Effective Hacks And Nail Treatments For Damaged Nails

From biting your nails to getting excessive gel manicures, a lot can damage the nails and turn them dry and brittle.

Damaged nails are unlikely to grow long and strong.

Therefore, if you want to have beautiful, strong, and healthy nails, it is essential to come up with a healthy nail care routine to nourish your nails.

Scroll down to check out some effective hacks and nail treatments for damaged nails to get the nails of your dreams!

1. Clip Your Nails Short


nail treatment for damaged nails

If your nails are dry, broken, chipped, or brittle, the first thing you need to do is cut them short. Shorter nails are easier to manage and care for.

Moreover, when your nails are weak, they are more likely to break and cause injury.

Keeping them short helps minimize the chance of damaging the nail anymore and also gives your nails the opportunity to grow strong.

2. Don’t Cut Your Cuticles!

nail treatment for damaged nails

When you are clipping the nails, it might be tempting to cut any ragged cuticles that you may notice.

However, cutting cuticles can do more harm than good, especially if you cut them excessively.

It is important to understand that cuticles serve an important function of sealing the base of your nail.

Removing cuticles can leave your nails vulnerable to infections. Therefore, it is advisable to leave your cuticles alone.

However, if you are really ticked by your cuticles, the right way to deal with them is to push them back with an orange wooden stick.

The best time to do this is right after you get out of a shower. Once you are done, massage the area with cuticle oil or a heavy moisturizer.

Also, make sure you don’t mess with your cuticles more than once a week as excessive pushing can also damage the cuticles and hence the nails.

3. Use Cuticle Oil Or Cream

nail treatment for damaged nails

Even if you don’t push your cuticles back, it is still important to massage them with cuticle oil or cream.

Cuticles can dry out for many reasons, including washing the hands repetitively or getting frequent manicures.

Dry cuticles are more susceptible to cracking or splitting, increasing the risk of nail infection.

This makes it essential to provide extra protection to your cuticles. Massage them daily with some nourishing cuticle oil or cream.

Make it a part of your daily nightly routine and your nails and cuticle will become strong and healthy in no time!

4. Try Nail Soaks

nail treatment for damaged nails

If you feel like pampering your nails, try a relaxing and highly effective nail soak.

This nail treatment entails soaking your nails in a nourishing agent like olive oil or Vitamin E oil.

Pour oil in a small bowl and heat it for a few seconds to warm it up. Once it is warm, soak your fingernails in the bowl and relax.

Let them rest in the oil for a few minutes before you start massaging the cuticles and areas around the nail. An olive oil soak can do wonders for dry and brittle nails.

On the other hand, if you are looking to treat yellow or discolored nails, try soaking them in a mixture of milk and warm water.

You can also add a few drops of lemon juice. Soaking your nails in the concoction regularly will whiten the nails and make them shiny.

5. Always Apply A Base Coat

nail treatment for damaged nails

If you are a fan of nail art or love painting your nails but don’t apply a base coat – you are making a big mistake.

The base coat acts as a protective layer over the nails.

It creates a barrier that protects your nails against the damaging effects of nail paint.

It also keeps your nails from staining or peeling and gives a smoother texture to the nails.

There are multiple kinds of base coats available in the market.

If you are trying to improve your nail health, look for base coats that are fortified with nourishing ingredients like Vitamin E, protein, or calcium.

You can apply a base coat on your nails even without covering it up with nail paint. It will only make your nails look shiny and natural.

6. Use The Right Nail Care Products

nail treatment for damaged nails

Choosing the right nail care products for your nail is an extremely important part of nail treatment for damaged nails.

Therefore, the next time you go out to buy a new nail paint or nail polish remover, take a minute to read a label.

If you find damaging substances, like formaldehyde, listed as an ingredient, it’s best to look for another product.

Also, avoid using too much nail polish remover as it contains a high percentage of acetone, which can dry out your nails and cuticles.

7. Give Your Nails A Chance To Breathe

nail treatment for damaged nails

While we all love to paint our nails to enhance their beauty, sometimes, the best thing you can do for your nails is to give them a chance to breathe.

Go for days without painting them with your favorite nail color or using adhesives to wear artificial nails.

Leaving nail polish on for extended periods can lead to a condition called keratin granulation.

Rough white patches may appear on the nails since a superficial layer of nail cells is removed along with the polish.

The only solution is to avoid coating your nails for a few days.

Depending on the severity of nail damage, it can take up to 3 weeks for the nails to get their normal, healthy appearance back after keratin granulation.

Remember, when it comes to nail health, a little care goes a long way.

So, don’t forget to put on your gloves when you are washing dishes or cleaning around the house.

Also, keep in mind that your nails require nutrients to stay healthy. So, make sure you consume a healthy diet and drink plenty of water.

Finally, try these effective hacks and nail treatments for damaged nails to help your nails grow strong and healthy and restore their natural shine in no time!