Use Tea Tree Oil For Nail Fungus – What You Need To Know (Today!)


Nail fungus, known medically as onychomycosis, is one of the most common fungal infections in the world.

In fact, it is estimated that at any given time, 10% of the world’s population is suffering from nail fungus, or another related fungal infection such as athletes foot, ringworm, or jock itch.

A fungal infection of the nails can cause them to turn yellow and thick, become brittle, or even turn a dastardly off-white.

Tea tree oil is a common essential oil that can be found quite easily online or at health food stores and has powerful anti-fungal qualities.

This guide will teach you everything you need to know about using tea tree oil to treat your nail fungus.

Science Shows Tea Tree Oil Has Antifungal Properties

Tea Tree Oil For Nail Fungus

Tea tree oil is derived from the leaves of the tea tree, known medically as Melaleuca Alternifolia, in southeast Australia. The distilled essential oil has been shown to have antifungal properties.

A 1996 study by the University of Leipzig in Germany tested tea tree oils effectiveness against fifty-four different types of yeasts and found a moderate decrease in fungal activity throughout the various types of fungi in vitro.

It is worth noting that this study utilized a significantly weaker concentration of tea tree oil while testing – most external over-the-counter brands of tea tree oil utilize anywhere from 5-10% Tea tree oil.

This study utilized far less in an attempt to understand the antifungal effects from a medical standpoint.

Tea Tree Oil Can Be Used For Various Ailments

tea tree oil nail fungus

In addition to nail fungus, Tea tree oil has been used for thousands of years to help treat various other common ailments.

These include the standard fungal infections – ringworm, athletes foot, jock itch, but also more unique solutions.

For example, tea tree oil has been shown to be beneficial when dealing with acne, lice, folliculitis, dandruff, ear infections, paronychia, and more.

Tea tree oil is anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory, making it a powerful tool for fighting nail fungus and various other common issues.

How To Use Tea Tree Oil For Nail Fungus

tea tree oil nail fungus

1. Clip & Clean Your Nails

The first step to successfully fighting nail fungus is to prepare the nails.

By clipping and cleaning your nails before applying the treatment, you maximize the effectiveness of Tea tree oil or any other treatment.

If your nails have become thick due to the fungal infection, we recommend investing in special, high-grade clippers that can easily clip through your thickened nails.

Once you have clipped the nails, wash your feet in order to wash away any infected skin or nail debris.

2. Apply Tea Tree Oil

Now that your nails are clipped and clean, it is time to apply the Tea tree oil. We recommend using the Renew Nail Solution found in the Purely Northwest Toenail Fungus Treatment System.

The solution utilizes 100% Tea tree oil, Oregano Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, and more with an easy brush-on applicator.

Apply your chosen Tea tree oil directly to the infected nails twice a day, letting it sit for up to thirty minutes at a time.

After thirty minutes has passed, wash off the solution and then dry your nails completely. We recommend doing this morning and night.

3. Continue Treatment Until The Infection Is Gone

Keep applying the solution directly to the nails twice a day.

Result times differ dramatically from person to person – some might start to see results within a couple weeks, while for others, it might take a few months depending on the severity of the fungal infection.

The important thing is to keep applying the solution daily, and even after the fungal infection has cleared up in order to prevent reinfection.

Don’t Risk Getting Reinfected – Remove The Fungi From Your Life

tea tree oil nail fungus

One of the most important aspects of successfully treating your nail fungus is to destroy the fungi in your life.

What many people do not realize is that if you have nail fungus, you are constantly spreading fungi spores. If these fungi spores are left untreated, then you can easily reinfect yourself or your loved ones.

You need to be diligent about removing from the fungi from your shoes, bed sheets, socks, sandals, etc.

Fortunately, there are a number of easy ways to handle these. Some of the most common include aero-sprays and powders.

We recommend utilizing StinkBOSS, which is a powerful home appliance that can easily destroy the residual fungi in your shoes, socks, gym-wear, and more.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Using Tea Tree Oil?

One of the major reasons people to turn to Tea tree oil is because it is natural, and thus people assume it is safe.

While for most people this is true, there are a few things to consider. Most people will be able to utilize Tea tree oil without any adverse side-effects.

However, there is always a possibility of an adverse reaction, which can result in swelling, irritation, and itching. Additionally, although Tea tree oil is possibly safe when used externally, it is toxic to consume internally.

Never under any circumstance should you consume the oil.

Please keep in mind that this website does not provide medical advice – please see a medical professional before introducing your body to any treatment, including Tea tree oil.

Watch Out For Athletes Foot & Other Fungal Infections

tea tree oil nail fungus

Many people do not realize that nail fungus is actually closely related to ringworm, athletes foot, and jock itch.

You need to always be diligently watching out for the signs of these fungal infections, and if any start to appear, start treating them immediately so that they do not spread or reinfect your toenails.

Some of the most common symptoms of these infections include itchiness, discomfort, redness, and crusty skin.

What Tea Tree Oil Do You Recommend Using For Nail Fungus?

This is a common question that we receive here on the site.

We are big believers in utilizing powerful, natural ingredients to fight fungal infections, and Tea tree oil is a fantastic way to do this since there is a bevy of scientific evidence behind it.

The Purely Northwest Toenail Fungus Treatment System is a fantastic, 3-in-1 system that utilizes Tea tree oil as one of its main antifungal components.

This system has three parts – an antifungal body wash, ReNew topical solution, and Tea tree oil foot soak.

This is one of the best over the counter toenail fungus treatments on the market today because it powerfully attacks your fungal infection from three different angles and utilizes the power of Tea tree oil.


Tea tree oil is one of the most common natural antifungal agents in the world, and this is for good reason – there is scientific evidence backing it up, it is powerful, and most users experience no side-effects.

If you are ready to start treating your nail fungus today, we highly recommend utilizing the Purely Northwest Toenail Fungus Treatment System.

Please keep in mind that this website does not provide medical advice – always consult your doctor before starting a new treatment.

Thank you for reading our article on Tea Tree Oil, we wish you the best of luck fighting off your fungal infection.