The Best Over The Counter Bed Sore Creams

This article was reviewed by Dr. Emilija Ashtalkoska on August 29th, 2018. Products listed therein are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.


Bed sores, also known as pressure ulcers or pressure sores, are a terrible injury to the body that results in extreme pain, swelling, tenderness, draining of the skin, and more.

They can develop extremely quickly and can cover the entire body, although they are usually found on bony areas of the skin.

If you are reading this, you or a loved one most likely are experiencing the pains of bedsores. But do not worry – we have compiled a list of the best over the counter bedsore creams that you can buy today and immediately start healing.

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terrasil Wound Care MAX 3X - Wound Healing Ointment, Infection Protection for Bed Sores, Pressure Sores,...
Terrasil® Wound Care
Doctor recommended, FDA approved, powerful bed sore treatment

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Bedsore Treatment - Emuaid for Bedsores 2 fl oz./59ml
Emuaid For Bedsores
Science-backed bed sore treatment with 30-day money back guarantee

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EmuaidMAX - First Aid Ointment for irritated skin, 2oz (Pack of 2)
EmuaidMAX First Aid Ointment
Incredible First Aid Ointment that treats bed sores and 75 other skin afflictions

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Bed Sore Treatment #1 – Terrasil® Wound Care

terrasil Wound Care MAX 3X - Wound Healing Ointment, Infection Protection for Bed Sores, Pressure Sores,...

Terrasil Wound Care is a doctor recommended formula backed by 10 years of clinical research, proven to quickly destroy bacteria, prevent infection, and allow you to heal quickly.

The ointment harnesses a powerful, FDA approved formula, which makes it our top over-the-counter bedsore cream.

The cream works up to 3 times faster than other leading brands, calms redness and pain, reduces the risk of scarring, and is completely pain-free.

Most users report seeing significant improvement within a week, while some even report experiencing improvement in 24 hours.

The Terrasil Wound Care formula lacks any nonessential chemicals, such as artificial scents, parabens, and preservatives. This makes it a fantastic, all-natural option to that quickly provides results.

It truly is one of the best decubitus ulcer creams on the market today. We highly recommend utilizing the Terrasil treatment immediately.

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Bed Sore Treatment #2 – Emuaid For Bedsores

Bedsore Treatment - Emuaid for Bedsores 2 fl oz./59ml

Emuaid For Bedsores is one of our top choices for bedsore creams. Utilizing a powerful combination of science and natural ingredients, Emuaid soothes ulcers and bedsores, reduces the inflammation, and works to heal the bedsores quickly.

Some users report seeing noticeable improvement within 48 hours.

Emuaid works to quickly promote increased blood flow to the infection site, allowing for the blood to fight off the infection and new healthy skin to form. This revolutionary process is known as “micro-circulation.”

Additionally, Emuaid For Bedsores is backed by a 30-day Money back guarantee if you are not satisfied in any way. This makes it a top-rated bedsore cream that is available over the counter.

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Bed Sore Treatment #3 – EmuaidMAX First Aid Ointment

EmuaidMAX - First Aid Ointment for irritated skin, 2oz (Pack of 2)

As you can see, we are huge fans of the EMUAID brand. They create fantastic natural healing products that we highly recommend.

EmuaidMAX is a top rated first aid ointment that works wonders for bedsore infections. Best of all, it treats 75 additional skin ailments, such as shingles, boils, cellulitis, nail fungus, and more.

The treatment utilizes the power of medical grade Tea Tree Oil, which quickly helps with the bedsore infection, inflammation, and pain.

Additionally, the safe and powerful formula helps speed up the recovery process significantly.

We recommend utilizing EmuaidMAX if you have bedsores and any additional skin ailments. People who suffer from bedsores are more likely to contract other severe issues.

Fortunately, EmuaidMAX is a fantastic multipurpose balm that can provide you with quick results.

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How To Apply The Over The Counter Bed Sore Cream

bed sore cream over the counter

1. Clean The Affected Skin

Before applying any topical solution, it is important that you clean and dry the skin to remove any harmful bacteria or puss. Please be careful, as this can be painful for the recipient if not done correctly.

We always recommend using gloves when cleaning bed sores for sanitation purposes.

2. Apply The Over The Counter Bed Sore Cream

Using a q-tip or cotton ball, apply a thin layer of your chosen topical solution to the infection site. Again, we recommend being gentle with the application of the cream so as to not disturb the recipient.

Once the anti-bedsore cream has been applied, cover the area with a clean band-aid to aid in the healing process. Make sure the band-aid is large enough to cover the entire bed sore.

3. Repeat Until Bedsores Have Healed

We recommend repeating this procedure up to three times a day depending on the severity of the bedsores and tolerance of the recipient.

Additionally, once the bedsores have started to heal, we recommend still applying your chosen treatment to prevent the possibility of reinfection.

Before starting any treatment, we always recommend consulting with your primary doctor.

How To Treat Bed Sores At Home

In addition to utilizing a top-of-the-line bed sore cream, there are some additional steps you should take to treat your bed sores at home.

For example, change position every fifteen minutes if you are in a wheelchair, and every two hours if you are in bed. This will help keep pressure off of any bed sores that have developed, and help prevent new bed sores from forming.

Keep your health skin moisturized and clean – this will also help prevent new bed sores from forming.

Additionally, if possible, making lifestyle changes can have an effect on the development and treatment of your bed sores. If you are carrying any sort of excess weight, consider a healthy weight-loss program.

Quit smoking cigarettes. Only eat healthy, nutrient-rich food – this will help aid in the healing and treatment of your bed sores. Also, check your body every day for new sores that are developing.

It is easier to treat bed sores in the beginning with a topical cream. As they develop into more advanced stages they become harder to treat.

Smoking cigarettes impair the circulation of blood in the tissues, and that circulation is needed for any wound to heal.

Additionally, creams can be used to treat bed sores only in their early stages when the bed sore is a red and painful area on the skin.

If that area becomes a wound where the skin is visibly damaged,thenn that wound needs a medical professional to clean it thoroughly.

As always, please consult with a medical professional before introducing any new treatment or regime into your life.

Combine With An Alternating Pressure Mattress For Maximum Relief

Vive Alternating Air Pressure Mattress Pad - The Original Bed Sore Prevention Solution - Hospital & Home...

If you are suffering from bedsores and ulcers and need extended bedrest, we recommend purchasing the Alternating Pressure Mattress by Vive in order to provide additional relief. How exactly does it work?

The mattress is equipped with 130 air cells, which inflate and deflate in order to evenly distribute the person’s weight, thus eliminating pressure points.

This allows for blood to flow freely throughout the body and prevent bedsores.

Combining an over the counter bed sore cream and alternating pressure mattress works wonderfully to decrease the pain caused by bed rest while increasing the healing process.

Best of all, the Alternating Pressure Mattress can be placed directly on top the traditional mattress pad, making it extremely quick and easy to use.

Where Is The Best Place To Purchase Bed Sore Cream Over The Counter?

Many of our readers wonder if they should purchase a bed sore cream over the counter from Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, or even eBay.

We believe the best place to purchase a bedsore cream is on If you have found another great place to purchase bedsore cream over the counter, please leave a comment below.


Bed sores can cause extreme discomfort and pain in peoples lives. Fortunately, there are a number of great over the counter medicines on the market today that can treat bed sores all over your body – on your back, legs, and even buttocks.

If you need extended bedrest, we also highly recommend utilizing an alternating pressure mattress to help prevent bed sores from forming in the first place.

Regardless of whatever product you chose, we wish you the best of luck with your bed sore fighting journey!