An Interview With Amberly Vogelsang Of EMUAID®


EMUAID® creates some of the best homeopathic products on the market today, and they’ve helped thousands of people get relief for things like nail fungus, shingles, athlete’s foot, and more.

We wanted to get the inside scoop, so we sat down with Amberly Vogelsang, the national sales manager to ask her some questions about the company.

We hope you enjoy this interview.

What Is The History Of Speer Laboratories And Your Founder, Richard Nicolo?

Speer Laboratories, the manufacturer of EMUAID® products, was founded by the late Richard Nicolo as a cutting-edge research and development consortium structured around a holistic approach to wellness through unparalleled natural products and dietary supplements.

Richard was a renowned product developer and formulator and pioneered many of the industry’s most innovative and efficacious cosmetics, over-the-counter drugs, homeopathic medicines, and medical devices.

His constant research and dedication to finding curative products for those suffering with difficult to treat skin and nail conditions resulted in his genius discovery of EMUAID® First Aid Ointment.

What Was The Impetus Behind Creating Emuaid® And EmuaidMAX®?

As a product developer, Mr. Nicolo spent decades researching solutions to multiple skin afflictions.

He traveled the globe to source the most effective natural ingredients, worked with industry-leading chemists and physicists to create formulas that deliver the latest technological advancements for high potency healing and consulted with countless dermatologists, pediatricians and medical specialists to ensure EMUAID® products are not only tremendously effective but also tremendously safe.

EMUAID® First Aid Ointment was initially developed to treat severe burns, however, its ability to stop pain, infection, and inflammation made it an exceptional treatment for over 100 skin conditions.

What Is The Culture Like Behind The Scenes At Speer Laboratories? Is It Still Family Run?

Yes! Speer Laboratories is led by Richard’s children: Amy Nicolo and Matthew Nicolo. Amy is the Chief Executive Officer and President.

Growing up in manufacturing her whole life, she has an unparalleled combination of product development knowledge, brand design, and marketing savvy.

Matthew is the Chief Information Officer and our in house expert in digital marketing.

Here at EMUAID®, we have a passion for challenging conventional thinking.

Our team is dedicated to developing innovative products,  which provide solutions to consumers in a more meaningful and effective manner than anything currently available.

We ask ourselves, “how can we help consumers feel better and live healthier  lives by utilizing innovative delivery systems to provide maximum  benefits of powerful natural ingredients?”

Where Do You Think EMUAID® Is Headed In The Next Five Years?

We plan to make EMUAID® a household name because the future of medicine is natural and EMUAID® First Aid Ointment is virtually the only product you need in your medicine cabinet.

Is It Incredible To Know That Your Products Have Helped Thousands Of People All Over The World?


As an online company, we’ve received tens of thousands (and counting) of written stories from customers around the world who have found life-changing relief from EMUAID®.

We read how much of an impact our products have on those who are silently suffering or have been completely let down by traditional medicines, and to know that we’re helping others makes our job incredibly rewarding.


We would like to thank Amberly Vogelsang for her time. We are huge believers in the EMUAID® product line – if you would like to read our review of EmuaidMAX®, check it out here.