How To Make Your Feet Smaller: The Ultimate Guide


Many of us are uncomfortable with our feet. We feel like they are too big, too wide, or simply just unattractive due to their large size.

Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do to actually make your feet smaller, or at the very least, make your feet appear to look smaller.

We have put together this great guide on how to make your feet smaller. Let’s get started.

The Best Option Is Make Your Feet Appear Smaller

how to make your feet look smaller

Although we will talk about ways to actually decrease the size of your feet via surgery and other methods, these tend to be extremely costly and come with a litany of possible side-effects and is simply unattainable for most people.

What we recommend doing instead, above all else, is make your feet appear to be smaller via some smart fashion choices. These can be implemented cheaply, and immediately.

Try implementing these ideas, and we promise your feet will definitely look smaller!

1. Wear Pants That Make Your Feet Look Good

how to make your feet smaller

The point here is to try to not draw attention to your feet, and to wear pants that make your feet look proportional to the rest of your body.

Consider looser fitting pants, such as bell bottoms, or jeans that have flared cuffs.

Additionally, avoid cuffing your trousers – instead, let them hang over your shoes.

Obviously, this won’t actually make your feet smaller, but it will make your feet appear to be the correct size, which is the most important part.

This works by tricking your eyes, thus making your feet appear to be the correct size.

2. Avoid Tight Clothing

skinny jeans make your feet look bigger

Whatever you do, you want to make sure you do not draw excessive attention to your feet if they are on the larger side.

One surefire way to do this is by wearing tight clothing, such as a pencil dress, or skinny fit jeans.

These won’t work for you because they do nothing to help balance out the large size of your feet – they simply are form fitting.

Instead, looser fitting shirts and pants will help make your feet seem more proportionate to your body.

3. Draw Attention To Your Upper Body

draw attention to your upper body to make your feet look smaller

You want to work to draw attention away from your feet, and one of the best ways to do this is to draw attention to your upper body.

There are a number of great ways to do this. Larger belts can help balance out your feet while drawing peoples eyes upward.

Additionally, feel free to experiment with eye-catching tops, watches (especially ones with medium to big faces), hoop earrings, necklaces, and more.

All of these little things can dramatically affect the perception of your proportions and can balance out the large size of your feet.

Just make sure you don’t overdo it with the accessorizing, otherwise, you may draw attention to yourself in a negative way.

4. Wear Dark Colored Shoes

how to make your feet smaller

This is a fashion rule that nearly everybody knows – black is slimming, while white makes things look bigger. The same is true for your shoes.

We’re not saying that you have to only wear black shoes, but you should put together a collection of shoes that focus on darker colors, such as dark brown, grey, and black.

Naturally, you should avoid lighter color shoes whenever possible, since they will draw attention to your feet and make them look significantly larger.

You also want to avoid excessively decorated shoes or shoes that feature multicolor patterns, since these also draw attention to the eye.

However, small decorative flairs can actually draw the eye away from the size of the feet, so these can be beneficial. Don’t be afraid to use them.

5. Avoid Wearing Exposing Sandals

how to make your feet smaller

If you have large feet, you may be dreading summertime, since it means you will have to expose your feet to the world.

However, there are a couple of great fashion tips that you can implement to make your feet look great.

First of all, never wear plain, exposing sandals. These will make your feet look enormous, especially since they show your toes.

Pick up a pair of sandals that have some decorative and covering aspects.

Many sandals have thick, dark leather bands – these will help immensely and make your toes and feet look smaller.

6. Chose Arches & Heels Instead Of Flats

how to make your feet smaller

Whenever possible, flat shoes should be avoided. This is because if you wear arches of heels, your foot is displayed vertically, which helps make them appear to be smaller.

When you wear flats, this same optical illusion doesn’t happen, and your feet look immensely larger because of it.

Additionally, if you don’t have arch support, you can develop problems such as plantar fasciitis or bunions, which can cause your feet to swell and actually appear larger.

7. Boots, Boots, Boots

how to make your feet smaller

It may seem counterintuitive to pick up a pair of boots, since oftentimes they are large, bulky, and have features that draw in the eye such as straps and buckles.

