How to make your feet look pretty in sandals

How to Make Your Feet Look Pretty In Sandals: Top 5 Tips

Many people dread wearing sandals because they feel that their feet aren’t pretty enough. However, in summers, sandals are one of the best footwear items because they allow for more circulation. Moreover, certain outfits are just better complimented with sandals. You might be wondering how to make your feet look pretty in sandals? To answer […]

How to Use Clove Oil for Toenail Fungus

Did you know? We can use clove oil for toenail fungus. Clove essential oil is a potent oil known for its impressive antibacterial and antifungal properties. Extracted from the clove tree called Syzygium Aromaticum, clove oil can be easily found across the world, especially South America and Southeast Asia. Clove oil has a strong, cooling […]

5 Home Remedies to Stop Biting Nails

Nail biting is an unpleasant and unhealthy habit. It affects around 20 – 30% of the population and is a common concern for all age groups. It can not only deform your nails, but it can also affect your smile as chipped or cracked teeth are a common result of excessive nail biting. However, the effects […]

peppermint oil for toenail fungus

3 Great Reasons To Use Peppermint Oil For Toenail Fungus

Peppermint oil is a staple in almost every medicine cabinet. Packed with powerful healing compounds, peppermint essential oil has plenty of uses. The oil certainly works more than just a refreshing mouthwash. It can treat a wide range of skin issues and digestive problems and soothe overworked muscles. Instead of reaching out for a pill, a few drops […]

home remedies white spots on toenails

7 Effective Home Remedies For White Spots On Toenails

White spots on toenails are more common than you think. According to a study, nearly 40 million Americans report having white spots on their toenails each year. These spots are usually indicative of a nutritional deficiency. However, in some cases, they may also be due to a fungal infection. Fortunately, there are several home remedies […]

The Best Essential Oils for Nail Ridges

Nail ridges are lines that run vertically or horizontally across the nail. While they may appear due to a number of reasons, dry cuticles are the most common culprits behind the appearance of nail ridges, especially in younger people. This may happen due to the lack of natural oils in the skin around the nail […]

skin tag removal overnight

Skin Tag Removal Overnight: Can It Be Done Naturally?

Skin tags are a cosmetic concern for many people. The skin growth can be unsightly and cause people to lose confidence. Skin tags are benign tumors that can appear anywhere on the body. Although they are normally painless, if they come in constant contact with clothing or jewelry, they can be painful. Many professionals offer services to remove skin […]

tiger balm for bruises

Tiger Balm For Bruises: Is It An Effective Remedy?

Soothing muscular pain can make a great deal of difference. Most people find the discomfort of bruises too much to handle and fast relief is what they look for. Tiger balm for bruises and discomfort is one effective remedy. The balm is great for strain, ache, back pain, even colds. If you have sore muscles, Tiger balm will […]

clove oil for toenail fungus

DIY Home Remedy: How To Use Clove Oil For Toenail Fungus

Clove essential oil is a potent oil known for its impressive anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Extracted from the clove tree called Syzygium Aromaticum, clove oil can be easily found across the world, especially South America and Southeast Asia. Clove oil has a strong, cooling fragrance because of a compound called eugenol. Typically used to flavor […]

foot arch pain relief

6 Effective Remedies For Foot Arch Pain Relief

Arch pain – commonly known as Plantar Fasciitis – is an agonizing foot condition caused by injury, inflammation, or structural issues in the plantar fascia. As a crucial ligament that connects the heel to the front of your foot, the plantar fascia is always under several risks. Athletes and sportsmen can end up overusing this […]

rash remedies itchy

6 Best Itchy Rash Remedies You Can Try At Home Today

An itchy rash can be tempting to scratch. It may start as a slight tingle on the skin and quickly grow into a prickling itch. Identifying the cause of the rash can be hard. Whether it’s because of an irritating household product such as a detergent, a food allergy, or a serious illness, it can be excruciating. The right […]

lemongrass oil for toenail fungus

Lemongrass Oil For Toenail Fungus: Benefits And Uses

Toenail fungus is a nasty condition that often starts as a yellowish-white spot underneath the toenail. It may seem harmless at first but if left untreated, a toenail fungus can develop into a painful condition. Your toes are especially prone to fungus growth because they’re damp and warm. The little places around the corners of […]

bloating home remedies

All-Natural Bloating Home Remedies: No More Discomfort!

