Essential Oils For Stomach Ache: What Works And How To Use Them

Essential oils are known for having many benefits, including relieving stomach pain.

Stomach pain can be a result of injuries, food poisoning, indigestion, medication, and many other reasons.

Whatever the cause may be,  you can use essential oils to alleviate pain in your stomach region. Here are 6 essential oils for stomach ache treatment.

1. Lavender Oil

essential oils for stomach ache

Lavender oil is an excellent way to soothe pain in your abdomen area, especially for dealing with pains after having a meal.

Lavender can help in relaxing the muscles in the digestive tract, reducing the pain from a cramp in your abdomen area.

Lavender oil can be consumed in various ways to make use of its soothing properties. You could put a few drops of the oil in an oil diffuser.

This will make the oil into a vapor, allowing you to breathe it in. This way, you’ll be making use of its effects through inhalation.

You can also have pills that contain lavender oil. These will obviously be taken orally.

That said, these pills may come in high dosages, which can be harmful if you’re not careful.

It will be best to consult your doctor on safe dosages before you plan on taking these pills.

You must also note that you should never ingest lavender oil. Lavender essential oil itself can be toxic when ingested directly.

All essential oils contain fats that can cause damage to some of the vital organs they come in contact with.

Therefore, it’s much safer to chew on the leaves or inhaling the vapor of the essential oils.

You could also have lavender tea. These teas also contain the relaxing properties of lavender, and it will help you deal with your stomach ache as a result.

You also add a few lavender leaves in boiling water for about ten minutes. After that, remove the leaves and drink the water.

Lavender oil may also help with nausea. So, it’s a good option when dealing with some stomach-related problems.

2. Peppermint Oil

essential oils for stomach ache

Peppermint oil is a commonly used essential oil as it has many benefits when taken correctly.

One of these benefits is that it is one of the best essential oils for stomach ache. The menthol in the oil is an analgesic, so it helps alleviate pain.

It will also help reduce spasms in your abdomen area, helping you relax and feel much better. It does this by calming the muscles in your stomach.

Because of that, the chances of experiencing painful spasms will be much lower.

What’s also great about peppermint oil is that it helps in removing gas that may be stuck in your intestines.

Gas can also be a source of pain when in excess, so removing it will help alleviate the pain.

In addition to that, peppermint oil can also help with symptoms like nausea.

So if you’re feeling nauseous after a bad ache, then peppermint oil will definitely help with dealing with these symptoms.

3. Ginger Oil

essential oils for stomach ache

Ginger oil is also another great essential oil when dealing with a stomach ache.

Ginger oil is a natural analgesic, which means that its properties will help in reducing pain in your stomach area.

One easy way of using this essential oil is by applying some of it externally onto the skin on your stomach area.

This oil has warming properties, so it can help in alleviating pain without actually using it internally.

Another way that you could make use of this essential oil is by using an oil vaporizer. This will vaporize the oil, allowing you to inhale it while relaxing in your room.

The good thing about essential oils is that they are effective even when inhaled. Ginger oil, like the other essential oils mentioned above, also helps in dealing with nausea.

You can apply some of the oil directly on your stomach area, and you’ll feel better in minutes.

4. Chamomile Oil

chamomile essential oil

Chamomile oil helps with reducing bloating. Bloating often occurs when there’s an excessive amount of gas trapped in the gastrointestinal tract.

This can cause cramps in your stomach area. Therefore, you can use chamomile oil to help alleviate that pain.

Chamomile oil can also help in treating inflammation. That said, if the symptoms get progressively worse, you should visit a doctor for effective treatment.

5. Lemon Oil

essential oils for stomach ache

Lemon oil can help with digestion problems. It can alleviate pain in your stomach and help treat heartburn.

Lemon oil can be inhaled using a vaporizer to help treat nausea as well.

6. Fennel Oil

essential oils for stomach ache

If you’re experiencing a lot of pain in your stomach because of constipation, then fennel oil is one of the best essential oils for stomach aches.

Fennel oil helps in improving your overall digestion, thus reducing stomach cramps.

Another great thing about fennel oil is that it helps in removing excessive gas present in your intestines.

Gas can cause cramps, which, in turn, may cause additional pain. Therefore, removing the gas will definitely help you feel much better.

How to Apply Essential Oils Externally?

essential oils for stomach ache

One of the most effective ways of using essential oils is to rub it on your skin over your stomach area. Here’s exactly what you need to do.

Add a few drops of the essential oil on your stomach near your belly button.

Use your hands to rub the oil in a circular motion, moving outward from your belly button.

Massage your stomach area for about two to three minutes and then lay down on your back for a while. A bit of rest will speed up the pain relief process.

While essential oils are great for reducing pain in the stomach, you must always be careful when using them.

They can do more harm than good if they’re used in excess. Plus, you must absolutely avoid ingesting them.

Only use them externally or inhale them in moderate amounts to alleviate pain naturally.