Does Fungi Nail Actually Work? Everything You Need To Know


Fungi Nail Pen Applicator Anti Fungal Solution 0.101 OZ (Pack of 2)

Are your nails thinning or developing black spots? Are they turning yellow, orange, or even black? Are they painful to the touch, or developing keratin debris?

Unfortunately, you have developed nail fungus, also known as onychomycosis.

Fortunately, the Fungi Nail Brand Toe and Foot Pen Anti-Fungal Solution is a fantastic treatment option that can help get rid of your nail fungus once and for all.

It is perhaps the easiest fungus treatment available on the market today, thanks to the incredible pen brush applicator.

Furthermore, the treatment is a fantastic value and is one of the lowest cost treatments available. Using the special pen brush applicator makes getting rid of your fungal infection easy!

Continue reading below to discover why the Fungi Nail Pen Brush is a great treatment option for your nail fungus woes.

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The Nail Pen is Easy To Use

The Fungi Nail Brand Toe and Foot Pen Anti-Fungal Solution utilizes an awesome pen brush applicator, which makes applying the solution a piece of cake!

Just apply the special anti-fungal formula directly to the infected nail or nails using the coated pen brush, and the treatment will go to work helping destroy your nail fungus once and for all.

Moisture Block Technology Locks Medicine in Place

fungi nail pen treatment

The patented ClearGuard Moisture block Technology is powerful – it helps lock the anti-fungal formula in place by creating a water-resistant barrier right in the nail and nail bed.

This helps prevent the fungi from spreading to other nails or susceptible parts of the body.

Furthermore, the Moisture Block is water resistant, meaning you can go about your day without worrying about your nail fungus.

Wash your hands, take a shower, do whatever you need to do while the Fung Nail Pen continues treating your nail fungus.

Get the Right Amount Where It’s Needed

An added benefit of the special nail pen is that it delivers the right amount of the formula directly to where it is needed.

Other treatment options, such as foot soaks or even topical solutions lack the ability to be as precise as Fungi Nail.

By applying the right amount directly to the infected site, Fungi Nail helps treat your fungal nail infection fast.

Discrete And Convenient

fungi nail pen review

The Fungi Nail Pen is small, making it extremely discrete and convenient.

Other nail fungus treatments can be extremely bulky – there can be multiple steps, such as topical solutions and foot soaks and various other necessary methods.

However, the Fungi Nail pen is a small pen that can easily fit in your medicine cabinet or duffel bag.

No one needs to know about your fungal issues!

What Are The Ingredients in Fungi Nail?

The main active ingredient in the Fungi Nail is undecylenic acid, which is derived from castor oil.

This compound is FDA Approved to help treat nail fungus, ringworm, athlete’s foot, and other skin conditions such as itching, cracking, and burning.

Although rare, some users report a mild burning sensation from using the solution.

Please discontinue treatment if this happens, or if you do not see any improvement after four weeks of continuous use.

What Are The Possible Side Effects?

Although rare, some users report mild side effects when using Fungi Nail.

The most common of these side effects is a mild warming sensation in the nail bed, or around the area the nail.

If this continues, please consult your doctor and postpone treatment immediately.

How Do You Use The Fungi Nail Pen Brush Applicator?

1. Clip And File Your Nails Using Mr. Green Precision Toenail Clippers

MR.GREEN Precision Toenail Clippers for Thick or Ingrown Toenails, Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Cuticle Trimmer,...

It is vital that before starting any nail fungus treatment, you start by clipping and filing down your infected nail.

This will help maximize the effectiveness of the Fungi Nail solution and minimize the risk of fungi spreading to other nails or parts of your body.

If your nails have thickened due to your fungal infection, traditional nail clippers may not be enough.

We recommend using Mr. Green Preicision Toenail Clippers which are high-end, stainless steel nail clippers that can easily cut through your infected nail.

These are some of our highest rated nail clippers and will allow you to easily get the job done.

Sterilize any instruments that you use, and take extreme caution when disposing of your nail clippings.

The last thing you want to do is come into direct contact with a fungal infection because this can lead to the infection spreading to other nails.

2. Shower With Purely Northwest Antifungal Soap

Purely Northwest-Natural Tea Tree & Peppermint Scalp & Body Wash-Men & Women-Soothes & Refreshes: Odor, Acne,...

Next, thoroughly clean your nails in the shower. We recommend using a dedicated fungal soap, specifically, the Purely Northwest Antifungal Soap.

This powerful antifungal soap contains medical grade essential oils such as Tea Tree Oil, Oregano Oil, Jojoba Oil, and more than help cleanse your infected nail while also treating your fungal infection.

This powerful antifungal soap is part of the Purely Northwest Toenail Fungus system, which is one of our highest rated fungal nail treatments.

We highly recommend utilizing this formula in conjunction with Fungi Nail, or any other topical treatment.

Cleaning your nails with antifungal soap will further wash away fungal debris and dead skin and maximize treatment effectiveness.

After washing, make sure that you completely dry your nails. Fungi love moisture and can spread further if your nails are not completely dry.

