Lemongrass Oil For Toenail Fungus: Benefits And Uses

Toenail fungus is a nasty condition that often starts as a yellowish-white spot underneath the toenail.

It may seem harmless at first but if left untreated, a toenail fungus can develop into a painful condition.

Your toes are especially prone to fungus growth because they’re damp and warm.

The little places around the corners of your toenail can harbor yeast growth, infections, and fungus.

If you don’t do something about it, the toenail fungus can rapidly spread to the surrounding skin and toenails.

When a nail is infected, it usually changes colors, grows thicker, and appears warped. It usually begins with a white dot and then quickly gets bigger.

The fungus can dislodge your toenail by loosening it from the nailbed.

Their weakened shape also causes them to break easily, which is why you should get the condition treated before you lose a healthy nail.

Risk Factors Associated With Toenail Fungus

lemongrass oil for toenail fungus

Toenail fungus is a special condition that can be aggravated by compromised immunity, age, and poor blood circulation.

This is why older people are more vulnerable to a deadly toenail fungus as their bodies aren’t strong enough to fight the infection.

But while age is a common factor, it’s mostly lifestyle habits that may or may not lead to a toenail fungus.

It’s important to look after your toenail and fingernails to avoid any chances of a fungus.

Since it’s usually found in damp places, the best way to avoid a fungus is by keeping toenails clean and using a strong anti-fungal remedy.

Lemongrass Oil For Toenail Fungus

lemongrass oil for toenail fungus

We all know essential oils are packed with powerful anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help to treat a toenail fungus.

Lemongrass oil is a fantastic, multi-purpose essential oil that can put up a powerful fight against a stubborn toenail fungus.

Lemongrass oil can be used to clean up your toenail, prevent bacteria from building, and speed up the healing process.

Benefits Of Lemongrass Oil

The benefits of lemongrass oil can’t be appreciated enough.

As a popular essential oil used in natural remedies, here are some convincing reasons why you should use Lemongrass oil for toenail fungus.

1. It Has Strong Anti-Inflammatory And Antioxidant Properties

lemongrass oil for toenail fungus

The best thing about lemon essential oil is that it’s naturally made to hunt down free radicals.

The oil has the potential to destroy free radicals and strengthen the body with amazing antioxidant powers.

Since one of the underlying causes of toenail fungus is inflammation, lemongrass oil works to treat the fungus deeply.

If you’re experiencing painful swelling in the affected toenail, applying lemongrass oil will help in curbing the discomfort.

The oil contains a special compound called citral, which works to reduce inflammation. This makes it especially useful for a skin infection like toenail fungus.

2. It Is A Potent Anti-Fungal

lemongrass oil for toenail fungus

The most important reason why you should definitely consider Lemongrass oil is that it’s extremely anti-fungal.

It inhibits the growth of yeast and mold as well as prevent them from developing in the future.

If you want to protect your feet from a pesky fungus, rubbing Lemongrass oil will certainly help.

According to a key study, Lemongrass oil has the ability to destroy four types of fungi.

Jock itch and athlete’s foot are some known conditions that Lemongrass oil can effectively treat.

With this evidence, we can safely say that Lemongrass oil can easily treat and prevent a toenail fungus.

Furthermore, according to experts, using the oil in a 2.5% solution can treat toenail fungus.

3. It’s An Effective Pain Reliever

lemongrass oil for toenail fungus

Another great benefit of Lemongrass oil is that it’s a speedy pain reliever.

If you’re feeling pain, discomfort, or are unable to wear your favorite shoes because of toenail fungus, using this oil will certainly kill the pain.

Since Lemongrass oil relieves inflammation, it is wonderful for treating fungal infections by reducing the pain to up to 50-80%.

How To Use Lemongrass Oil For Toenail Fungus

Now that we’ve discussed why Lemongrass oil is a Holy Grail remedy for toenail fungus, here’s how you can incorporate it into your routine.

1. Buy Lemongrass In Its Purest Form

lemongrass oil for toenail fungus

The first thing you need to be mindful of is to only purchase the purest, cold-pressed variety of Lemongrass oil.

Since it’s an essential oil, it’s important to buy a product that’s free of chemicals, fragrances, and harmful preservatives.

Only the purest form can provide the anti-fungal properties you need to treat a toenail fungus.

2. Dilute It

lemongrass oil for toenail fungus

The next step is to dilute the oil. Lemongrass oil should never be used undiluted as it can irritate or burn the skin and nails.

Dilute the oil with a carrier oil like olive oil, grapeseed oil, or black seed oil. These oils are packed with antibacterial properties that can help with your toenail fungus.

3. Massage The Oil On The Affected Toenail

lemongrass oil for toenail fungus

The key to treating the fungus is to gently massage the oil regularly around your toenail. Take a few drops of the diluted oil and carefully massage the area.

If you want, you can also use a cotton swab to dab the solution on your toenail.

With consistent use, your toenail fungus will go away in no time. The oil works hard to keep yeast infection, fungi, and bacteria from growing around your toenail.

Don’t stop using the oil once your toenail starts to look better.

With regular use, you’ll be able to keep your nails clean, healthy, and pleasant-smelling.


lemongrass oil for toenail fungus

Lemongrass essential oil is a wonderful remedy for a toenail fungus.

While you wait on a doctor to treat your condition, massage this oil on the affected area for an effective treatment.

With subsequent uses, you might not even need any other treatment!