How To Remove Calluses From Your Feet Permanently

Calluses can be caused by excessive pressure and friction. They appear on our feet after pressure has been continuously exerted on a specific area of the foot.

A callus is basically dead skin and can occur on the big toe, the pinky toe, on the side of the foot, or anywhere else.

They’re characterized by rough skin that forms and doesn’t heal over time. They can also develop equally easily on the hands.

However, that is rare. They’re usually called corns in common parlance.

The hard protective surface that forms is devoid of any blood vessels or nerves. Soft corns that are formed usually trap sweat within them.

It’s only when they burst that the corn hardens. However, the cause of corns or calluses is not any virus or bacteria. They are also not contagious.

The most common way that people get calluses is through exceptionally tough training, especially jogging or running.

They can also be caused by physical labor like transporting huge boxes or playing sports like tennis.

The worst part is that you can’t remove calluses from feet by just waiting.

Unlike other wounds that usually heal over time, they stay as a reminder that you once ran too hard.

Hence, to remove them permanently, you need to apply certain remedies. These can range from alternative medicine and herbal medicine to home remedies.

How Do You Get Rid Of Calluses?

There are several reliable ways to remove calluses. Here are a few remedies that will guarantee that your callus will vanish within a few days.

Soaking The Foot

how to remove calluses from feet permanently

Soaking your foot in warm water and baking soda every single night is a very reliable way to remove a callus.

This will allow the dead skin cells to break down and soften the callus. You can also try an Epsom salt bath, which will soothe the skin as it softens.

Whichever route you try, you should wipe off the moisture as soon as you’re done. The moisture lingering on your foot can often lead to bacterial or fungal infection.

Applying Lactic Acid

how to remove calluses from feet permanently

You can also try to rub some lactic acid foot cream on your foot before you go to sleep. This will break down the dead cells overnight.

Your body will go into regenerative mode. You will see the appearance of new cells before long.

You should try putting on a sock after you’re done. This will prevent any dust or junk from sticking to your foot after you’ve applied the cream.

The cream will be absorbed into your skin quickly even if it’s under the sheets or covered by a sock.

Using A Callus Remover

how to remove calluses from feet permanently

Use an electric callus remover to remove calluses from feet in the morning. You will see the dead skin fly like powder.

It may seem disgusting, but it’s very soothing as well. This should be done just enough so that the surface of the skin isn’t harmed.

Soak your feet with warm water after and then dry immediately.


how to remove calluses from feet permanently

Once your callus is gone, you can try moisturizing your feet. It will prevent your skin from drying up and prevent any further calluses.

Try different types of moisturizer to see what suits you best. Remember that one type of cream may work well on your face, but not on your feet.

Wearing Cushions

Calluses can take weeks to heal. Hence, when you’re going through the healing phase, you can ease the pain by using a callus cushion.

This will absorb pressure. It will also alleviate the pain and prevent any growth.

How To Prevent Calluses  

how to remove calluses from feet permanently

Calluses can be prevented by following a few of these helpful tips.

They are usually caused by friction or excessive pressure on the skin of the foot; this, can be avoided.

These same tips can be used to avoid calluses from reforming on the skin of the foot:

  • Wash your feet with soap and water every single day. Remember that a lack of cleanliness is the root of many illnesses and blemishes. It’s better to keep your feet clean every single day than to remove unsightly marks from your skin any day. Try not only to keep your feet clean, but also apply moisturizing cream. This will help them retain freshness and your skin will age much slower.
  • Wear shoes that are slightly loose or fit like a glove. Don’t wear shoes that are tight. Also, don’t tighten the laces on your shoes excessively.
  • Be sure to avoid shoes that rub against the feet and have a tight toe box. Just make sure to take your time while shoe shopping. If a shoe doesn’t fit, don’t make it your life’s mission to make your foot fit inside. Also, your feet are a little bigger during the afternoon so you should go shoe shopping then. This will help you find the best shoe size even If your foot grows a little.
  • For women that are prone to calluses, you should avoid wearing heels. If you can help it, wear flat foot shoes or heels that are smaller. If you go for very high heels, you may exert too much pressure on the heel of your foot and form a callus.
  • Make sure to use gel pads or foam inserts inside your shoes. This will help prevent pressure on the skin. Do not wear shoes without any socks. It may be inconvenient to remove them and put them on again, but it’s a small price to pay. Your feet will stay fresh and less exposed to the elements when they’re enveloped in socks and foam.
  • Always wear protective gloves when performing activities that can lead to calluses. For example, if you’re using lifting heavy objects, it can exert a lot of pressure on your skin.  Have your feet examined by going for a pedicure. This will prevent your feet from developing rough spots in the first place.