No Pinky Toenail? What You Need To Know

As the famous saying goes, things that you don’t have in life are things that you don’t necessarily need.

Some of us simply don’t have a pinky toenail. This can sometimes cause embarrassment or worry us with regards to our health.

If you do not have a pinky toenail, this article is worth reading for as it will uncover the myths or facts associated with the so-called deformity.

Myths About Non-Existent Pinky Toenails

no pinky toenail

Pinky toenail is a part of a complex system that comprises 30 joints, 28 bones, and over 100 ligaments and tendons. Therefore, it is not useless as it may be perceived.

However, there are several misconceptions regarding their absence and these should be addressed.

Let’s look at the 5 myths about the said toenails to determine if not having them is really an issue for you.

1. It Is A Critical Health Problem

critical health condition

Perhaps the most common misconception about a missing pinky toenail is that it is a huge health concern.

According to the orthopedic surgeon Dr. Anne Holly Johnson, “if you’re born without a pinky toenail or have an accident and it’s removed, you can [still] completely do everything you wanted to do”.

Hence, contrary to common myths, the absence of a toenail doesn’t relate to any major disease and it is not a sign that you have an underlying health condition.

2. It Can Put You Out Of Balance

no pinky toenail

It is indeed true that your pinky toe helps you with coordination as it allows you to maintain balance while walking, running and placing your foot firmly on the ground.

However, what’s not true is that missing a toenail can cause a huge impact on your balance and affect how you move or walk.

3. They Reveal Your Personality Secrets

If you look it up online, you will find a lot of information on what different types of toenails, especially the pinky toenail can tell and reveals about your personality.

Some will even go to the lengths of claiming how the missing last toenail can affect your personality and dent your confidence in public.

However, none of this is true as toenails are perhaps the last thing anyone is expected to notice during an interaction or meeting.

Hence, the belief that toenails reveal secrets about you is completely unfounded.

4. Pinky Toenails Are Vanishing

missing pinky toenail

The fact that many people have no pinky toenails nowadays is actually a sign that these are gradually disappearing as part of the evolution process.

People who make such claims say that human beings earlier had large toenails which they used to grab and hold onto things with.

But then as a part of the evolutionary process, toenails grew shorter and shorter and are now on the track to disappearing entirely.

This myth is also completely unfounded, has no logical standing and should be ignored completely.

Facts About Missing Pinky Toenails

As opposed to the aforementioned myths, there are also some facts relating to the existence of pinky toenails in terms of your health, wellbeing and lifestyle, and are worth having a look into.

Let’s proceed to read the 4 most important facts related to pinky toenails.

1. They Require Proper Care

nail clippers

While missing pinky toenails does not undermine your health, they do require proper care and attention.

It is advisable to never ignore nails that are chipping or are growing abnormally.

This happens because the fifth digit of your foot can always entangle in a piece of fabric or bump into something.

Proper care includes trimming your nails whenever needed and keeping the edges clean at all times.

Caring for your pinky toenails also requires avoiding hazardous skin creams and other cosmetic products.

2. Discolored Toenail Must Be Treated

Discolored pinky toenails should be of particular concern as these are potentially related to an underlying illness or health condition.

Pinky toenails that turn black or go pale should also be adhered to on an immediate basis.

Mostly, discoloration may occur after a minor injury, but at other times, they may point to the presence of a disease.

Often times, the infection subungual hematoma can occur if a pinky toenail is not attended to in time.

3. Prone To Developing Lesions

toenail infection

Again, the fifth digit of your foot is at risk of injuries or disease as these are exposed the most to dirt and debris.

When the pink toenail gets in contact with a potentially harmful material, it can change its state and in critical cases develop a fungus or lesion.

If not tended to in time, toenail infection can grow into a much dangerous substance that can affect the major organs and become life-threatening.

4. Footwear Makes A Difference


no pinky toenail shoes

Whether or not your pinky toenail is a problem depends on what footwear you use.

With a missing toenail, it is important to choose shoes that will help you maintain your balance.

Wearing comfortable footwear will also help you to maintain a healthy body posture and remain healthy.

5. Losing Your Pinky Toenails Can be Distressing

no pinky toenail

Last but not least, losing your pinky toenails to an accident or mishap can be stressful.

People who undergo amputation of the pinky toe often find it hard to walk while maintaining the right balance.

This makes it certain that the seemingly useless last digit of your foot has a lot of importance than what’s commonly perceived.


healthy toenails

Lacking a pinky toenail is not a significant issue but there may be some stigma attached to it.

Most misconceptions about negligible or absent pinky toenails do not carry weight.

However, proper care of your pinky toenail and maintaining its health is mandatory to avoid diseases like fungus and lesions.

Toenails that are growing irregularly or abnormally should never be ignored as these can cause potentially dangerous health situations.

If you notice a problem with your pinky toenail, it’s always a wise decision to get it checked by a medical expert.

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