Your holiday dinner may have been delicious, causing you to overeat, but that can quickly turn into a nightmare. Indigestion, gassiness and bloating are a common cause of overeating and can make you regret all those extra helpings. However, some people who eat moderately still suffer from bloating regularly. The discomfort caused by bloating can be debilitating. But don’t worry, you […]

essential oils for stomach ache

Essential Oils For Stomach Ache: What Works And How To Use Them

Essential oils are known for having many benefits, including relieving stomach pain. Stomach pain can be a result of injuries, food poisoning, indigestion, medication, and many other reasons. Whatever the cause may be,  you can use essential oils to alleviate pain in your stomach region. Here are 6 essential oils for stomach ache treatment. 1. Lavender Oil Lavender oil is an […]

diy headache home remedies

9 DIY Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Headache Quickly

Headaches are some of the most commonly occurring conditions that people have to deal with. Based on the kind of headache that you experience, the pain level can range from being mildly uncomfortable to downright painful. Not everyone likes eating medication on a daily basis. In this case, holistic, DIY remedies for headaches might be […]

fingernail health signs

7 Fingernail Health Signs That You Should Be Wary Of

Your fingernails can indicate a lot about your health. So, if you notice any deformities or weird colors on your fingernails, you may have an illness that you’re unaware of. Here are 7 fingernail health signs that you should be wary of. 1. Pale Fingernails When you’re healthy, your fingernails will always have a pinkish hue to […]

can you get rid of cellulite once you have it

The Ultimate Quest: Can You Get Rid Of Cellulite Once You Have It?

Body image issues are becoming rampant in today’s world. Adults and even children are falling victim to them. So, just imagine the state of mind when someone discovers that they have cellulite on their body. Cellulite includes dimpled-looking skin, which is actually fatty tissue inside the body. This condition mostly affects women. Although there’s nothing wrong with having […]

medicinal uses for mint

6 Medicinal Uses For Mint You Should Know About

Mint is a true botanical wonder. It is most commonly used for garnishing and flavoring or as a perfuming agent. However, did you know that this miraculous herb has many other uses? It possesses soothing anesthetic properties and a sweet, refreshing smell that makes it an ideal ingredient for DIY beauty products. Moreover, there are […]

almond oil to tighten skin

Almond Oil To Tighten Skin: Benefits And How To Use

From the ancient Greeks and Egyptian Pharaohs to the vegetarian and vegan community of today, almonds have been an important source of nutrition for many people throughout the centuries. They hold not only nutritional value, but some incredible minerals and vitamins for the skin. What Is Almond Oil Good For? Almond oil contains a high […]

lavender oil uses

Lavender Oil Uses: Why Should You Have A Bottle At Home?

Did you know?   Research reveals that lavender oil possesses ‘therapeutic and curative properties’. The essential oil effectively induces a sense of calmness in anxiety-prone people and cures common ailments too. These include everything from skin problems, symptoms of flu to insect bites. If you thought that lavender was just a pretty flower, then you […]

how to use turmeric for acne

How To Use Turmeric For Acne: 4 Ways It Heals Your Skin

It’s unbelievable how some of the best skincare ingredients can be found right in the comfort of your kitchen. Instead of splurging thousands of dollars on expensive brands, sometimes, the answer to your skin woes could be as simple as a staple spice. Yes, we’re talking about turmeric. This beautiful yellow spice contains a chockfull of […]

what causes bloating

What Causes Bloating And 3 Proven Ways To Eliminate It

If you’re a foodie and love to eat all the time, then you’ve probably experienced bloating. Abdominal bloating can be uncomfortable, painful, and can happen to anyone regardless of age. While it is mostly associated with gastrointestinal disorders, bloating often occurs when a person overeats. The pain that follows can often be quite sharp. Instead […]

aromatherapy for colds

Aromatherapy For Colds: 4 Essential Oils To Relieve Symptoms

Essential oils are a tried and tested remedy for colds and coughs. With naturally anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties, essential oils can help alleviate symptoms of a cold. Whether it’s fighting bacteria, soothing an itchy throat, or fighting inflammation in the body, if you have a cold, you should definitely consider using essential oils. Keep in […]

guide to clear skin

The Ultimate Guide To Clear Skin In Just A Few Weeks

Who doesn’t want clear skin? We all yearn for a glowing, blemish-free complexion. And while some people are born with beautiful porcelain-like skin, most of us have to work hard to achieve it. Whether it’s a clean diet, sweating it out with exercise, or diligently following a skincare routine, good skin requires effort and commitment. […]

why is my pinky toenail thick

Why Is My Pinky Toenail Thick? Find The Answer Here!

Having a thick pinky toenail can be embarrassing. You may not want to go out wearing open-toed sandals or flip flops because you’re worried that people will see your misshapen little toenail. As bothersome as it may be, if you’re wondering “why is my pinky toenail thick?”, we have some reassurance for you: it’s pretty […]