Does ProClearz Really Work? An In-Depth Review

ProClearz Fungal Shield Brush-On Antifungal Liquid, Maximum Strength , 1-Ounce (30 ml) (Pack of 3)


Have your toenails turned yellow or orange, hardened to scales, or started to ooze out a foul smell? Are they itching and causing you pain? Unfortunately, you have contracted nail fungus!

An agonizing and frustrating health condition, fungi flourish and form colonies in warm wet environments under your nail bed, and make your nails ugly and painful.

After the onset of the fungal infection, it is a lengthy and uphill battle to cure the nail beds of the infection. There are numerous over-the-counter remedies available to fungal infections on the market today.

However, few are as powerful as ProClearz Antifungal Treatment. This powerful, at home-treatment is exactly what you need to get rid of your fungal woes once and for all.

Below, we will outline everything you need to know about this fantastic treatment.

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ProClearz Fungal Shield Brush-On Antifungal Liquid, Maximum Strength , 1-Ounce (30 ml) (Pack of 3)
Easy to use anti-fungal treatmentPowerful anti-fungal solution that treats nail fungus, jock itch, ringworm, and more

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Clinically Proven To Treat Nail Fungus

proclearz review

The ProClearz treatment predominantly stands out because of its active ingredient i.e. Tolnaftate (1%). Tolnaftate is a clinically proven anti-fungal with a high success rate in treating and preventing fungal infections.

The strength of the ingredient in this formula is the highest permissible amount that can be sold over the counter without any medical prescriptions.

It is one of the most effective treatments available for fungal infection on the market today.

Powerful Applicator Prevents Fungal Spreading

The ProClearz solution is available as a powerful brush-on applicator and also can be found in an easy-to-use pen solution.

Both are fantastic treatment options, as they prevent the infected party from coming into direct contact with the infection site.

Unfortunately, nail fungus is extremely contagious, so it is fantastic that ProClearz has a built-in protector against fungal spreading.

Effective Against Ringworm, Jock Itch, And More

Unfortunately, if left untreated, nail fungus can spread to other parts of the body. This includes fingernails, the groin, the feet, and skin throughout the body.

This is because the fungi in nails are comparable to these various other afflictions. It is possible that your nail fungus has already spread to other parts of your body.

If this is the case, do not worry – ProClearz is also an effective treatment option for athletes foot (tinea pedis), ringworm, jock itch, and various other fungal afflictions.

No Mess, No Smells, No Problem

Unlike many other nail fungus treatments on the market today, ProClearz is discreet, quick, and lacks any unpleasant odors.

It is easy to use the treatment and doesn’t take up half your day with multiple steps, foot soaks, etc.

What Are The Ingredients in Proclearz?

ProClearz utilizes a number of powerful ingredients to deeply penetrate the nail and treat your fungal infection. These include:

  • Tolfnaftate (1%)
  • Aloe Vera
  • Vitamin C
  • Mineral Oil
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin E
  • And more!

These are powerful antifungal and antibacterial ingredients that lack side-effects.

It combines the power of modern science (Tolfnaftate) with powerful vitamins and oils that have been used successfully as antifungal and antibacterial solutions for centuries.

How To Use ProClearz To Treat Your Nail Fungus

1. Clean Your Nails

fungus grows wet places

Before starting any nail fungus treatment, it is imperative that you prepare your nails to maximize the effectiveness of the treatment.

If your nails have become thick, we recommend utilizing special fungi nail clippers.

Clip them using the special nail clippers, and then take a shower to wash away all infected debris.

2. Apply ProClearz To Your Infected Nail

Once you have prepared your infected nail, apply a generous amount of the fungal solution directly to the nail.

Make sure you also apply the anti-fungal agent to the nail bed, and the area around the nail to maximize the effectiveness of the treatment.

3. Go On With Your Day

It’s that simple! Let the ProClearz anti-fungal solution dry, and then carry on with your day.

We recommend applying the solution twice a day (morning and night) to maximize the effectiveness of the treatment.

We also recommend continuing to apply the solution for a few weeks even after the infection appears to have gone away in order to prevent reinfection.

Can I Use ProClearz On My Fingernails?

Yes, Proclearz works on fingernails as well as toenails. Although toenail fungus is generally more common, the fungi responsible for the infection are the same, whether they reside in the toenails or the fingernails.

Are There Any Possible Side-Effects?

For most users, there are limited possible side-effects while using ProClearz. In some rare instances, users may experience an adverse reaction to the solution.

What Are The Products Dimensions?

The Proclearz anti-fungal solution comes in a 1 oz. solution. This makes it discreet, portable, and easy to keep in your medicine cabinet.

How Long Will ProClearz Last?

proclearz review

Unfortunately, it is hard to say how long your purchase of ProClearz will last.

It depends on a number of things, such as your treatment routine and the severity of your fungal infection. However, we estimate that a single vial will last around six months.

We recommend purchasing ProClearz in a pack of 3, since it maximizes your value and you can utilize it for a variety of skin afflictions.

What Other Treatment Options Do You Recommend?

ProClearz is a fantastic treatment option for anyone suffering from a mild to moderate case of nail fungus. Severe cases will most likely take longer to treat.

If you have a moderate to severe case of nail fungus, we recommend taking a look at the Purely Northwest Toenail Fungus System. It is a 3-in-1 antifungal system that is a perfect fit for acute infections.

Additionally, if you are interested in a treatment option that is not a topical solution, take a look at ClearTouch PhotoTherapy.

It is an at-home laser therapy treatment that is revolutionary.

Where Can I Purchase ProClearz?

Some of our readers have reached out and inquired about the best place to purchase ProClearz. They wonder if it is available from Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, or even eBay. We recommend purchasing ProClearz from

ProClearz Positives and Negatives

Like any treatment, ProClearz has its strength and weakness. Here is a quick summary of the positives and negatives.


  1. Portable and convenient to carry
  2. Fast and easy application
  3. No mess application with quick dry
  4. Ability to get to the core of fungal infection
  5. No known side-effects


  1. May take multiple rounds of application to eliminate the infection.
  2. Severe infections will take longer to treat.

Our Verdict

ProClearz Antifungal Treatment is a fantastic treatment option for anyone suffering from nail fungus, athletes foot, jock itch, or ringworm. It is inexpensive, discreet, and easy to use.

Additionally, it lacks any of the overpowering odors that many other fungal treatments have. Like any fungal solution, it will not cure your infection overnight.

However, with patience and dedication, the ProClearz treatment will get rid of your fungal woes once and for all.

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ProClearz Fungal Shield Brush-On Antifungal Liquid, Maximum Strength , 1-Ounce (30 ml) (Pack of 3)

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