UV Light For Nail Fungus: Will It Really Work For You?

We have always heard of the sun being a great source of Vitamin D, but have you heard of it being a great way to cure your nail fungus?

In fact, among the many benefits that the sun has, one of them is that you just let its light shine on you and the sun does the rest.

There’s hardly any extra effort needed on your part.

If you’ve ever been unwell, had a sore or infection, you might have noticed that simply going out in the sun made that problem go away, or at least get a little better.

If you have been struggling with nail fungus and the pain and embarrassment that comes with it for ages, it is time for you to do something about it.

It’s clear that the treatments you have used so far are not working, so why not try this method out?

How Does UV Light For Nail Fungus Work?

uv light for nail fungus

So, what is it in the sunlight that heals your ailments? It’s the UVA and the UVB lights. UVC is not entirely safe to be used on humans.

UV light is hardly ever used to treat toenail fungus, but it is known to be an effective measure.

How does UV light work? By destroying the environment that the fungus needs to thrive.

The UV light disinfects anything that it is applied to, including equipment at labs as well.

The fungal spores that spread through the air and your body, from one place to another, are the main cause of how the infection not only stays on but can move to other parts as well.

When you expose the infected area to sunlight, which has enough UV rays to make a difference, you can get rid of a large part of the fungal spores.

Put your shoes and socks outside in the sun to disinfect them.

The more often you do this, the more likely you are to reduce the chances of the infection coming back.

Of course, UV light doesn’t come without health repercussions. Don’t let a UV light emanating device shine in your eyes.

Too much exposure, even to merely sunlight, can cause skin cancer and other problems.

Psoriasis, or nail fungal infections, are often cleared up by regular exposure to UV lights.

They can even reduce the damage that the infection has already done to your nail so far so that when the new nail grows out, it might actually come out looking normal.

What Are The Advantages Of UV Light?

uv light for nail fungus

The number one advantage of UV light is that it destroys the root cause of the infection.

It is not a temporary treatment to make the infection go away from only the surface.

If you are opting for only a sunlight treatment for your infection, then this is not only an effective treatment, it’s safe and natural too.

Vitamin D is extremely important to the skin, as well as other organs of the body.

Many people do not get this exposure to sunlight as they go about their daily lives, either because they wear full-sleeved clothes or they don’t have to leave their house as often.

In such cases, UV light gives them the much-needed health benefits from sunlight that they were missing out on.

Are There Disadvantages To UV Light?

uv light for nail fungus

Like any treatment, there are pros and cons. What you need to decide is whether the pros outweigh the cons and you want to go ahead with the procedure.

Some people prefer only using the UV light that they get from going out in the sun.

If you’re too embarrassed to take your infected feet out in public, try sitting on your porch when the sun is out.

However, some people prefer using machines that give out UV light.

Although these are known to be faster and effective, they can be dangerous if not used with precaution.

Like mentioned previously, using UV lights too close to your face can cause blindness.

Too much exposure to artificial UV light can also ruin your skin more than help it.

If you want artificial exposure to UV light, the best place you can go to is a tanning salon.

It is still one of the safest ways to get access to UV light and get UV light treatment, by having trained professionals who know when they need to reduce the exposure.

Another disadvantage of UV light is that sometimes, it does not go all the way through the surface that is being exposed to.

In such circumstances, you might experience a skin burn, but the fungal spores that needed to be eliminated will remain intact.

However, this is less likely to happen to your pain skin, so don’t cover the surface with anything before you use UV light.

UV light treatment can be costly, going up to as much as $1000 per session.

If you’re sure that all other alternatives have been tried and have failed, then you can consider investing such a large amount in the treatment.

So, Should You Use UV Light For Nail Fungus?

uv light for nail fungus

In the end, what matters is what you have done to fight this battle until now.

If you feel that there are no other ways for you to cure this problematic and painful condition, then there is no harm in trying out the UV light treatment, if only for a few sessions or hours in the sun.

Another way that nail fungus can be treated is by asking your doctor to give you prescription medicines for the condition.

They are likely to provide you with something that will prevent the infection from spreading to other parts of your body, which can end with deadly results.

As long as you’re responsible and use the treatment safely, you’re not going to run into any problems with the treatment.

If you decide to see a professional at a tanning spa, you need to be ready to invest more money, but hopefully, the sessions will be worth it.

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uv light for nail fungus