6 Easy Steps On How To Use Snakeroot Extract For Toenail Fungus

With the focus of the general public shifting towards healthy living, many people have started relying on natural remedies for many ailments and diseases.

Toenail fungus is an infection that discolors your toe and cracks or thickens your nails.

Toenail fungus prefers damp and moist conditions and can easily infect other toenails too. That’s the reason it must be taken care of immediately.

Unless you take this seriously, you can be at the risk of infecting your whole foot!

Many people suffer from toenail fungus and it is never a pleasing sight.

Some people are worried about the ramifications it can have and are concerned about how ugly it looks.

Fortunately, there are several home remedies that can help you treat your toenail fungus before it starts to spread.

If you have the resources, you can nip it in the bud. As soon as you notice any discoloration on the nail, you need to take action as soon as possible.

So, what’s the best remedy?

Snakeroot extract! Obtained from a snakeroot plant, the extract is a natural remedy that treats skin infections that have been caused by a fungus.

If you are wondering how to use snakeroot extract to get fungus-free toenails, then you have come to the right place. We are here to guide you. Here is what you have to do:

1. Buy Snakeroot

how to use snakeroot extract for toenail fungus

Snakeroot is available at some marts, but if you can’t find it, you can always order it online and receive it within days.

2. Prepare The Infected Area

how to use snakeroot extract for toenail fungus

Before you can apply snakeroot extract, you’ll have to ensure the infected area is ready for treatment. Here’s how to prepare the infected area.

  • Wash the toenails beforehand.
  • Dry them properly using a soft cloth.
  • Ensure they remain dry during and after application.

3. Apply Snakeroot Extract

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Most people read about the healing properties of the snakeroot extract and just buy it without knowing how to use it.

There are several ways to apply snakeroot extract on the infected area.

Applying the medicinal extract the right way can accelerate the healing process so that you can have some relief from the pain and eventually get fungus-free toenails.

Let’s explore some of the best ways to use snakeroot extract to combat toenail fungus.

Apply Directly

how to use snakeroot extract for toenail fungus

Once you have prepared the infected area and have dried it, you can just apply the snakeroot directly on the infected area.

Use a dropper and drip a few drops on the toenail. Make sure you cover the entire infected area with the extract.

Apply On A Gauze

how to use snakeroot extract for toenail fungus

Take a piece of gauze and apply a few drops of the snakeroot extract on it. Wrap it around the affected toenail and make sure you keep it dry.

The methods mentioned above are the two best ways to apply snakeroot extract; however, many people like to add the extract to water for a hot water soak.

If you want to opt for this method, all you have to do is mix a few drops of the extract with hot water and soak your feet for 15 minutes.

This remedy also seems to work for many people, but to amplify the effectiveness of the remedy, it’s better to use the extract directly on the infected area.

4. The Frequency

how to use snakeroot extract for toenail fungus

The recommended dose of snakeroot extract is a few drops three times a week for the first month.

Some experts recommend a different dosage, especially for people who are prone to toenail fungus.

Apply the extract on the infected area once every three days for one month. If the condition persists, use the extract twice a week for the second month.

During the third month, just use the extract once a week, though you wouldn’t need to carry on for so long. You will start seeing the results soon.

5. Take Precautions

how to use snakeroot extract for toenail fungus

You have to make sure the infected area doesn’t come in contact with water.

Fungus thrives in damp and dark places, which makes your feet the perfect breeding grounds.

If you have contracted toenail fungus, you’ll have to wear open shoes till the treatment lasts.

Wearing socks and closed shoes will make the fungus spread further because of the sweat.

If you tend to sweat profusely, make sure you wash your feet with warm water and dry them with a soft cloth afterward.

Make sure you cut your nails and sanitize the clippers before using them every time.

Following these tips along with applying the snakeroot extract regularly will ensure your toenails stay fungus-free.

Just remember that timely treatment is as important as taking precautions, so do seek help if you feel like something’s wrong.

6. Effectiveness Of The Treatment

how to use snakeroot extract for toenail fungus

A study published in Planta Medica in 2008 tested the effectiveness of snakeroot extract for the treatment of toenail fungus.

The study was conducted over a course of 3 months and the results were worth the time spent.

The researchers compared the results of a common anti-fungal Penlac (ciclopirox) and the snakeroot extract.

The results showed that the extract was more effective in treating the affected nail over the course of three months than Penlac.

Over 71% of the patients showed therapeutic effectiveness, but the best part was that none of them showed any intense side effects.

This research became the foundation for the benefits of snakeroot extract for toenail fungus and since then, people have relied on this method.


how to use snakeroot extract for toenail fungus

If you want fungus-free toenails, then the best option is to rely on natural remedies, such as snakeroot extract.

If you were wondering how to use snakeroot extract for toenail fungus, then we hope this blog answered your question.

Just remember that there are many ways to use snakeroot extract, and all the methods are effective.

As long as you remember to take the recommended precautions, your toenail fungus will not stand a chance!

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how to use snakeroot extract for toenail fungus