Treatment for Poor Circulation in Legs and Feet: What You Need To Know (Today!)


The circulation system plays a critical role in sending nutrients, oxygen, and blood throughout the entire body’s system.

When the blood flow to a certain part of the body, like legs, is lowered, the symptoms of poor circulation start to appear.

Poor circulation usually affects legs, feet, and arms, and it’s a result of the other health issues, and that is why it’s vital to reveal and cope with the underlying causes, such as arterial issues, heart conditions, diabetes, and obesity.

Fortunately, there are a number of treatments and lifestyle changes you can utilize at home to help with your circulatory issues.

Read on to find out the most effective treatment for poor circulation in legs and feet.

How To Treat Poor Circulation In Legs And Feet

It’s vitally important to see a doctor if you face a few symptoms mentioned in the video above – cramping, swelling, loss of hair on the legs and feet, numbness, etc.

Your doctor will help you figure out an underlying cause of poor circulation in your legs and feet and help you treat it faster.

Please keep in mind that this website does not provide medical advice and does not diagnose any medical issues.

Treatment for Poor Circulation in Legs and Feet: Use A Sequential Compression Device – Air Relax Sequential Compression Device

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Sequential compression devices are known for their ability to improve the lymphatic system function and blood circulation.

They also aid in treating lymphedema, venous insufficiencies, sports injuries, and post-immobilization edema, speed up recovery, as well as help aid the circulation system.

Our top choice is Air Relax Sequential Compression Device It’s an FDA Cleared Medical Grade device that is utilized by various professional therapists, chiropractors, and physicians.

The device features 4 advanced modes – peristaltic, sequential, massage, and peristaltic and sequential auto mode. Not only does Air Relax Sequential Compression Device help to improve blood circulation in legs and feet, but can also ease the leg pain.

However, keep in mind that it doesn’t replace any medications or health professional care.

If you are interested in learning more about compression devices, click here to read our article on the best compressions boots for swollen legs.

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Utilize A Leg Massager – Human Touch Reflex-4 Foot & Calf Shiatsu Massager

Human Touch Reflex4 Targeted Relief Foot & Calf Shiatsu Massager

This is by far one of the most relaxing ways to help treat poor circulatory issues in your legs and feet.

Human Touch Reflex-4 Foot & Calf Shiatsu Massager is a powerful at home leg massager that can help relieve pain from sore feet, Plantar Fasciitis, Fibromyalgia, and circulation issues.

The system features a variety of intensities from gentle to vigorous, along with four built-in massage programs to help with poor circulation.

Human Touch Reflex-4 Foot & Calf Shiatsu Massager utilizes an incredibly unique, patented figure-8 system to deliver the finest quality massage directly to your aching legs and feet.

In fact, the all-encompassing massage feature completely mimics a massage from a highly trained massage therapist.

We highly recommend utilizing this shiatsu massager to help treat poor circulation in your legs and feet.

Additionally, it can help you relax after a long day, and it has been shown that high-stress levels can actually exacerbate circulatory issues.

This means that the Reflex-4 is actually helping your circulatory system in a variety of ways.

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Maintain A Healthy Body Weight

treatment for poor circulation in legs and feet

Whether you are underweight, overweight, or obese, set a goal of getting your weight in check.

Oftentimes, simply maintaining a healthy body weight can significantly enhance your circulatory system, which can help with poor circulation in your lower extremities.

Simply put, the circulatory system tends to work more efficiently in people with healthy body weight.

Talk to your Doctor about what your ideal weight should be for your height and body type and make healthy choices to reach that goal.

Keep in mind that we are not talking about any diet pills, crash diets, etc.

In our own personal experience, the only way to really lose weight and keep the weight off is to make a long-lasting and sustainable lifestyle change.

Try A Foot Circulation Booster Machine – REVITIVE Circulation Booster

REVITIVE Medic (2016 Edition) - Relieve Foot Ache and Leg Pains, One Color, 1 Count (Pack of 1)

Designed to help to boost the blood flow in feet, a foot circulation booster machine is an ideal treatment for poor circulation.

If you experience foot discomfort or pain due to poor circulation, a foot circulation booster is an incredible choice.

We recommend REVITIVE Circulation Booster – a clinically-tested circulation booster that is widely used to treat foot and leg pains by increasing the blood flow in the legs.

The device features 99 settings, which allow you to control the strength of each treatment meeting your personal needs.

The foot circulation booster machine helps to boost blood flow, alleviate aching and sore muscles, and even improve the strength and tone of the leg muscles.

All you have to do is just sit, place your bare feet on the machine’s foot pads, and enjoy a 20-minute treatment.

It’s portable, so you can bring it to the office to relieve the aching feet during the day, or place it in your living room so you can enjoy it while you do your daily activities.

