How To Get Rid Of Wide Feet: 3 Effective Ways To Shrink Them

For many people, wide feet can be extremely annoying to deal with.

Wide feet aren’t necessarily a bad thing, even though they prevent you from wearing your favorite shoes and cause discomfort.

The greatest disservice to wide feet is suffocating them in ill-fitting shoes. They can make your feet extremely uncomfortable and worsen the issue altogether.

The most common concerns associated with wide feet are foot bunions and calluses.

Living with wide feet can be really difficult if you also have bunions and calluses.

They can make walking and other vigorous exercises extremely hard and strenuous for your feet.

While in most cases wide feet are hereditary, your feet may also broaden as you age.

For some people, it’s not much of a concern. However, in other serious cases, having wide feet can be linked to certain health issues.

It’s important to treat these conditions and keep your feet as comfortable as possible by wearing the right shoes.

Instead of cramming your feet in a pair of closed-in heels, you will often have to choose airy slip-ons to allow your feet to relax.

If you want to know how to get rid of wide feet, then keep reading. Sometimes, with certain lifestyle changes, the cause can be easier to treat.

Nonetheless, it’s possible to shrink your feet and enjoy footwear comfort once again. But before we get into that, let’s explore the main causes of why wide feet occur in the first place.

Understanding The Causes Of Wide Feet

how to get rid of wide feet

Feet come in all sizes and shapes. It’s important to love yourself the way you are.

However, if your wide feet are causing discomfort or searing pain, then it’s time to look into the issue.

Knowing why you have wide feet can help you find the right shoes, and ultimately, the best remedies to treat them. Here are some remedies for wide feet.

1. Wearing Improper Footwear  

how to get rid of wide feet

This one is a no-brainer. Wearing improper and uncomfortable shoes over a prolonged period of time may worsen or lead to several foot deformities.

As a result, your feet will become wide and require a bigger toe box to feel comfortable.

Your foot has exactly 26 bones that are connected to tiny ligaments and muscles.

While the bone structure is pre-determined, the muscles, ligaments, and soft tissues in your feet can be affected by the wrong footwear.

This can also lead to flat feet, which ultimately widens the foot surface.

Even if you’re cramping your feet for a short time, it can result in severe stress on the bones and joints of your feet.

This, in turn, can worsen wide feet and other issues like foot bunions.

According to a study on neuropathy, most adults with painful foot lesions had one thing in common. They were all wearing the wrong shoes for their feet shape and size.

People with wide feet may also suffer from peripheral neuropathy if they continue to wear ill-fitting shoes. This can also make the foot deformity even worse.

2. Swelling In The Feet

how to get rid of wide feet

Another major cause of wide feet is swelling, also referred to as Edema. The condition can cause the feet to widen over time.

Although the swelling is temporary, the problem can worsen if not treated in time.

The main reason for edema is fluid retention, which can cause the feet to swell and become large.

Other causes include long-term protein deficiency or weakness in the leg veins. However, the issue can be treated by foot massage, exercises, and wearing proper shoes.

3. Various Foot Deformities

how to get rid of wide feet

Foot deformities like bunions, hammertoes, and calluses can lead to wider feet. While these deformities can’t be fixed, they can be alleviated through different remedies.

Now that you know what might be worsening your wide feet, here’s how to treat them.

How To Get Rid Of Wide Feet

1. Surgical Procedures

how to get rid of wide feet

There are surgical procedures that can reduce the width of your feet.

While it is most commonly known as foot-narrowing surgery, the process is often dubbed as “Cinderella procedure”.

The surgery might include pushing the bones back or removing an entire toe knuckle. While cosmetic surgery is a short cut, there are other less painful ways to reduce foot size.

2. Wearing Proper Footwear

how to get rid of wide feet

If your wide feet are genetic, the best thing you can do is embrace them and keep them comfortable by wearing the right shoes.

Look for orthopedic shoes with removable insoles to facilitate the extra width of your feet.

Additionally, make sure the toe box of the shoe is deep and wide so that your feet can comfortably sink and relax.

The interior of the shoe should have enough space so that you can wiggle and flex your toes without restrictions.

Avoid closed-in shoes at all costs if you have a foot bunion. Choose shoes with adjustable straps and proper air circulation so that your feet don’t feel cramped.

You can also look for heel counters and heel cups that support the natural curvature of the feet.

3. Foot Exercises

stretch your toes

If the cause of your wide feet is foot bunions, you can relieve the pain with a few foot exercises.

By stretching and flexing your toes, the muscles and joints can be trained to maintain a healthy foot shape.

Start by stretching your toes out as much as you can for about 5-6 seconds and then curl them up for another 5-6 seconds.

This little stretch performed every day will help take away painful pressure off your wide feet.


If your wide feet are causing you pain or discomfort, then follow the guidelines above to treat the issue.

However, the best thing you can do for your feet is to love them and look after them by wearing comfortable shoes.

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how to get rid of wide feet