The Emotional Toll of Nail Fungus

How Nail Fungus Takes Over Your Life

Although nail fungus might not seem like the end of the world to those are who lucky enough to avoid it, its effects can be devastating.

One day you wake up and you notice a slight clouding or discoloration on your feet.

You think to yourself, “that will definitely go away in the near future, I just need to sit back and bide my time.”

emotional toll nail fungus

But you’re wrong.

Weeks go by and slowly but surely your nails get yellower and yellower. Maybe they thicken and become discolored, turning green, orange, or even black.

As time goes on, they become impossible to clip, even with your best efforts. This unsettling feeling manifests in your stomach, and pretty soon you give up and resign yourself to a life of disgust.

You stop going to the beach, and never wear open-toed shoes. There is always a little voice in your head, reminding you of the abhorrent fungi in your nails.

Eventually, the infection roots itself deeper in your nails and they start to get brittle and even crumble and break.

This is especially traumatizing if you have a fingernail fungus problem – at least with toenail fungus, you can hide your issue in shoes.

But with fingernail fungus, you are constantly exposed to the world. And the worst part about it is that you feel exposed.

emotional toll nail fungus

You constantly notice people looking at your fungus out of the corner of their eye. You feel their judgment and disgust.

You know they are afraid of contracting the disease you carry around with you everywhere you go.

Perhaps you start to lose friends or even partners because of your affliction. You wonder why you are cursed with this horrible disease.

But it doesn’t end there.

For some of us, our nails even become painful. Not only do we have to live with the constant shame and guilt, but there’s physical pain that intensifies in the beds of your nails.

Finally, we’ve reached the end – overwhelming physical and mental pain. Nail fungus had embedded itself in your life and completely taken over.

But it’s not too late! There’s always hope for your brittle, yellow, or blackened nails.

If you’re tired of living with unsightly nail fungus, check out our best treatment guide and get the relief that you have always wanted.

My Nail Fungus Story

emotional toll nail fungus

I am not sure exactly how I contracted nail fungus. Maybe it was from a dirty locker room, or borrowing someone’s sandals.

I remember one day looking down at my feet and thinking, “Those look yellow.” I thought the discoloration would pass quickly and naturally, but I was wrong.

My nails became more and more yellow, brittle, and disgusting.

Nail fungus became a great source of shame and insecurity in my life. I felt disgusting, and even worse, I was grossing out my loved ones. 

After ignoring my toenail fungus for years, I decided it was time to finally time to take action.

I was tired of being too embarrassed to wear sandals, and pretending it would go away. I am finally nail fungus free, and happy.

I put together this website to research and review all the methods of destroying toenail fungus once and for all. My hope is to help people experience a life free from the hampers of fungal infections.

I wish you the best of luck in your nail fungus fighting journey!