3.  Prepare and Apply Fungi Nail

Remove the Fungi Nail pen from the box, and unwrap the safety seal located on the side of the pen.

Remove the cap from the top of the pen, exposing the Fungi Nail applicator brush. Point the applicator brush downwards, and rotate the opposite end of the pen three times.

This will create a clicking sound and coat the brush with the Fungi Nail anti-fungal solution.

You are now ready to apply the solution to the infected spots.

Now that the pen is coated, apply the solution directly to the nail, cuticle, and nail bed.

Make proper care to ensure that the formula comes into direct contact with the nail bed since this is where fungus originates from.

Continue to apply the formula twice a day (day and night) to clean nails to begin seeing results.

Keep in mind that it may take most users up to a month to see results, and for extreme cases it will take even longer.

Keep applying the Fungi Nail Pen solution even after the symptoms of the infected have gone away to ensure that it is completely gone.

5. Remove The Fungi From Your Shoes With Ultraviolet Shoe Sanitizer

Comyan Shoe Dryer,Household Essential for Family !Drying,Shoes Bad Odor

This is one of the most crucial steps when treating your nail fungus – you need to disinfect it from your belongings.

Ultraviolet Shoe Sanitizer is one of the most powerful ultraviolet sanitizers on the market today, and it can be used to disinfect your shoes, socks, gloves, and various other articles of clothing.

If you don’t sanitize your clothing, you seriously risk reinfecting yourself, since you will be coming into direct contact with fungal spores over and over again.

It is imperative that you disinfect your clothing in order to prevent this.

What Are The Product Dimensions?

The Fungi nail pen comes with 1.7 ml of antifungal solution. This should last up six months even longer depending on how many nails you have affected.

We recommend purchasing the Fungi Nail Pen is a pack of two for maximum value.

Can I Use The Pen With Nail Polish?

Yes, you can use Fungi Nail with nail polish. However, you have to make sure that you only use antifungal nail polish and not traditional nail polish.

Traditional nail polish will tramp the fungus, allowing it to grow and spread throughout the nails.

This is the worst thing that you could possibly do and will make treating your nail fungus significantly harder.

Does Fungi Nail Really Work?

The Fungi Nail Pen treatment really works. The main active ingredient, Undecylenic acid, is a well-documented anti-fungal. Apply the treatment at least twice a day to start seeing results.

Nail fungus can take a long time to work, so stay diligent and keep applying the treatment and eventually, your fungal infection will go away.

Additionally, in order to prevent the risk of spreading or reinfection, it is vitally important that you remove the fungi from your household.

If you have nail fungus, it is highly likely that you have athletes foot and various other fungi as well.

Make sure you remove the fungi from your shoes to prevent reinfection.

We also highly recommend purchasing a pair of dedicated toenail clippers. Keeping your nails short and clean will help quicken the treatment time.

We recommend using a pair with an extra long handle and thick blade to easily cut through your infected toenails.

Fungi Nail vs. Fungi Nail Pen

Fungi-Nail Toe & Foot Anti-Fungal Solution, 1 oz - Pack of 2

Many of our readers have reached out to us, wondering what the difference is between Fungi-Nail Toe & Foot Anti-Fungal Solution and Fungi Nail Brand Toe and Foot Pen Anti-Fungal Solution.

The actual solution is made up of exactly the same active ingredient, undecylenic acid. The only difference is the delivery method.

The classic Fungi Nail solution comes with a brush on applicator, which the Fungi Nail Pen utilizes a pen-shaped treatment.

The brush-on applicator allows for more control when applying the solution, but can also lead to over application.

The pen is more convenient for storage and travel. At the end of the day, it whatever treatment type you prefer will dictate which product you should purchase.

Does The Fungi Nail Pen Treatment Work On Fingernails And Toenails?

fungi nail pen treatment review

Yes, the Fungi Nail Pen treatment will work on both fingernails and toenails.

Toenail fungus is generally more common and easier to treat.

If you have contracted fingernail fungus, we recommend utilizing the treatment up to three times a day in order to see desired results.

Where Should I Purchase Fungi Nail?

Many of our readers have reached out wondering where they should purchase the Fungi Nail Pen treatment.

Although you can purchase Fungi Nail at CVS, Walmart, Walgreens, or even on eBay, we recommend purchasing it through

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Fungi Nail Pen Brush Positive and Negatives


  1. Super low price
  2. Easy to use, straightforward treatment
  3. Moisture blocking technology prevents spreading


  1. Users may need multiple pens to see results
  2. Some users experience a minor burning sensation

Our Verdict

Although nail fungus is generally not thought of as being a serious disease, it can cause much pain, discomfort, and embarrassment.

This is especially true when the sufferer has diabetes or is older.

Luckily, Fungi Nail Brand Toe and Foot Pen Anti-Fungal Solution is an awesome treatment option and can help you move towards living a fungus free life.

The treatment is best suited for anyone with a mild to severe case of nail fungus. Keep in mind that while no treatment will provide relief overnight, the Fungi Nail Brand Solution will help you treat your fungal infection.

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Fungi Nail Pen Applicator Anti Fungal Solution 0.101 OZ (Pack of 2)

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