What Are the Best Ways to Treat Skin Tags Naturally?

Laser, cryotherapy, ligations, and surgerya dermatologist can give you several options to cure skin tags. However, all of them come with a hefty fee.

Fret not! You can treat skin tags at home without paying an extra penny for the process.

The best part is that the perfect remedy for your skin condition is already in your home.

We’ve discovered the best ways to treat skin tags naturally.

However, before we start sharing the secret remedies with you, we’d like to answer a few general questions first.

The Basics: What Are Skin Tags?

skin tag removal at home easy painless

Skin tags are benign tumors that appear on your skin.  

They are softer, smoother, and slightly smaller than warts and moles.

People over fifty and those facing health conditions like obesity, diabetes, and genetic mutations are most likely to get skin tags

Although doctors haven’t found a proper reason for their formation, they’ve deduced a few things.

Like the fact that they develop when a cluster of blood vessels and collagen get trapped inside the skin.

They are located near the fold and creases of your skin.

You can usually find them under your chin, inside armpits, on eyelids, and in the nether regions.

Are skin tags harmful? 

Nope. These discolored protrusions are harmless in nature.

However, they do tend to be bothersome and painful when rubbed against the skin/clothing.  

Plus, their unsightly appearance causes people to remove them for cosmetic purposes.

The Cure: How to Treat Skin Tags Naturally?

Let’s have a look at simple home remedies to remove skin tags:

1. Manuka Honey

treating skin tags naturally

Manuka honey is a special type of honey.

It’s got antibacterial and antifungal properties that have been transmitted via bee pollination from the Manuka bush.

Its antibacterial nature helps treat skin tags too. It does this by fighting off the bad bacteria that clings to your skin.

Moreover, the hydrogen peroxide present inside the honey cut off the skin tag’s oxygen supply.

Both processes make it easier for you to remove skin tags naturally.

Moreover, its healing powers repair the damaged and broken skin.

So that your wounds heal faster and new skin cells regenerate in its place.

Manuka honey cures skin conditions like eczema, and psoriasis in a similar manner.

How do you use honey for skin tags?

  1. Take some Manuka honey and apply it to your skin tag.
  2. Cover the area with a band-aid or a non-fibrous cloth.
  3. Remove the cover after a few hours of use.

Repeat this process at least three times a day for best results.

2. Vitamin E

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Research reveals that the number of ‘skin tags grow significantly with age’.  

Therefore, it’s safe to presume that degeneration of your skin is a notable factor for skin tag formation.

Vitamin E oil is a popular way to suppress signs of aging.

The abundant antioxidants found inside the oil rejuvenate the skin by eliminating the skin damage caused by harmful free radicals.

They also help smoothen out your wrinkles and maintain your skin’s health.

This, in turn, inhibits the growth of unsightly skin tags that appear because of your aging skin.

How do you use Vitamin E oil for skin tags? 

You can add it in your diet via supplements or eating food that’s rich in Vitamin E (e.g. nuts, spinach, and sunflower seeds).

The other method is to use Vitamin E oil topically. For that, you’ve got to apply it over the skin tag and its surrounding area.

Then massage that spot for a couple of minutes. The skin tags will start fading away after a few weeks of use.

We recommend using a high-quality Vitamin E oil, like Vita E Serum by Leven Rose.

3. Banana Peel  how to remove skin tags naturally using banana

Did you know? Banana peels can brighten skin and keep pestering skin problems at bay.

Experts say that we can find several nutrients, enzymes, and minerals inside the flesh of a banana.

Its high vitamin content (B12 and B6) and minerals (potassium, and magnesium) help revitalize your skin.

Additionally, the enzymes inside the peel act as natural stimulants to shed skin tags quickly.

Here’s how you use banana peels for skin tags:

  • Cut a small section of a fresh banana peel.
  • Apply it on the affected area.
  • Keep it there for at least an hour.

You should continue doing this on a daily basis until all your skin tags have shed.

Pro tip:  Banana peels are one of the many home remedies to treat psoriasis. 

4. Tea Tree Oil

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Tea Tree Oil is extracted from the leaves of the Australian-based tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia).  

The oil is jam-packed with antiviral and antifungal properties that help treat the skin.

Moreover, tea tree oil helps to effectively dehydrate your skin tags. As a result, they start drying up and eventually falling off your skin.

How to use tea tree oil on skin tags?  

  1. Take a cotton ball and soak it in tea tree oil.
  2. Dab your skin tags with the solution for 15 minutes.

Or use a bandage to secure the cotton ball onto the targeted area.

  1. Keep it there overnight.
  2. Continue this treatment for several nights or till your skin tags dry out.

Pro tip: You can mix tea tree oil with apple cider vinegar to enhance this treatment.  

5. Garlic garlic for skin tag removal

Garlic is another food source that helps treat skin tags naturally.

Research shows that the plant is antimicrobial, antiseptic, and antifungal in nature.

These characteristics make it an effective antidote to cure your skin of several infections like toenail fungus, eczema, and skin tags.

Apart from that, garlic helps boost your immune system as well too. It ensures that your skin can stop the skin tags from resurfacing.

 The best way to treat skin tags with garlic is to make a fresh batch of garlic paste.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Crush 1-2 garlic cloves to form a past.
  • Apply the paste on your skin tag and surrounding area.
  • Let the paste dry up.
  • Then wash it off after an hour.

Do this twice a day for best results.

In a Nutshell

From garlic, honey, tea tree oil, to banana peels―you can treat skin tags naturally without any issues.

The best part is that these treatments don’t have any side effects. They’re also a lot safer, effective, and less painful than other solutions.

So which one of these home remedies will you try?

skin tag removal at home natural remedies