How To Make A Vinegar Foot Soak For Softer And More Delicate Feet

Whether we realize it or not, our feet are one of the most important parts of our body.

From our very first footsteps to our slow walk in old age, they support us for a lifetime.

Our feet withstand the weight of our whole body and take us everywhere we need to go.

They make us self sufficient and capable of performing everyday duties.

Even when our feet are stuck in uncomfortable shoes for hours on end, they still enable us to dance to fully enjoy a party.

Our feet continue to enhance our quality of life. However, we fail to take care of them as much as we really should.

In the hectic routine of our busy lives, taking care of our feet often takes a backseat.

We delay scrubbing them weekly or even moisturizing them before bed simply because we don’t have the time.

Going to the salon becomes a luxury we don’t really need, so we rob them of their monthly pedicures as well.

With the passage of time and a lot of ignorance on our part, the condition of our feet keeps getting worse.

We don’t realize their worth until we start to see problems like cracked heels or blisters.  

Fortunately, there is an easy solution – vinegar foot soaks!

Vinegar foot soaks can help us in a variety of magical ways, from softening our skin to helping nail fungus, and a variety of other issues – vinegar can help with it all.

Keeping Your Feet Clean Can Prevent Foot Problems

vinegar foot soak for smelly feet

Good foot hygiene is the key to maintaining soft and healthy feet.

It minimizes a lot of problems like the development of infections, calluses, and fungi later down the road.

This is why you must invest some of your precious time now in keeping your feet clean and maintained.

This way, your feet will remain healthy for years and you’ll thank yourself later down the road.

What Vinegar Can I Use in My Foot Soak?

apple cider vinegar foot soak

Vinegar is basically a liquid which contains acetic acid.

It is produced through fermentation and has chemical properties which make it helpful for preserving food.

It is anti-bacterial in nature and this is why you get soft feet with vinegar.

You can use almost any type of vinegar for your vinegar foot soak as long as it is not too strong. Different types of vinegar contain a varying amount of acetic acid.

White vinegar can contain anything between 4 to 7% of acetic acid which is good to use in your vinegar foot soak.

Even apple cider vinegar contains around 5 to 6% of acetic acid which is also acceptable so you can use any vinegar which contains less than 8% of acetic acid.

This type of vinegar will be mild on the skin and help in removing the dead skin.

On the other hand, using vinegar that contains a very high amount of acetic acid will be damaging for your skin. It will also make it extremely dry. 

Therefore, we recommend you only use vinegar with an acetic acid amount of 8% and below.

Furthermore, we recommend that you avoid using fruit or herbal vinegar because they contain additional ingredients which are not good for your skin.

Why Use Vinegar?

Vinegar is very popular for use in foot soaks to heal cracked heels and get smoother feet. If you’re wondering why, then we’ve got the answer for you.

Firstly, vinegar has anti-bacterial properties. This is why it’s added to preservatives to slow down the formation of bacteria.

vinegar foot soak benefits

So, adding vinegar to your foot soak means it will protect your feet against bacteria, fungi, and other microbes.

Furthermore, vinegar is also effective in getting rid of the bad odor from our feet.

There is no point in denying the torturous smell we all experience when we take off our socks after a long tiring day.

This is why adding vinegar to our foot soak is a perfect way to treat our stinky feet and keep them germ-free.

How To Make A Vinegar Foot Soak 

foot soak at home

There are several ways you can make a vinegar foot soak. The first and most popular one is by simply adding warm water in vinegar.

You can also do it in cold water if you have sensitive skin.

The general rule of thumb is to add 1/3 part vinegar and 2/3 parts water.

This is done to dilute the vinegar and to make it even safer for soaking your sensitive skin in it.  

Initially, the smell of this vinegar foot soak is strong but it will eventually fade out.

If you do not like the smell of vinegar, you can add essential oils to this foot soak to make the smell more appealing.

After you’ve prepared the vinegar foot soak, you need to soak your feet in it for 10-20 minutes.

Now sit back, relax, and let this vinegar foot soak work its magic. You’ll see your cracked heels disappear if you do this treatment weekly.

Moreover, if you feel like it wasn’t so effective then you can try adding a little bit of more vinegar to make a stronger solution next time.

The second way to make a vinegar foot soak is to add either body wash or mouthwash in it.

Mouthwash has antiseptic properties so it will be even more effective in removing dead skin and germs.

Body wash can be added for to make the smell less intense and to clean your dirty feet.

For this solution, you will add 1/4 part body wash or mouth wash, 1/4 part vinegar and 2/4 parts water.

The recent of the method remains the same.

What Do I Need to Do After Using Vinegar Foot Soak?

moisturize after vinegar foot soak

If you feel like this vinegar foot soak was effective in cleaning your feet, then all you need to do afterward is moisturize your feet.

You can massage them with almond or olive oil to make them softer and smoother.

Alternatively, if you feel like your feet are still rough and there is some dead skin remaining on them, then you should scrub them.

They will be softer after the vinegar foot soak so it will be easier to remove the dead skin.

You can use any scrub or a pumice stone to scrub them. Don’t forget to moisturize them after scrubbing like explained above.

Final Words

This is how you can easily soften your feet with a vinegar foot soak.

It’s an easy and affordable remedy to do at home as vinegar is quite inexpensive.

This treatment will give noticeable results if you do it on a regular basis.

We hope you have a relaxing time while you soak your feet to make them flawless.