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Watch Your Salt Consumption

Treatment for Poor Circulation in Legs and Feet

Excessive daily salt consumption leads to water retention and causes your legs and feet to swell. This places tons of pressure on the veins, eventually leading to the problems with blood flow.

Try to avoid eating foods high in sodium and processed ingredients. Although you can not fully remove salt from your diet, try and limit your salt consumption to a healthy level by making good lifestyle choices.

Also, drink a lot of water to hydrate your body and promote blood circulation.

Talk to your doctor about what is the right amount of sodium for you to be ingesting a daily basis.

Additionally, one easy way to regulate the amount of sodium in your diet is to stop eating out so much – many restaurants use an excessive amount of salt and fat because doing so indulges our brains reward system.

By simply cooking your own meals at home, you can know exactly what is going into your body.

Utilize Compression Socks – MIXSNOW Compression Socks

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Compression socks work by applying a small amount of pressure to the lower legs, thus increasing blood flow to the legs and feet.

This can help with a variety of issues from varicose veins to poor blood pressure. MIXSNOW Compression Socks are some of the best compression socks available on the market today.

In addition to helping with circulation in the lower extremities, these songs are also ideal for people who spend lots of time on their feet in their day to day lives – nurses, hikers, chefs, teachers, athletes, and more can all benefit from using MIXSNOW Compression Socks.

The compression effect (15-20 mmHg) can also help reduce swelling, allowing you to get back on your feet more quickly than a traditional pair of socks.

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Quit Your Bad Habits

When struggling with poor circulation in legs and feet, it’s crucial to give up any bad habit you have, especially smoking.

Smoking increases the risk factor for peripheral artery disease and many other serious health conditions. As soon as you stop smoking, your blood flow can improve in a matter of a few weeks.

Additionally, smoking has a variety of other negative effects that can compound and thus make your circulatory system even more strained.

For example, smoking fills the lungs with tar and other chemicals, making it harder to exercise.

By not exercising, you do more damage to your circulatory system, and this is a vicious cycle.

Stay Active

treatment for poor circulation in legs and feet

If you have a sedentary lifestyle, you’re more likely to deal with poor circulation, especially in your feet.

Stand up frequently if you spend your day sitting or take a short stroll in the perk during lunch. This will help to contract leg muscles and boost blood flow.

Exercise is important, too. Anything from walking, hiking, running, biking, yoga, lifting, and swimming can improve your circulation and overall health.

Invest in Comfortable Shoes

Tight shoes, particularly heels, can hinder blood circulation in feet.

Invest in a pair of comfortable shoes with proper cushioning to ward off the issues with your blood flow and keep your feet happy and healthy.

This is true regardless of whether you are sitting at work all day, or moving about. For many people, fashion is an important part of life.

However, nothing is more important than your health! Wearing shoes that are comfortable and well-fitting can help improve your circulation almost immediately.

Ask Your Doctor About Gingko Supplementation

treatment for poor circulation in legs and feet

Gingko has been shown to aid in opening the blood vessels and thus increasing the blood flow.

While the recommended daily doses are between 120-240mg per day, it’s important to discuss the dosage with your doctor, as gingko supplementation can have side effects.

What Are The Major Causes Of Poor Circulation In Legs And Feet?

There are a few risk factors for weak circulation in legs and feet:

  • Varicose veins;
  • Blood clots or deep vein thrombosis;
  • Peripheral artery disease;
  • Raynaud’s disease;
  • Diabetes;
  • High blood pressure.

Additionally, a sedentary lifestyle, or even just spending excessive amounts of time sitting can help contribute to poor circulation in the legs and feet.

What Are The Most Common Symptoms Of Poor Circulation (In Legs And Feet)?

Poor circulation in legs and feet is linked to another underlying condition that must be treated in the first place.

Since there are plenty of underlying conditions that can cause problems with the blood flow in legs and feet, it may be tricky to define the symptoms.

Nevertheless, the most common symptoms and signs are:

  • Leg weakness or/and numbness;
  • Slower toenail growth;
  • Legs and feet get colder faster than any other part of the body;
  • Painful cramping of the calf, thigh, or hip muscles after a physical activity;
  • Weak pulse in the legs or/and feet or the absence of it;
  • Change of the color of feet;
  • Skin of the legs becomes shinier than usual;
  • Slower hair growth or loss of hair on the legs;
  • Ulcer on the leg, foot, or toes;
  • Poor wound healing.

Please keep in mind that if you believe you are experiencing poor circulation, it is paramount that you talk to your doctor immediately.

This website does not provide medical advice.


Poor circulation in legs and feet is extremely common due to a variety of health and lifestyle reasons.

Following some of the steps above may allow you to improve circulation in your legs and feet, along with the rest of your body.

Please keep in mind that this website does not provide any medical advice. If you believe you have poor circulation, talk to your doctor immediately.