How To Improve Poor Blood Circulation: What Really Works?


The circulatory system is one of the most vital aspects of our body’s, and poor blood circulation can lead to a whole host of health issues.

Fortunately, there are a number of things that you can do at home to help boost your poor blood circulation. Continue reading to discover how to improve poor blood circulation at home today.

Keep in mind that this website does not provide medical advice.

If you believe you are suffering from poor blood circulation or any other medical issue, talk to your doctor immediately.

How Does Blood Circulation Occur?

Blood flows through your blood vessels and circulates throughout the body. As it circulates, it delivers oxygen and nutrients to your body tissues and transports metabolic waste to your execratory organs.

Several factors influence good blood circulation in the body.
• A strong heart – to pump blood efficiently throughout the body
• Healthy blood – that can deliver nutrients and oxygen to the body tissues
• Optimal blood pressure – to enable a constant flow of blood throughout the body

Any shortcoming in these factors can cause poor blood circulation. Fortunately, there are a number of things you can to do improve your poor blood circulation.

How To Improve Poor Blood Circulation: Use A Sequential Compression Device – Air Relax Sequential Compression Device

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If you are interested in improving poor blood circulation throughout your body, sequential compression is one of the best treatment options to help make this happen.

Sequential compression works by utilizing a sleeve that goes on the legs (arm cuffs are available as well) filled with different chambers.

The chambers alternate filling up with air and then deflating, compressing different parts of the body. This massage-like effect actually helps lymph drainage and promotes proper blood flow.

Air Relax Sequential Compression Device is the best at-home sequential compression device on the market today. The device is incredibly powerful and is used by a variety of medical professionals throughout the world.

Simply utilize the compression device for fifteen minutes at a time to help improve your blood flow.

Additionally, sequential compression works wonders with recovery from athletic activities, and can also help people who suffer from swelling and other ailments. Click here to read our full review on Air Relax.

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Combine With Arm Cuffs For Maximum Effect

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In order to help improve circulation throughout the body, consider also using the Air Relax Arm Cuffs to fully amplify the power of this fantastic sequential compression device.

Utilizing the arm cuff is simple – just plug it into the Air Relax machine, place it over your arm while you wear light clothing, and watch as sequential compression therapy helps with lymph drainage and boosts your circulatory ability quickly and easily.

Natural Therapy

how to improve poor blood circulation

Basking in the sun and other natural therapies such as infrared radiation can significantly boost blood circulation within the body.

The sun-rays produce natural heat energy, which stimulates the flow of blood within the blood vessels. This releases the circulating toxins from your body that would otherwise block the system.

Additionally, infrared therapy has extra benefits for the body such as improving sleep, pain reduction and developing your immune system.

To enjoy infrared therapy at home, invest in energy duvets and infrared mats.

Deep Tissue Massage

how to improve poor blood circulation

Just like engaging in exercises, getting a good massage helps to stimulate your blood flow. During the massage, direct the movement towards the heart.

This direction increases blood flow throughout the body and stimulates the flow of lymphatic fluid.

A deep tissue massage targets blood circulation because it is gentle yet firm on the blood vessels.

You can use different types of aromatherapy oils in the process. Almond, coconut, and olive oils are some of the most effective ones since they reduce stress and promote relaxation.

Overall, massage is a risk-free and safe process, and you can enjoy the benefits of a single massage session every month.

Use Circulatory Supplements – Blood Flow Optimizer By Dr. Sam Robbins

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Blood Flow Optimizer is a powerful circulatory supplement created by Dr. Sam Robbins and is chock full of natural ingredients such as Vitamin C, Vitamin DC, Coral Calcium, Magnesium, and their Synergy Optimizer which is such of various ingredients.

For some people, taking 1-2 supplements a day may help with their circulatory issues.

However, utilizing supplements may come with some unintended consequences, which is why it is crucial to talk to your doctor if you are interested in supplements or if you believe you have circulatory issues or any other medical issue.

