How To Clean Satin Shoes: Giving New Life To Your Footwear

Satin shoes are prone to stains because of their delicate material. This means they can be damaged easily and they might be rendered useless.

But since you have spent so much money on them, there’s no way you can just let them go to waste like this.

In this article, we will discuss all the tricks on how to clean satin shoes so that you can give new life to your footwear.

How To Clean Satin Shoes

Prepare The Satin Shoes

how to clean satin shoes

Before you start cleaning your shoes, you need to make sure that they are free of all dust and dirt.

Take a soft bristle brush and use it to gently remove any dust particles from the shoes.

This step is important because if you don’t remove the dust beforehand it can get in the fabric while you are rubbing away the stains.

Blot The Stains

It’s important to get the stains wet before trying to remove them. Take a damp cloth and use it to blot any stains on the satin shoes.

Make sure that you use cold water as it will help speed up the stain removal process.

Just make sure you don’t use too much water as it will seep inside the satin shoes. With a bit of gentle rubbing, you should be able to remove any stains successfully.

However, if this method doesn’t help to remove the stains, you’d have to take other measures.

Use A Stain Cleaning Agent

handwashing liquid

If your satin shoes have some deep stains that can’t be moved with the help of cold water, you need to take a different approach.

For this step, you can use any stain cleaning agent or even hand washing liquid.

Just take a small amount of the stain cleaning agent on a damp cloth, rub it to produce lather, and dab it on the stains.

Next, gently rub the stains for a minute or two.

Now you need to rinse away the soapy water, so take a clean cloth, dump it in cold water, and use it to remove any soap or detergent residue.

Dry The Shoes

how to clean satin shoes

Now that the stains are all gone, just use a hand towel and dab at the wet areas.

Make sure you don’t rub the fabric, or it will leave behind water streaks on your satin shoes.

Press the hand twice on the shoes gently so that it can absorb all the excess water.

These remedies should be enough to help remove the stains from your satin shoes.

But at times, your shoes may get some tough stains that may not go even after you’ve followed all these steps.

Some people get hopeless and think throwing away their satin shoes is the only option they have.

If you too have been thinking the same, here’s some good news for you— you can dye your shoes another color.

Dyeing Satin Shoes

how to clean satin shoes

If you have silk or cotton satin shoes, you can easily dye it another color, and the stains will blend in with the new color.

Here are some steps that you need to follow if you want to dye your shoes.

Clean The Shoes

how to clean satin shoes

You need to make sure that your shoes are perfectly clean before you start dyeing them. Take a rag to remove all the dirt from the satin shoes.

Next, using a damp cloth, work in a circular motion to make sure you get all the dirt out. Let the pair of shoes dry completely before you start dyeing them.

Select The Color


Now that your shoes are all clean and tidy, you need to look for a color that is dark enough to hide all the stains.

It’s recommended that you go for a color that’s at least 4-5 shades darker than the original color of the shoes.

If you go for pastel or light colors, the stains will show through the color coat and all your effort will be in vain.

Start Dyeing

how to clean satin shoes

Once you have chosen the color, make sure you prepare your work area before you start dyeing. Cover the surface with a tarp or even an old sheet.

Using newspapers is also a good strategy but make sure you pile them on thick before you start working.

Put on latex gloves so that the paint does not come in contact with your skin. Just mix the color following the instructions given on the box.

The paint will be ready in no time and you can start dyeing.

It’s important that you work in a circular motion because making straight lines can give it a striping effect.

Make sure that you follow the order of dyeing so that the process can be completed without a hitch.

Start with the heels of the shoes, complete the back, and then move onto the sides, the toes, and finally the inner edge.

Lastly, make sure you double coat the shoe. After that, just let the shoes dry for a few hours and you’ll once again have clean satin shoes.

Final Word

how to clean satin shoes

Satin shoes are luxury items that need all the care they can get so that you can look your best at every event.

Remember that even if you can’t get rid of the toughest stains on your shoes, there is a way out for you.

If you know how to clean satin shoes, then get right to it or give dyeing a chance to save your satin shoes.

Good Luck!