Homedics Foot Salon Pro Review: What You Need To Know

HoMedics Foot Salon Pro Footbath with Heat Boost Power | Massaging Vibration, 4 Pedicure Spa Attachments,...


Homedics is one of the biggest names in at-home relaxation products. They sell a variety of back massagers, humidifiers, sounds machines, and foot baths.

But is the Homedics Foot Salon Pro actually worth your time and money?

We think it is one of the best options for at-home foot baths. Continue reading to discover why Homedics Foot Salon Pro is a fantastic choice for you.

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HoMedics Foot Salon Pro Footbath with Heat Boost Power | Massaging Vibration, 4 Pedicure Spa Attachments,...
Homedics Foot Salon Pro
Powerful, top-notch foot salon with incredible heat boost power

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Homedics Foot Salon Pro Is Powerful And Relaxing

Homedics Foot Salon Pro is a powerful foot bath with the ability to help you relax after a long day of work. It features a variety of different soothing modes, along with bubbling and heating features.

We are enormous fans of the massaging effect that is created by bubbling and impressive heat post power. The settings can be changed by simply pressing the buttons with your toes, which is another nice feature.

There is no need to get up, lean over, and change any dials – just press a button or two with your feet.

Additionally, the Homedics system includes four pedicure attachments to allow you to experience salon quality relaxation at home.

These four pressure-nodes allow for you to exfoliate and massage your feet and heels, creating an incredibly relaxing sensation.

Foot Salon Pro Keeps Water At 98 Degrees During Entire Use

One of the most impressive aspects of this foot spa is that heat boost power, which keeps the water in the foot bath at a warm and relaxing 98 Degrees Fahrenheit as long as the setting is turned on.

This is an incredible feature that is usually only found in luxury foot baths. Even while at a salon, your foot bath is usually cold by the time it is over.

In our opinions, this is one of the best aspects of this system, and what makes it such a great unit when compared to others that are on the market.

It really disrupts the relaxation process to have to dump the water in your foot bath and then get new hot water.

With Foot Salon Pro, it is smooth sailing – it keeps the water hot the entire time.

4 Piece Pedicure Center Included

HoMedics Foot Salon Pro Footbath with Heat Boost Power | Massaging Vibration, 4 Pedicure Spa Attachments,...

One of the best parts of the Foot Salon Pro is that it comes with a personal pedicure center included.

These are attachments that can be placed directly into the unit and allow you to receive a pedicure-like experience. The four attachments are the rough pumice stone, smooth pumice stone, cleaning brush, and massage roller.

The pumice stones are used for exfoliation of the feet, the cleansing brush is used for cleaning debris, and the massage roller is used for relaxation of the foot muscles.

Additionally, there is an included storage space on the top of the unit, which makes changing out and storing the incredibly easy.

There is also enough room to include other pedicure related items, such as files, push sticks, clippers, and more.

How To Use Homedics Foot Spa With Heat

homedics foot salon pro review

1. Fill With Warm Water

The first step is to make sure the unit is unplugged, and then fill the system with warm water. If you do not have direct access to warm water, cold water is fine – it will just take a little bit longer to warm up.

After about ten to fifteen minutes, the spa system will reach 98 degrees, and maintain this temperature for the entirety of your session.

2. Relax With Your Personal Foot Spa

Once the water is warm and you are ready to utilize the foot bath, turn the unit on by plugging in the power cord from the storage post and place your feet in the large basin.

There are a number of fantastic settings that you can utilize to maximize your comfort. You can utilize three included settings – Massage with Heat, Bubbles with Heat, and Massage and Bubbles with Heat.

Additionally, you can utilize the four different pedicure attachments to pamper your feet like you were at the salon.

These include a cleansing brush, massage roller, and two types of pumice stones.

3. Drain The Foot Spa

Once you are finished relaxing, turn off the foot spa and drain the water.

Utilize the drain spouts that are built into the unit to drain the water, and simply put it away once it is dry.

Avoid getting any water in the console area.

Can I Use The Homedics Foot Salon To Treat Foot Issues?

Absolutely! If you have athletes foot, smelly feet, dry feet, nail fungus, a toe infection, or any other common foot issue, you can utilize the Foot Salon Pro to tackle many of these issues.

The system can be used with popular over-the-counter ingredients such as Epsom Salt and Tea Tree Oil without issue.

If you have athletes foot or nail fungus, we highly recommend combining your Homedics Foot Spa with the Purely Northwest Foot and Toenail System.

The Purely Northwest System comes with an incredible Tea Tree Oil foot soak that contains therapeutic grade essential oils to treat even the most stubborn of ailments.

The foot soak works in incredible harmony with Homedics and allows you to treat your fungal infection while relaxing at home with a foot spa.

Can I Use The Foot Bath With Epsom Salts, Tea Tree Oil, Etc?

Yes, you can utilize Epsom salts, Tea Tree Oil, and any other relaxing ingredients with your Foot Salon Pro.

Just make sure you clean it out thoroughly after putting any foreign materials in it – this will ensure that the foot bath lasts for a long time.

Can I Use Homedics Foot Spa If I Have Large Feet?

homedics foot salon pro review

The base of the machine is quite large, which allows for large shoe sizes to use the foot spa without any issues.

If you have extremely large feet, it may be difficult to use the included rollers at times, but you can always take these out since they are removable.

Does The Foot Salon Pro Produce Hot Water?

One of the most impressive aspects of the Foot Salon Pro is that it actually produces hot water – up to 98 degrees Fahrenheit.

Many other machines at this price point only maintain water temperature, meaning you need to feed it hot or warm water.

This makes the Foot Salon Pro a fantastic home foot spa option.

Where Is The Best Place To Purchase Homedics Foot Salon?

Many of our readers have inquired about where the best place to purchase Homedics Foot Salon Pro.

They have asked about Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, eBay, and even QVC. We recommend purchasing the Foot Salon Pro at Amazon.com.

Click here to view Homedics Foot Salon Pro on Amazon.com.

Homedics Foot Salon Positives And Negatives


  • Heated boost power keeps your feet warm
  • Built-in pedicure set with four attachments
  • 4 pressure nodes to foot massaging
  • Incredibly relaxing, high-quality footbath


  • The removable rollers can be uncomfortable if you have particularly large feet
  • The heat boost only works if you have turned on the vibration or bubble settings


Homedics has created one of the best at-home foot baths on the market today. We highly recommend Homedics Foot Salon Pro.

We are particularly impressed with the heat boost power, which keeps the water at a soothing 98 Degrees Fahrenheit for the variety of your foot spa session.

This is an incredible feature and is usually only found in top-price foot spas. Additionally, the included pedicure set is also fantastic. Do you have any experience with Homedics Foot Salons or any other foot baths? Leave a comment below.

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