However, a solid pair of poots, especially high-heel boots, can actually mask the natural shape of your feet and make them appear to flow more naturally with the contours of your body.

Don’t get too ridiculous, of course, but don’t be afraid of picking up a nice pair of black or dark brown boots.

8. Lose Extra Weight

If you are overweight, your feet need to actually need to adjust to carrying this excess weight. This can make them appear wider, and can actually lead to them swelling up.

Talk to your doctor about safe ways to lose weight, and you may actually find that like the rest of your body, your feet will slim down a bit as well.

If You Have Serious Foot Issues, Surgery Is Available

cinderella surgery for big feet

Cinderella Surgery exists – it was originally created to help treat significant foot issues such as bunions, hammertoes, toe deformities, and chronic pain.

However, recently, many women have elected to get this surgery because they are insecure about the aesthetics of their feet, and have decided to do something about it.

These options include toe-shortening, fat-injections, shaving of the foot, and more. It is a serious surgery that requires being put under and can take around a month and a half to recover from.

It can also lead to serious issues, since the foot is a complicated piece of human anatomy, as it is an invasive procedure.

Additionally, it can be extremely expensive.

Who should get Cinderella Surgery? Keep in mind that this website does not provide medical advice.

However, our opinion is this: If you have serious, chronic foot problems, Cinderella Surgery can be a great way to help fix your foot problems if your doctor says so.

It is definitely not recommended simply for aesthetic reasons.

A Note On Foot Binding

Some people may be thinking, of course, you can shrink your feet, foot binding has been around for thousands of years! 

And yes, while that is true, foot binding is an ancient Chinese technique to restrict foot growth, it was painful, permanent, and lead to terrible issues such as the loss of a toe, athletes foot, gangrene, nail fungus, and many other issues.

At the end of the process, women’s feet would be 3-4 inches, which would significantly hamper mobility and continue to have issues throughout the women’s life.

So yes, while it is possible to keep your feet small using foot binding, it is a barbaric practice.

Are There Any Possible Complications Of Cinderella Surgery?

Yes, unfortunately, there are many possible issues that can arise with Cinderella Surgery. These include things like nerve damage, tissue damage, possible deformity, scar formation, and more.

It can also lead to an inability to walk, which is terrifying. In our humble opinion, you should only choose Cinderella Surgery if your doctor recommends it.

How Can I Make My Feet Smaller In Width?

how to make your feet smaller

Your foot is a complicated, marvelous piece of human anatomy. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do to actually slim down your feet.

However, following the tips in this article, you can definitely make your feet appear slimmer using many of the tips in this article, which is what we recommend doing.

This is significantly better (in our opinion) than costly foot surgery or barbaric foot binding.

Can I Make My Feet Stop Growing?

There is nothing you can do to stop your feet from growing – they are going to grow to whatever your body dictates them to be.

However, if you are finding them to be bigger than usual, it is possible that they are swelling. Try elevating them, which can help bring down the swelling.

We also recommend picking up some arch support or orthotics, when can add support and prevent swelling as well.

Does Wearing Small Shoes Shrink Your Feet?

No, wearing small shoes definitely does not shrink your feet. In fact, you are probably just going to hurt your feet, which can cause them to swell up and get bigger!

Instead of wearing excessively small shoes, try following many of the tips in this article to make your feet look smaller without damaging them.

Should I Be Concerned About My Large Feet?

In our humble opinion, no, you should not be concerned about your large feet. It is an incredibly common insecurity for women, but most people will never even notice your feet.

If you are feeling down about your big feet, try some of the many tips listed in this article to make them appear smaller.


Thank you for reading this guide on how to make your feet smaller.

Although it is impossible to make your feet smaller (outside of costly surgery), there are a number of easy to implement things you can do to make your feet appear to be smaller, which in our opinion, is ideal.

Most of all, we would like to stress that we think that you shouldn’t stress about this too much.

Everybody has insecurities, and truth be told, most people won’t be spending a lot of time looking at your feet.

You should learn to appreciate them – they help you walk, run, jump, bike, and do all sorts of other amazing things. Your feet are amazing, and so are you!