Tooth Ache Fast Relief DIY: Banish The Pain Overnight!

Toothache can be incredibly painful. It can be anything, from a minor tingle to an unbearable thumping sensation.

Finding a quick relief for your toothache can be hard if you don’t know the underlying cause. Of course, the best way to diagnose the cause is by visiting the dentist.

Whether it’s a cavity, a wisdom tooth, or poor hygiene, a toothache is quite a common complaint, especially amongst children.

The good news is that with prompt care and treatment, the toothache goes away just as quickly as it comes.

While you’re waiting to see a doctor, there are plenty of effective home remedies you can try for your toothache.

In most cases, a quick DIY will alleviate more than half the pain and might just cancel your trip to the dentist.

You’ll be surprised at how simple these remedies are and the best part? Most of them can be easily found in your kitchen!

So, if you’re looking for a surefire way to say goodbye to your toothache, then keep reading.

The Best DIY Remedies For Fast Toothache Relief

The good thing about DIY remedies is that they’re cheap, natural, and extremely safe to try.

Using only the safest ingredients, you’ll be able to get rid of your toothache in no time. Until you can see the dentist, here’s what you should try.

1. Saltwater Gargle

tooth ache relief fast diy

A saltwater gargle is a tried and tested remedy for toothache.

Your dentist might also just tell you to rinse your mouth with lukewarm saltwater while you’re on your treatment.

This is because salt water acts as a natural antibiotic to destroy all the bacteria and germs inside your mouth that can otherwise lead to tooth decay, inflammation, and swelling.

Saltwater acts as a natural mouthwash that swipes away any inflammatory debris and painful swelling in the tooth that’s keeping you up at night.

The best way to get the most out of this remedy is to take a few pinches of salt and mix them in a glass full of lukewarm water.

The warm temperature allows the salt’s antibacterial properties to perform even better.

The saltwater gargle will effectively clean away the area around the affected tooth and also help pull out the fluid that may be causing the swelling.

Rinse your mouth with the water for at least 30-40 seconds before bed. Repeat the process in the morning and at night until the swelling and pain go down.

You’ll be amazed at how quickly this remedy will kill a toothache!

2. Clove Oil To The Rescue

tooth ache relief fast diy

Using clove oil is the best method for fast toothache relief.

This is because the oil is a natural anesthetic and instantly numbs the nerves that may be causing toothache sensations.

Massaging a few drops of clove oil over the swelling or the inflamed tooth can readily kill bacteria and alleviate pain.

The main chemical compound responsible for this is eugenol that instantly numbs the affected area.

You will feel a cooling and calming sensation as you apply the oil over your tooth. However, since clove oil is extremely strong, it shouldn’t be used on its own.

If you use it as is, you might end up hurting the sensitive gum tissues instead of healing them.

To apply clove oil, take a cotton bud and dip it in the oil or pour a few drops of clove oil onto a cotton ball.

Gentle massage it over the affected tooth until the pain subsides.

If you don’t have the oil, the real spice can be just as effective for toothache. Crush the head of the clove into a gritty powder and place it exactly where it hurts.

You can also place the whole clove over the affected tooth until the swelling goes down.

While it’s inside your mouth, try chewing it to release the oil and keep it around the affected area for at least 30 minutes to see improvements.

3. Cayenne And Ginger Paste

tooth ache relief fast diy

Cayenne is a delicious heat-packing spice that is extremely helpful for toothache.

It contains capsaicin – a natural compound – that blocks pain signals from reaching the brain.

Pair it up with some ginger and you have yourself a natural anti-inflammatory remedy for tooth pain.

Ginger also has potent antibacterial properties that can readily eliminate bacteria and inflammation around the tooth.

This DIY is super easy. Simply grate a teaspoon of ginger and mix in a few pinches of cayenne. Add a few drops of water to form a paste.

Apply it over the affected tooth while avoiding the tongue and the gums as they may burn upon contact. You can leave the paste on until you feel the pain fading.

As natural painkillers, both cayenne and ginger work together to relieve swelling and inflammation in your teeth.

4. Brew Some Peppermint Tea

tooth ache relief fast diy

Although not as powerful as the clove oil, peppermint tea does offer some cooling benefits that can help with toothache.

Not only does the tea have a pleasant, minty flavor, but it can also numb a painful tooth. For this DIY, simply take 2 teaspoons of dried peppermint leaves and brew them in a cup of boiled water.

Give it 20 minutes so that peppermint can release its numbing and cooling compounds into the water.

Once the tea cools down, use it as a mouth wash and thoroughly swish it around the mouth, especially near the affected tooth.

Use the tea as a mouthwash for a few days until the pain subsides. You can also take a warm peppermint tea bag and place it against the affected tooth for quick relief.


tooth ache relief fast diy

Toothache can be a source of great annoyance and sleepless nights. However, the above mentioned DIY remedies are extremely simple yet effective.

Instead of calling in sick at work and canceling commitments because of a miserable toothache, use these DIY remedies to get rid of it in a matter of days!