How To Use Vicks VapoRub For Stretch Marks That Won’t Fade Away

Most women dread stretch marks because they can make their bodies look unsightly.

Whether it’s due to puberty, sudden weight gain, or pregnancy, stretch marks are signs that your body has fought against something powerful and still managed to survive.

If anything, women should accept and be proud of their stretch marks.

But while stretch marks do remind us that we are powerful and different, there’s no denying the fact that they can often affect a women’s self-esteem.

Many women try to get rid of their stretch marks through surgery or promising creams and lotions.

Some even resort to natural home remedies like aloe vera, castor oil, and cocoa butter to heal away the marks.

Only time can tell whether they work or not. However, when it comes to effective stretch treatment, Vicks Vaporub has definitely become all the rage.

More and more women are reaching out for a small tub of Vicks Vaporub and applying to their deep and stubborn stretch marks.

But is there a truth in the treatment and can something as gentle as Vicks Vaporub get rid of stretch marks completely? Let’s find out!

What Does Vicks Vaporub Do?

vicks vaporub for stretch marks

Vicks Vaporub is a popular product used to treat congestion, cold, and flu. It does so by forming menthol vapors that cool down and open up the nasal passages.

The main active ingredients in the product are camphor, menthol, and eucalyptus oil that are known for their cooling and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Other inactive ingredients include nutmeg oil, cedar leaf oil, thymol, petrolatum, and turpentine oil.

All of these ingredients make Vicks Vaporub a healing, moisturizing, and anti-inflammatory balm that can be used for a wide range of purposes.

Vicks Vaporub For Stretch Marks

vicks vaporub for stretch marks

The only proof we have that certifies Vicks Vaporub’s efficacy at removing or fading stretch marks is anecdotal.

Even when there’s no proven research to confirm whether Vicks Vaporub works for stretch marks, many women swear by this product and consider it an effective treatment.

But what makes it so special or which ingredients found in Vicks Vaporub target stretch marks the most?

Ingredients In Vicks Vaporub For Stretch Marks

vicks vaporub for stretch marks

In order to fade stretch marks, it’s important to treat the area with an ingredient that boosts collagen production.

Since collagen is the building block and the most crucial protein that makes up the skin, more collagen will mean faster recovery of the stretch marks.

Eucalyptus oil, found in Vicks Vaporub, has the potential to stimulate collagen production and slough off dead skin cells.

It has strong antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic properties that make it an all-star essential oil for a stubborn skin condition like stretch marks.

The other healing ingredient in Vicks Vaporub is petrolatum.

This is basically derived from mineral oil that helps lock in moisture into the skin. It acts as a barrier that stops moisture loss and helps keep the skin supple and smooth.

Keeping scars moisturized and hydrated is extremely important because it ensures faster healing.

When your skin is dry, it becomes dry and flakey, which can prolong the healing process.

Vicks Vaporub is, therefore, extremely nourishing and hydrating for stretch marks.

Another key ingredient in the product is camphor. It is a great anti-inflammatory agent for healing skin lesions.

In fact, using camphor oil regularly can fade away stretch marks or at least, keep them moisturized.

So, now that we’ve gone through the secret ingredients in Vicks Vaporub that can potentially heal your stretch marks, let’s move on to how you can effectively use the product.

2 Ways To Use Vicks Vaporub For Stretch Marks

There isn’t just one way to use Vicks Vaporub. The cooling balm can be used in many ways to treat your stretch marks.

However, it’s important to be mindful that results won’t come overnight.

You will have to use Vicks Vaporub regularly for at least a few weeks to notice any visible improvements.

But since this one of the safest and nourishing treatments, there’s no harm in trying it out! With that, here how to use Vicks Vaporub for stretch marks.

1. Vicks Vaporub And Aloe Vera Gel Mask

vicks vaporub for stretch marks

You can begin by treating your stretch marks to a daily, hydrating mask.

Take some Vicks Vaporub on your finger and mix in two teaspoons of aloe vera gel. Form into a paste and apply a generous layer over your stretch marks.

Both the balm and the aloe vera gel will boost collagen, brighten up your skin, and gradually help in fading away your scars.

If you want, you can leave this moisturizing mask overnight or clean it with a wet wipe after a few hours.

2. Applying Vicks Vaporub Using A Cling Wrap

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Another great way to ensure maximum benefits of Vicks Vaporub is to apply it over your stretch marks and then cover the area with a cling wrap.

The covering will ensure that the product is fully absorbed into the skin and isn’t smudged anywhere else.

You need to apply a thick layer of Vicks Vaporub over your stretch marks and then lock it in with multiple layers of a cling wrap.

Let it stay for at least 3-4 hours before unwrapping and massaging all the residue product into the skin.

This smart and easy method will allow all the wonderful ingredients of the balm to absorb into your scarred skin and stimulate healing.

Doing this every day for at least 6-8 weeks will definitely show remarkable improvements in your stretch marks!

If your stretch marks are keeping you from wearing your favorite little dress or showing some skin, you might want to give Vicks Vaporub a try.

Sure, the results won’t be as dramatic as a laser surgery but Vicks Vaporub really is the safest and the most nourishing treatment for your stretch marks!

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vicks vaporub for stretch marks