Can Toenail Fungus Spread In The Bathtub? Discover The Truth!

Toenail fungus is embarrassing, painful and can easily get out of hand (or foot) if you do not take care of it as soon as it comes up.

It causes yellow, cracked and thick nails that make it hard to walk or wear closed shoes.

If you want to avoid getting toenail fungus or are trying to manage the infection you already have at the moment, it’s better to know what conditions can make it worse or cause it to spread.

Can toenail fungus spread in the bathtub?

It is very likely that it can because fungus loves growing and spreading in warm, wet and dark places. Your bathroom meets at least two of those requirements.

How Can You Prevent Toenail Fungus From Spreading?

can toenail fungus spread in the bathtub

Keeping your infection under control and to stop it from spreading is your responsibility. Some things that you can do are as follows:

Practice Foot Hygiene

can toenail fungus spread in the bathtub

Dirty feet are a great host for a variety of problems and infections.

If your feet are clean and germ-free, you’ll be able to eliminate at least some of the causes of a toenail fungal infection.

The first thing you need to keep in mind in order to stop toenail fungus from spreading to not only other parts of your body, but also to other people, is to keep your feet dry.

When you take a bath, make sure you are washing your feet as thoroughly as you can with soap and water.

On the days when you aren’t taking a bath, you need to take the extra step of washing your feet anyway.

Even on the days when we do not feel sweaty and grimy, our feet still take the brunt of all the exhaustion we feel.

They will still be sweaty and tired, even when you are not.

Always Bring Footwear To Public Pools

can toenail fungus spread in the bathtub

It might sound like a hassle, or it might sound like common sense.

Regardless of how you feel about this point, it’s important to remember never to go out to public pools or showers (like at the gym) with your bare feet.

As mentioned above, fungus is always found growing in places that are moist and warm.

If you add that to a place that’s moist, warm and also the place where hundreds of people walk around with their dirty feet all day, you have a recipe for disaster.

Save yourself the trouble of catching someone else’s germs by bringing the right footwear to wear to these places.

If you’re going to the pool, bring flipflops.

If you are planning on using the shower after working out at the gym, bring flipflops that you can wear inside the shower.

It might be uncomfortable at first, but remember, hundreds of people have stood on that same floor with their dirty feet.

Clip Your Nails After A Shower

can toenail fungus spread in the bathtub

It’s important to keep your nails neat and trimmed.

After you take a shower, you should occasionally give your nails a touch-up and cut them, so that they are at a manageable length.

Cut them straight and don’t make their edges pointy, or they will stab the side of your neighboring toes.

Powder Your Feet

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Once you’ve taken a bath and trimmed your nails, your feet should be nice and clean and ready to face the world and the fungus.

Add a little extra precaution by powdering your feet as well. All you have to do is add powder on your feet right after you’re out of the shower.

Buy medicated powder. Avoid the scented powder because it can cause irritation to your skin.

Having dry, powdered feet helps majorly in having fungus-free feet.

Don’t Share Foot Products

can toenail fungus spread in the bathtub

This includes sharing nail cutters, towels or footwear, especially socks.

When you share the same products for your feet that other people in your house are using, you increase the risk of passing your infection on to them, or them catching yours.

It is also important to keep all your foot products clean. Have your towels washed and disinfected regularly.

Use disinfectant on your nail tools, if you know that you have a history of nail fungal infections.

If you use a towel to dry your feet, make sure no one in your house is using the same towel.

Keep Your Family Safe

do not share socks

Even though you won’t catch a fungal infection from someone you are seeing for a couple of hours for lunch, the case is different with people that you live with.

Do not share socks or shoes with people that you know have a fungal infection.

Similarly, do not give your shoes or socks to people if you know that you might have a chance of having an infection yourself.

If you take the necessary steps to have clean and moisture-free feet, you can prevent the spread of toenail fungus in the bathtub.

When you share the same bathtub with other members of your family, it’s possible that you are going to spread the infection to other people.

If everyone in your family is careful to keep their nails groomed, you can play your part in reducing the risks.

Can Toenail Fungus Spread In The Bathtub?

can toenail fungus spread in the bathtub

Yes, it can, unless you do what you can to prevent it. Wear shower shoes in public pools and showers and dry your feet after taking a bath.

Keep your feet powdered and don’t wear the same shoes too much.

Switch up your shoes to give your other pairs time to dry out if you are prone to sweaty feet.

Make sure your feet are always washed with soap, by taking out time at the end of each day to give them a rinse before you go to bed.

Final Words

can toenail fungus spread in the bathtub

Although you may not be able to stop an incoming fungal infection, you still need to take whatever measures you can to prevent what you can.

If by reducing the number of products you share with others can make even the slightest of differences, you should follow through with it.

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can toenail fungus spread in the bathtub