Best Foot Cream For Calluses: What You Need To Know


Calluses are skin conditions that cause a hard and rough patch on your feet. They are similar to corns. However, the significant difference is that corns are localized at specific points of your feet like on the toes for example.

Both conditions occur due to repeated rubbing against the feet as a result of walking.

Foot calluses, on the other hand, can cause adverse effects if not treated in a timely manner, and they are also very painful when walking.

Fortunately, there are a number of fantastic over-the-counter foot creams on the market today that can help treat your foot calluses for good.

In this article, we’ll discuss the top 3 best foot cream for calluses on the market today.

Best Foot Cream For Calluses #1 – PurSources Urea 40% Foot Cream

PurOrganica Urea 40% Cream – Made in USA – Foot Cream for Thick, Cracked, Rough, Dead & Dry Skin - Corn,...

PurSources Urea 40% Foot Cream is a product of an FDA approved company in the USA.

The primary ingredient is urea which helps with peeling off of the dry skin without causing additional skin damage.

The cream also contains essential oils that fight bacteria hence protecting you from further skin inflammation, odor, and possibly developing athlete’s foot.

The PurSources Foot Cream contains natural oils such as sweet almond, grapeseed, extra virgin, olive, and lavender. The combination of these oils smoothens and softens the dry, cracked peel calluses on your feet.

Finally, it contains an additional boost of vitamin E that radiates your skin and keeps it nourished all day long.


  • The results are visible within a short period.
  • Contains premium quality pure ingredients.
  • Rehydrates and moisturizes dry skin.
  • Has a lovely scent.


  • It can leave slight residues on your skin after applying. It is, therefore, advisable to wear cotton socks to allow it to soak into the skin properly.

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Best Foot Cream For Calluses #2 – 100% Organic Therapy Foot Butter Balm

Ancient Greek Remedy Organic Foot Balm for Dry Cracked Feet and Heels, Made of Olive, Almond, Sunflower,...

100% Organic Therapy Foot Butter Balm is a chemical-free cream that contains natural oils. These include; sweet almond, grapeseed, extra virgin, olive, and lavender essential oils with vitamin E.

These oils contain ingredient necessary to heal, repair, smoothen, and soften any calluses on your feet and to keep your feet healthy and looking great.

In addition, the 100% Organic Therapy Foot Butter Balm hydrates and locks in moisture to soften your skin.

The anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-fungal essential oils contained in this cream provide soothing relief and they prevent your feet from athlete’s foot and odor.


  • Easy to apply, and it gets absorbed by the skin easily.
  • Most users notice improvement within two weeks.
  • The quantity is generous enough to last the entire treatment period or even longer.


  • Not the best-smelling cream around but within a few minutes, the pungent smell goes away.

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Best Foot Cream For Calluses #3 – Yellow Bird All Natural Foot Cream

Yellow Bird Natural Foot Cream - For Dry and Cracked Feet Repair. Organic Athlete’s Foot Balm. Salve...

The Yellow Bird All Natural Foot Cream is a chemical-free treatment manufactured by a family owned and run company that produces natural skin care range of products.

It contains natural essential oils such as lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, and tea tree. Additionally, it has content with anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and therapeutic properties.

All these ingredients work together to provide maximum relief for dry, cracked heels, callused feet, and athlete’s foot.

Moreover, this cream improves blood flow providing a soothing feeling to the affected areas. We can, therefore, conclude that it keeps your feet healthy and looking good.


  • Provides all-around total foot care.
  • The ingredients are 100% organic.
  • There are no side effects from continuous application.
  • It has antibacterial properties.


  • Its scent is rather strong and may put you off.

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What About Home Remedies?

best foot cream for calluses

If the calluses are not severe, the following home remedies might work

  • Soaking your feet routinely in a warm water bath with essential oils for at least ten minutes. Make sure the calluses are entirely submerged.
  • Invest in a pair of special socks with an infused lotion technology that continuously moisturizes your feet. Wear these socks after the above routine foot bath.
  • Use of a foot file occasionally. It helps to remove dead skin, stains, corns and eventually calluses giving your feet a smooth look.
  • Use a special foot peel-off mask. Apply the mask and once it dries peel it off. As it peels, the calluses also peel off.

How to Use A Foot Callus Treatment Effectively

Like any other medication, regular use is advisable. But before applying, always wash your feet with warm water (or cold water for those suffering from athlete’s foot).

Pat them dry with a towel and pay closer attention in between the toes.

Now massage the cream gently and evenly. Finally, wear a clean and dry pair of socks.

The socks will keep your feet a little warmer allowing the cream to be absorbed better into the dry areas and of course protect your sheets as you sleep.

Preventive Measures For Foot Calluses

Best Foot Cream For Calluses

The key method to prevent foot calluses is to ensure that your shoes are supportive yet gentle enough on the feet.

Avoid high heels and boots with very pointed tips. They create a lot of pressure and friction on your feet.

Get a separate shoe insole. A shoe insole reduces friction and the impact on your feet as you walk.

Buy shoes that fit you well. When your shoes are too “roomy”, they create a lot of rubbing, and if they are too tight, you experience pressure from within the foot muscle. 

If possible, wear your shoes and sandals with socks. They provide a cushion against friction.  

What Are The Symptoms Of Calluses?

  • Thick and rough patches on your feet.
  • Flaxy dry or waxy skin.
  • Tenderness at some point.
  • Pain while walking.
  • Inflammation.

What Are The Adverse Effects Of Calluses If Not Treated In Time?

  • Stiffness of the joint.
  • Foot infection.
  • Nerve injury.
  • Formation of new callus in a different area of the foot.

If you are prone to developing foot calluses, you may also be susceptible to other issues such as nail fungus, athletes foot, and circulatory issues.


Foot calluses are very irritating and a nuisance to many. They look ugly, to say the least. If not treated in time they can also unnecessary complications.

The above three brands are some of the best foot creams for calluses treatments.

They contain the best ingredients for treating foot calluses, and the cost is reasonable.

Don’t suffer in silence. Try them today. Combine these creams with the suggested home remedies, and you will be on your way to full recovery. 

Please keep in mind that this website does not provide any medical advice. Always consult a doctor before introducing your body to any new treatment.