Chubby Feet No More: 5 Ways On How To Get Skinnier Feet

It’s safe to say that some people are born with skinnier feet and hands than others. However, that can be changed to some degree with a bit of effort.

If you’ve chubby feet and want to lose some of the fat, here’s a short guide on how to get skinnier feet.

Exercise At Least Four Times A Week

how to get skinnier feet


Regular exercise will help you lose fat and make your feet skinnier in the process. The best exercises for fat-loss are cardiovascular exercises.

These exercises don’t target any specific part of your body, but they help in reducing the fat percentage in your body on the whole – which also includes your feet.

This means that you don’t have to do specific exercises that target your feet to lose fat in that area.

You can consider doing steady-state cardio exercises or high-intensity interval training (HIIT) – however, there are more forms of cardio exercises.

The former is doing a specific exercise at a steady pace for about fifteen to twenty minutes.

These exercises can include jogging, cycling, using an elliptical machine, jump rope, and more.

There are no breaks during steady-state cardio, and you usually choose a pace that is manageable for the duration you’re choosing to exercise.

HIIT, on the other hand, is done in short but intense bursts. It is good for people who want to lose fat and retain muscle mass.

It usually has about ten to fifteen rounds.

Each round by a minute, in which you spend about twenty to thirty seconds doing intense exercise (like sprinting or cycling as fast as you can) with a 10-second rest in between.

Whichever type of cardio exercise you choose, make sure to do it at least four times a week to effectively lose fat from your feet.

Incorporate A Healthy Diet

how to get skinnier feet

Another effective way of how to get skinnier feet is to adopt a healthy diet.

A healthy diet will help in reducing the amount of fat in your body, which will also reduce the fat in your feet. This will make them look slimmer.

One of the biggest mistakes a lot of people make is that they decide to opt for various diet plans.

While these diet plans will definitely help you get healthy, they’re often drastically different from your current diet.

And herein lies the problem. Switching your diet plan abruptly will eventually lead to you abandoning it.

The problem with getting “on” a diet is that you can get “off” it as well. This is not an effective way to start eating healthier.

Here are some tips you should keep in mind to ensure that you stick to a healthy diet.

Make Gradual Changes In Your Diet


You should aim to change certain things in your diet gradually. Start replacing your current meals with similar but healthier options.

For example, if you’re currently eating sugary cereals for breakfast, you should consider replacing it with muesli or whole-grain cereals with lower sugar content.

Making a small change like this will have immense benefits in reducing fat in your feet. This is because sugar is one of the biggest contributors to fat deposits in your body.

Eventually, you can switch muesli with oatmeal, which doesn’t contain any sugar.

You should only make this change after you’re comfortable with a lower sugar intake for breakfast.

A gradual change is the only way to incorporate a healthy diet. You won’t feel the need to abandon your diet if you’re used to it.

Eat What You Like

how to get skinnier feet

The best way to stay consistent with a healthy diet is to eat what you like. Depriving yourself of what you like will make it difficult for you to stick to your healthy diet.

This is because you’ll be eating what you don’t like, and you’ll feel the urge to start eating unhealthily.

Now, we understand that some of the things you like can make you fat. To counteract that, you must look for healthy alternatives.

For example, if you like pasta, you can consider making whole grain pasta, and reduce some of the cream and cheese when cooking it.

In addition to that, reduce the amount you consume. Accompany the pasta with other healthy proteins as well.

Consuming a lower number of carbs will lower the number of calories you consume in a day. This, in turn, will help you lose fat from your body and your feet.

Keep Your Feet Elevated

how to get skinnier feet

In some cases, your feet might get wider because of tissue swelling around the bones of your feet. This is usually caused by being on your feet for too long.

If you are wondering how to get skinnier feet to reduce the swelling, then keep your feet elevated throughout the day.

Try to reduce the weight of your legs and body on your feet as much as you can.

Use Over-the-Counter Orthotics

how to get skinnier feet

Orthotics are shoe inserts that provide additional support to your feet so that you can fix the way you walk.

It is usually used for patients who have biomechanical foot problems. However, over-the-counter orthotics can be used for anyone.

That said, you should consult a doctor if you suspect posture problems or other biomechanical problems in your feet.

Consider Getting Plastic Surgery

how to get skinnier feet

If you want to get skinnier feet instantly, you can consider opting for plastic surgery procedures such as toe shortening and liposuction.

You should only consider these procedures as a last resort because they are expensive, have long recovery times, and can have various side effects.

While there are numerous ways to get skinnier feet, the best way of achieving your goal is by adopting a healthy lifestyle.

This means that you should exercise consistently and eat healthy foods.

By doing so, your feet will become skinner and you will be able to avoid a number of other health problems.