What Causes Nail Fungus? The Top 5 Causes Revealed

Overview – What Causes Nail Fungus?

The source of nail fungus can oftentimes be a mystery! Oftentimes people wonder, “what causes nail fungus?” and “where did my nail fungus come from?”

The unfortunate reality is that your onychomycosis, also known as nail fungus, could have originated from any number of places. 

These are some of the most popular sources of toenail and fingernail fungus.

Continue reading to learn exactly where your nail fungus came from!

Wet Places

what causes nail fungus

Fungi love wetness. Moisture gets embedded under the nail, causing them to grow and spread wildly.

If you are going to visit a public pool, gym shower, or sauna, make sure you wear sandals – never go barefoot! Fungi can be contracted directly from bodies of water, so you might want to think twice before visiting a public pool or lake.

In fact, swimmers are three times more likely to contract a fungal infection.

When finished visiting these wet and public places, make sure you clean and dry off yourself completely – doing so will lessen the chances of contracting nail fungus.


what causes nail fungus

Nail fungus commonly appears as a byproduct of diabetes. It is estimated that diabetics are twice as likely to develop nail fungus, also known as onychomycosis.

This is due to reduced circulation in the hands and feet, as well as diabetic nerve damage. Both of these factors make it much harder for your body to fight off infections of any kind, including nail infections.

Unfortunately, toenail fungus can increase the chances of lower leg amputation, so if you are a diabetic, make sure you are inspecting your feet daily.

If you start to notice any sort of yellowing or discoloration, immediately contact your doctor.

Athlete’s Foot

what causes nail fungus

Athlete’s foot is a common fungal infection that starts between the toes. If left untreated, the fungi can quickly spread to the toenails or fingernails, where it becomes resilient and difficult to treat.

The source of athlete’s foot is the same as general nail fungus – contaminated surfaces or direct contact with other contagious individuals.

Why is it called Athlete’s foot?

Medically, it is known as tinea pedis, but it is commonly known as athlete’s foot because athletes often become infected!

Fungus’s love hanging around sweaty, dirty locker rooms and gyms. Whether or not you are an athlete, you need to be careful when are you in these fungi-friendly places.

If you have contracted athlete’s foot, treat it quickly before it embeds itself in your nails.

Pedicure or Manicure Mishaps

what causes nail fungusIt can be easy to miss the first signs of nail fungus, especially for women.

Nail polish does a great job of disguising the initial growth, which means some women can go weeks, months, or even years before addressing their fungal infections.

Unfortunately, nail polish does nothing to stop the contagiousness of the fungi, which means your local salon can constantly come into contact with nail fungus.

All it takes is for one pedicurist to accidentally jab you with an infected piece of equipment, and you will be walking out of the shop with a brand new infection.

Before you let a stranger touch your feet, imperative that you research their sterilization process. Are the workers using gloves? Are they cleaning the footrests frequently?

How often do they sterilize the nail cutters, buffers, and basins? Make sure to do your research before stepping inside any nail salon!

Family or Partners

what causes nail fungus

Once nail fungus finds its way into your vicinity, it can easily spread.

All it takes is coming into contact with your partner’s contaminated sandals or your father’s sweaty tennis shoes.

Always take precaution! If someone in your life has a fungal infection, do your best to avoid their hand and footwear.

If you are gifted used hand or footwear, make sure you thoroughly clean the article of clothing before wearing it.

And if your partner has foot fungus, make sure you constantly clean the sheets, remove the fungi from your shoes, and start treating their nail fungus with a fantastic treatment option immediately.

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