Why Ocean Salt Water For Athlete’s Foot Is An Effective Remedy

Athlete’s foot – also known as Tinea Pedis – is an unpleasant fungal infection. It usually thrives in tiny spaces between the toes and damages the skin barrier.

Athlete’s foot is extremely common in people who have sweaty feet or don’t practice proper hygiene.

Another common cause of this condition is wearing extremely tight-fitted shoes. The feet can easily suffocate and perspire inside the shoe.

The increasing sweat and dampness become a breeding ground for fungal overgrowth.

Normally, washing your feet right after a tough workout or wearing shoes all day long can help eliminate sweat and bacteria.

However, if one doesn’t clean their feet properly, the toes can become vulnerable to fungal infections.

Thankfully, even if you’re facing this problem, there are many ways to treat it. And most of them are completely natural and safe.

Since athlete’s foot is contagious, it’s crucial to find a fast and effective remedy before someone else catches it.

Using Ocean Salt Water For Athlete’s Foot

You might be tempted to use over-the-counter antifungal medicine for athlete’s foot. However, there’s always a chance that the fungal infection will return.

A surefire way to keep the fungal growth from returning is by treating it with oceanic saltwater.

A salt solution can quickly kill the fungus that is otherwise stubborn and tends to spread quickly.

Since saltwater is a saline solution by nature, the fungus responsible for athlete’s foot is unable to survive in it.

Nothing can beat the natural salinity found in ocean water. The salt in ocean water comes directly from the rocks found on land.

This is why ocean water is extremely rich in minerals like zinc, iron, magnesium, and potassium.

Ocean water is packed with anti-inflammatory and healing properties that can help heal athlete’s foot in no time.

With that said, let’s delve in and explore in detail why you should use ocean salt water for athlete’s foot.

Benefits Of Ocean Salt Water For Athlete’s Foot

1. Helps In Relieving Itchiness

Even when salty water typically kills bacteria, it can be amazing for warding off fungal infections like athlete’s foot as well.

The condition can be extremely itchy and cause the skin to become excessively dry.

The more you scratch the skin around your toes, the more inflamed and red it will become.

Scratching can make athlete’s foot far worse and even encourage the spread of the fungus. Therefore, the only safe way to treat it is by taking a bath in seawater.

Treating your skin to the natural salts and minerals found in the ocean will help in dramatically reducing the itchiness and redness.

It will also help lock in moisture into the skin to prevent itchiness in the future.

But the key to effective treatment is to use seawater regularly.

Whether it’s bathing in seawater, enjoying a swim, or applying it over the affected area, the secret to a quick recovery is to follow the treatment consistently.

2. Soothes Dry And Flakey Skin

The main symptoms of athlete’s foot are dry, flakey patches that form between the toes and other areas of the feet.

The dryness can cause the patches to become inflamed and itchy. However, when you treat the affected skin with ocean water, you’ll notice that the patches won’t be so dry.

This is because the minerals and salts in the ocean can help protect the skin’s barrier and lock in extra moisture.

Both magnesium and zinc work superbly against candida overgrowth, which is the primary cause of athlete’s foot.

These minerals have been shown to demonstrate strong anti-fungal effects against Candida albicans.

Through seawater, both zinc and magnesium, including potassium, are easily accessible.

It’s a safe and natural way to treat athlete’s foot and can do wonders to keep it from occurring in the future.

Seawater is extremely therapeutic and can help slough off flakey skin.

This way the treatment can encourage healthier cells to surface and quickly heal the fungal infection.

Since your toes are likely to harbor damp places, especially the ones between the toes, submerging them in seawater will ensure that no part of the feet is left untreated.

Ocean water is naturally healing and can prove to be the best remedy for athlete’s foot in the long run.

3. Anti-Bacterial Properties

According to this study, the seawater of the Atlantic ocean possesses some of the most potent anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties that can instantly kill off a wide range of bacteria.

Even when athlete’s foot is primarily a fungal infection, there’s always a chance of unwanted bacteria attacking the dry, flakey patches.

This is because the moisture barrier of the skin has already been compromised and this can make it extremely vulnerable to bacterial and microbial activity.

However, treating your athlete’s foot with seawater can ward off and prevent bacterial growth altogether.

Ocean water serves as a wonderful cleanse for your feet that can slough off any dust, grime, sweat, and any remaining bacteria around the skin.

It’s certainly an effective remedy to treat athlete’s foot and other conditions like jock itch and ringworm.

How To Use Ocean Salt Water For Athlete’s Foot

Using seawater for athlete’s foot is just as easy as enjoying a swim in the ocean. However, you can also collect some salty ocean water and prepare a warm foot soak.

You can also amplify the benefits of the foot soak by throwing in a handful of Dead Sea salts and anti-fungal essential oils like eucalyptus oil and peppermint essential oil.

Dip your feet into the salty foot soak for at least 20-30 minutes to allow the nourishing goodness to seep into your skin.

Doing this regularly can certainly help treat your athlete’s foot in no time!


Seawater is super-healthy and beneficial for the mind and the skin.

By soaking your feet in seawater, you won’t only get rid of your athlete’s foot but will also detoxify your entire body.

So, what are you waiting for? Prepare a relaxing, soothing, and healing foot soak with ocean saltwater today!