How To Relieve Foot Pain At Home: The Ultimate Guide

Foot pain is the absolute worst.

When your feet hurt, it can have a severe impact on every other aspect of your life, because your feet are there to bear the brunt of your weight all the time!

Fortunately, there are some fantastic at-home methods that you can use to help relieve (and prevent!) foot pain at home.

Today, we’ll look at some of our favorites. Let’s get started!

Make Sure Your Day-to-Day Routine Is Normal

how to relieve foot pain at home

It can be tempting to immediately rush to find a solution when dealing with something as annoying and aggravating as foot pain.

However, it’s essential to take a step back and analyze your day-to-day foot routine first and foremost.

Why? Because if your regular routine is harmful to your feet, you’ll be taking one step forward with the methods we’re about to talk about, and two steps back because you’re not taking care of your feet!

Yes, that is a silly foot pun.

It’s crucial that you regularly clean your feet, change your socks, trim your nails, moisturize your feet, and wear proper fitting shoes.

If you do not do these things, everything else is useless because you’re undoing all of your hard work!

Do The Tennis Ball Trick

how to relieve foot pain at home by using tennis ball

One of the simplest and oldest tricks to relieve foot pain is to do what’s called the tennis ball trick.

Stand up, and position yourself in front of a wall, with your arms extended outwards for support.

From there, place a tennis ball on the floor, and gently roll it back and forth using your foot.

When you start to feel comfortable doing this (and stable), apply pressure on the tennis ball.

This will help massage and relax your foot muscles, and eventually provide relief for a variety of foot pains.

You can do this for both of your feet one at a time.

Carefully increase the amount of pressure you exert on the tennis ball for a deeper massage, but always make sure that you are stable and won’t fall over.

Ankle-Clock Rotation Trick

how to relieve foot pain at home

Feel pain in your ankles? One of the best ways to deal with this is to do the ankle-clock rotation trick.

Lay on your back on either your couch or bed (or the ground, if you can stand there).

Lift one leg off of the ground, and then slowly rotate your ankle in a clockwise manner, before rotating it back counter-clockwise.

Switch to your other leg if the first leg starts to get tired, and repeat this for a few minutes, gently going back and forth.

This trick is excellent for ankle pain, sore ankles, and other issues because it gently stretches the muscles around your ankle, which are frequently prone to getting stiff.

Toe-Grabbing Trick

how to relieve foot pain at home

Are your toes hurting? Feeling like the muscles and bones in your toe area are aching?

We recommend doing the toe-grabbing trick, which is incredibly simple.

Sit in a chair or your couch, with your feet normally resting on the ground. From there, clench both your toes, as if they were trying to grab or carry an object.

Don’t overextend yourself, but try to genuinely “grab” with your toes for a few seconds at a time before letting them return to normal.

This method will help stretch and relieve pain in the front part of your toes, and also towards the ankle.

Make Sure Your Shoes Have Proper Support

how to relieve foot pain at home

We already touched upon this before, but it’s worth reiterating because it is so important.

You may be suffering from foot (and leg and knee) pain because of poor-fitting shoes.

It can also be happening because your feet don’t offer proper support, which means that every time you take a step, your feet are taking a pounding.

Fortunately, there are many low-cost and straightforward methods that you can use to get proper foot support – from arches, to soles, to gel pads, there are a ton of great options out there.

Which is best? This is a personal choice, but we like gel pads because they are so comfortable, but it is best to talk to your doctor and see what they recommend.

Which Of These Methods Are Best For Me?

how to relieve foot pain at home

A lot of our readers were wondering which foot stretching method is best for me?

We think the answer is to have a holistic approach and to do all of these methods regularly.

The foot is an incredibly complex piece of machinery, and it requires a multi-level approach to see relief.

Plus, each one of these stretches takes no more than a few minutes at a time, so you’re looking at probably fifteen minutes or so of stretching – not bad to get pain relief!

What If I Still Have Foot Pain After Doing These Stretches?

how to relieve foot pain at home

If, after a week or two of doing these foot exercises, you are still experiencing pain in your feet, we recommend seeing a foot doctor.

These stretches and methods are best for mild cases of foot pain, and unfortunately, if they do not help, you may be suffering from a more severe foot issue.

Additionally, as we said above, it’s just as essential to make sure that your day-to-day routine is in order so that you’re not continually damaging your feet while you’re out and about.

Many (but not all) serious foot issues, such as bunions or plantar fasciitis, can come from not following a proper foot regime and wearing poor-fitting shoes, so it is vital to fix these things.

At any rate, this website does not provide medical advice, so you should always be consulting with your doctor anyways!


how to relieve foot pain at home

Thank you for reading this guide on how to relieve foot pain at home.

We hope you can now see that relieving foot pain is a multi-pronged process, and requires a holistic approach to get your feet back in working order.

Do you know any other great ways to help get foot pain relief? If so, please feel free to leave a comment below, we would love to add it to this article.

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how to relieve foot pain at home