How to Make Your Feet Look Pretty In Sandals: Top 5 Tips

How to make your feet look pretty in sandals

Many people dread wearing sandals because they feel that their feet aren’t pretty enough. However, in summers, sandals are one of the best footwear items because they allow for more circulation. Moreover, certain outfits are just better complimented with sandals. You might be wondering how to make your feet look pretty in sandals? To answer … Read more

How To Clean Cork Shoes: A Complete Step-By-Step Guide

how to clean cork shoes

Cork shoes are chic and super aesthetic. Moreover, they are generally comfortable and offer orthopedic support. No wonder they are never out of fashion! However, some people hesitate to buy cork shoes as they can easily get soiled. Dirty cork shoes with spots and dirt are unlikely to go with any attire. So, if you have … Read more