How To Get Rid Of Baby Hairs: 6 Ways You Can Do This

Baby hairs are the soft hair that grows on the forehead.

While most baby hairs tend to grow out, there can be some people who permanently have these small strands on their forehead.

This type of hair will usually resemble the natural texture of the hair a person has.

Due to the length of the baby hairs, many people often find them to be annoying or messy.

What Causes Baby Hairs?

how to get rid of baby hairs

Getting rid of baby hair might be a good idea, but before you do that, you need to understand why baby hairs grow in the first place.

By paying attention to this factor, you can ensure that you can remove them and not have any more grow back.

The following are some of the significant causes of baby hairs growing on the forehead of a person:

  • Genetic Predisposition– The hair pattern for baby hair growth can be rooted in a person’s genes. Some people are just genetically disposed to getting baby hairs on their forehead.
  • Pulling Hair Out From The Forehead– This can cause the growth of baby hairs on the forehead, especially if you pull out hair from the forehead. The new hair that grows to replace the hair will be smaller, and if not given time to grow out will stay as baby hairs.
  • Wearing A Cap Or A Hat Frequently – Constantly wearing a hat or a cap can mean that your baby hairsare placed under a lot of friction. It will also cause more breakage of hair near the hat or cap band, which will increase the growth of baby hairs.
  • Tying Hair Tightly – Hairstyles which require you to slick back your hair tightly can cause breakage and increase the growth of baby hairs around your forehead.

If you want to get rid of baby hairs completely, it is a good idea to make sure that you also stop doing the things mentioned above.

Otherwise, the baby hairs will continue to grow and keep coming back.

How To Get Rid Of Baby Hairs – Temporary And Permanent Measures

how to get rid of baby hairs

Once you understand that causes, you can start to focus on how to get rid of baby hair.

Doing so is easy, and you will actually have a lot of options and choices available for you. The following are some of the best ways that you figure out how to get rid of baby hair.

Since not everyone wants to get rid of them permanently, we’re mentioning some temporary measures as well as permanent ones to deal with your baby hairs.

Temporary Ways To Get Rid Of Baby Hairs

These are methods that will remove your baby hairs but will not stop their growth. Once the hair grows back, you will have baby hairs again.

The following are the best temporary methods you can use for getting rid of baby hairs:

1. Shaving

how to get rid of baby hairs

This is one of the fastest ways to get rid of baby hair since you can do it from the comfort of your home. However, you need to be very careful.

Shaving near the hairline and making mistakes can ruin your hair. Moreover, improper use can also cause cuts, so be careful.

Some people claim that shaving makes their hair thicker, but there is little evidence available that supports this fact.

2. Waxing

how to get rid of baby hairs

Another quick, easy way to get rid of baby hairs is waxing.

It is always recommended that you get your hair waxed by a professional, especially if it is your first time attempting to wax your baby hairs.

Improper application can mean that you get wax on your normal hair as well. Moreover, waxing is painful, and for some people, the forehead can be a sensitive area.

3. Threading

how to get rid of baby hairs

Equal to plucking, this is one of the most painful ways to remove hair, but it does produce great results.

Threading pulls each individual hair out from the root, ensuring slower growth and over time, makes hair less thick.

When used for the forehead, it can help to remove baby hairs and slow down their growth. Unfortunately, this is a pretty painful method, so many people avoid it.

4. Hair Removal Creams

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Hair removal creams that are specially formulated for the face can be used for getting rid of baby hairs.

Never use hair removal creams that are meant for body use only. They can contain harsh chemicals that can harm the sensitive skin on your face.

When using hair removal cream for your face, make sure to follow the instructions carefully.

Remember always to do patch tests for allergic reactions before you use it on a larger area to prevent any harmful side-effects.

All of these methods will remove baby hairs, but the hair will eventually grow back.

If you’re looking to get rid of them permanently, you will have to resort to other professional measures.

Permanent Ways To Get Rid Of Baby Hairs

If you are wondering how to get rid of baby hairs permanently, you will have to go to a dermatologist. They have the necessary tools to eliminate baby hairs.

The treatments they offer do this without causing any harm to your skin or the hair on your head. You can make use of the following two options for this:

1. Electrolysis Treatment

how to get rid of baby hairs

This method uses a light electric charge to destroy hair follicles and roots in the skin.

It can help to completely remove baby hairs from your forehead or other areas on the face.

It is a time-consuming process, and more than one session may be needed to see results, but it is incredibly effective.

2. Laser Removal

how to get rid of baby hairs

Another method is laser hair removal. It makes use of light and heat energy that penetrates down to the layers of skin to destroy hair follicles completely.

This method works best with dark hair colors. It is also a time-consuming process, and you may need more sessions to see the results.

While both methods produce significant results, laser and electrolysis treatments should always be done with the consultation of a professional, licensed dermatologist.

They can guide you about the side effects and the best method to get rid of baby hair.