About Us

Robert J.


Hi there! My name is Robert J. (I go by Bobby) and I am the founder of DestroyNailFungus.com.

I started this site because I was dealing with a nasty case of nail fungus, hence the name DestroyNailFungus! Eventually, I realized that I loved writing helping people with their issues, which is why the site now helps with a variety of topics.

Everything from athletes foot to orthopedics, foot spas to electric socks – if something interests me, I write about it!

Eventually, I discovered I loved writing about a variety of topics, which is why I renamed it DNF and decided to write about anything that interests me.

Generally, this resolves around foot health because I have had a ton of foot problems myself – namely athletes foot, toenail fungus, and toenail problems.

I am not a doctor or medical expert, and nothing on this site should be taken as such. However, my promise to you is that I will try and deliver you truthful information in a concise and easy to understand manner – that is my ultimate goal!

When I started researching information on toenail fungus most of the sites I found looked spammyunprofessional, and unreliable.

That is when I decided to start my own website to try and provide the best information possible. I am not an expert, I am a person just like you. 

However, at this point, I have probably read thousands of articles on toenail fungus, ringworm, athletes foot, and more – so I try my best to provide great information.

It also helps that I have Dr. Emilija Astalkoska on board, who is a phenomenal doctor – she helps review articles on the site.

When I am not writing and working on this website, I enjoy going to the gym, riding my moped, and reading. I can’t spend all of my time writing for this site, as much as I would like to.

Dr. Emilija Ashtalkoska


My name is Dr. Emilija Ashtalkoska. I am a licensed physician (MD) I graduated from Cyril and Methodius University. I started my professional career working as a general practitioner.

During that time, I have encountered a multitude of patients, and the number of patients who had foot problems was not a small one.

Their problems ranged from simple bumps and bruises to complex orthopedic and dermatologic cases.

Having always been interested in dermatology, it was with a special interest that I have treated those conditions. I have also spent time working in a few different clinics, gaining valuable experience.

These clinics specialized in Otorhinolaryngology, Obstetrics and Gynecology and General Surgery.

I have obtained certifications from courses in emergency medicine, as well as certification for doing medical scientific research and publishing scientific papers.