5 Amazing Ways To Use Coconut Oil For Toenail Fungus

Did you know that 3 to 12 percent of the population in the US is affected by nail fungus and that these fungal infections are really hard to get rid of?

Once one gets the infection, it could take months for it to recover because the toenails grow really slow.

Furthermore, the infection may not be identifiable in its initial stages as it may take place gradually.

Nonetheless, the most convenient and easiest way to spot toenail fungus is when the nail becomes brittle or changes its color.

The general precautions include maintaining good hygiene but some home remedies help you stay one step ahead before the disease strikes.

One of the proven methods to avoid toenail fungus is to use the all-beneficial coconut oil.

It is a natural anti-fungal agent that works wonders to prevent and cure the disease.

Let’s take a look at all the ways you can use coconut oil for toenail fungus!

1. Moisturizer Method

toenail fungus

The first sign of toenail fungus is that they turn the nail color to yellow or discolor them.

It can also be identified by noticing whether your nails often turn dry or brittle.

The basic rule is to keep your nails moisturized. In order to do this, massage some coconut oil on your nail beds in a circular motion every night before sleeping.

Secondly, rub some of the oil on top of your cuticles and leave it there for half an hour.

This method will not just moisturize your nails and cuticles, but will also eliminate any hangnails.

If you have spotted some yellowish color on your nails, thoroughly clean the area and then gently massage the oil on the affected nail.

Repeat this at least thrice in a day in order to get rid of the infection as soon as possible.

2. Preemptive Method

coconut oil for toenail fungus

Again, the first step to fight a disease is to take steps for its prevention before it happens.

Applying coconut oil onto your toenails at least three times a week will strengthen them against any potential disease.

Massaging your nails regularly will heal the cracks in your skins and nails and restrain the fungus.

Remember that raw coconut oil is proven to produce the best results for nail health because it is not exposed to heat and therefore retains its natural properties.

3. Bandage Method

bandage on toenail fungus

It may be difficult to keep up with the routine especially when you are outdoors or at your workplace.

Therefore, it is best to apply the oil directly to the affected area and apply a bandage to it.

You can use the same technique when going to bed so that the oil stays on your nails for a considerable period of time to show its full effect.

4. Oil Combination Method

tea tree oil for toe nail fungus

While coconut oil itself is an amazing method to remedy several health issues, it works even better with a combination of oils.

Adding some drops of tea tree oil to coconut oil can increase its efficiency to a great margin.

The tea tree oil itself is a great method to treat skin infections and allergies.

Other oils that possess natural healing properties and work best with coconut oil include lavender oil and thyme.

The use of especially the coconut oil with oregano can make an excellent combination for treating growing toenail fungus.

The combination of coconut oil with clove oil works best to fight yeast and shreds it away from your toenails.

Another combination to use with coconut oil is Epsom salt as it can increase the healing power of the former.

Moreover, unfiltered apple cider vinegar when combined with coconut oil is also beneficial to treat fungal nail infections.

5. Digestive Method

NutriBioPlanet Raw Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Unrefined, 32 Ounce

Coconut oil is not just good for applying on your toenails, but you can also yield its benefits by consuming it.

However, remember to use the coconut oil that is fit for oral consumption to avoid any complications.

Treatment Precautions

toenail fungus

There are a few things to consider before you use coconut oil for toenail fungus.

Adhering to these tips will ensure that you get the best out of your treatment plan and don’t get caught up with another health hazard in the process.

  1. It is absolutely important to wash your feet and nails before you begin applying any of the mentioned.

It is also mandatory to wash your hands between each application if you have more than one infected nails.

Remember to use antifungal and antibacterial soaps as you wash your hands in order to be certain that the infection does not spread to other parts of your body.

2. The treatments will not be effective if your toenails are not trimmed in advance.

Trimming your nails as closely as possible will allow the oil to go deeper into the nail bed and fight the fungus.

3. When making the combination to treat the fungus, be sure to mix the oils with the right combination to reap their full benefits.

A general rule to create the right mixture is to add a higher quantity of coconut oil in it than other products.

Before choosing any treatment, be especially careful to know about the extent of the damage and whether using a home remedy is the best option.

If the fungus has spread to a larger area or is expected to affect multiple toenails, then it is best to consult a medical practitioner or your family doctor and seek professional advice.

Can I Use Coconut Oil For Toenail Fungus?

Yes! Follow the guidelines in this article, and you will see that you can use coconut oil for toenail fungus, along with other related fungal issues such as ringworm.

However, it’s important to note that fungal infections take a long time to heal. This is where most people get into trouble!

You need to be diligent about treating your nail fungus every day and continue treating it even after it appears to have gone away to destroy all fungal spores and ensure you are fungus-free!

Last Few Words

prevent toenail fungus

Using coconut oil is an incredible method to keep your toenails healthy and keep them free from fungal infection and yeast.

As the famous saying goes, “it is better to be safe than sorry”, and so it is essential to prevent a disease before it actually begins.

Combining coconut oil with other products can increase the former’s healing efficiency and speed.

In terms of treatment options, opt for one that is in line with your own requirements and suitability.

Thank you for reading this article on how to use coconut oil for toenail fungus!

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