Please keep in mind that this website does not provide medical advice.

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Special Fruits Diet

how to improve poor blood circulation

Eating fruits rich in vitamin c or ascorbic acid improves your blood circulation. These are fruits within the citrus family (oranges, lemons, grapefruit, limes, clementines, tangelos-kumquat, and ugli fruit).

In addition, vitamin C has blood-thinning properties.

Regular intake also helps to make your capillary walls stronger and consequently improve blood flow within your circulatory system.

High fiber fruits such as Golgi berries help to strengthen your body’s immune system as well as improve blood flow. Additionally, a watermelon contains high quantities of lycopene, an antioxidant known to improve blood circulation.

Eating a plethora of fruits and vegetables is beneficial for your overall health (as long as you do not overdo it with the sugar), so here is one more reason to enjoy fruits and vegetables.

Keep your body Hydrated Constantly

how to improve poor blood circulation

All your body organs have to be hydrated to function at the optimum level. Blood is also primarily made of water.

Drinking enough water ensures that the blood retains its optimum concentration which allows proper functioning of the circulatory system.

Similarly, water helps to flush toxins from your body. An average of eight glasses of water a day is the doctor’s recommendation, but make sure you listen to your body.

If you would like some variety and excitement, consider adding natural flavors such as lemon and honey, to make it more palatable and exciting.


how to improve poor blood circulation

Working out is an excellent way to improve poor blood circulation. By being active, the heart increases its pumping rate.

Dancing, jogging, walking, or cycling can have significant positive effects on the body circulatory system.

Additionally, by working out, the entire cardiovascular system becomes stronger, and the heart is more effective in pumping blood.

Even small exercises like a thirty minutes’ walk tend to have a significant benefit on the blood flow within your body. Start to exercise gradually and have a work out plan suitable for your fitness level.

With time, increase the intensity of your exercises. And as you progress, you can engage in more intense exercises such as swimming, playing sports, and running. It’s also an excellent way to keep you fit.

Wear the Right Clothes

how to improve poor blood circulation

Wearing tight clothing such as tight jeans for longer periods interferes with your blood circulatory system. Wear light and lose garments, to ensure proper blood circulation.

If you have any blood circulation problems, consider ditching the tight fitting clothes since they can hinder proper blood-flow.

Alternatively, talk to your doctor about using compression socks on ankles and arch since they can improve blood circulation in the lower extremities.

Avoid Extremely Low Temperatures

how to improve poor blood circulation

Have you ever experienced numbness in your toes and fingers during extreme cold weathers in the winter?

This numbness results from constriction of blood carrying vessels due to very cold temperatures.

Even though cold feet and fingers are not an indication of suffering from a medical condition, the sensation may be an important indicator of the onset of arteries hardening.

Therefore, make an effort to stay warm in such cold weathers by wearing multiple layers of clothes that fit loosely to counter the effects of low temperatures.

Be More Active

how to improve poor blood circulation

By being active, you generate heat energy that makes your body warm and improves blood circulation. Siting for extended periods, especially in the cold weather, can affect your blood circulatory system negatively.

Stand and walk around. The movement helps to increase blood flow, and it also makes you healthy and warm.

Simply getting up and walking every hour can make a huge difference.

Final Thoughts

As you embark on improving your cardiovascular system, watch what you eat. Quit smoking and reducing your salt intake. Such habits worsen your condition.

Smoking interferes with proper blood circulation and increases blood pressure, which damages the arteries. At the same time, smoking causes narrowing of blood vessels and makes it hard for the blood to flow within your circulatory system.

That is why smokers suffer from reduced blood flow to the extremities such as toes and fingers.

Too much salt, on the other hand, causes the body cells to swell and retain water. This can put pressure on your veins resulting in reduced blood circulation.

The above remedies on how to improve poor blood circulation are simple to implement.

Please keep in mind that this website does not provide medical advice. Talk to your doctor immediately if you have poor circulation.