5 Easy And Effective Tips On How To Get Rid Of Dry Toenails

Winter is over and as spring approaches, it’s time to put your boots away and switch to open-toed shoes again.

While most people love wearing flipflops, some are embarrassed at the sight of their toenails.

During the winter, toenails can get dry, brittle and even thick. However, don’t let this hold you back from living your best life! Read this article to learn how to get rid of dry toenails.

How To Get Rid Of Dry Toenails

There are various ways to get rid of dry toenails. Here are a few effective methods that work wonders:

Use A Moisturizer


how to get rid of dry toenails

It is common for your nails to get dry, especially in the winters, since they lack moisture.

Whether your nails are brittle, cracked, split or dry, using a moisturizer can do wonders. Moisturizers can hydrate your nails, which will keep them healthy and strong.

It is best to look for moisturizing lotions that contain alpha-hydroxy acids and lanolin. Make sure to moisturize your feet after a shower or a bath.

You don’t have to do much, simply pay extra attention to your toenails when applying the cream.

It is a good idea to moisturize your feet, hands, and nails before going to bed.

Protect Your Feet

how to get rid of dry toenails

You can get rid of dry toenails by protecting your feet.

A good idea is to wear socks that can protect your feet from dirt, grime, and dust that may be found in your shoes or on the floor.

In winters, make sure to wear socks since exposure to cold weather for long periods of time can cause your toenails to dry up.

Care For Your Toenails

how to get rid of dry toenails

An easy way to keep your toenails from drying out is by taking care of them regularly. You can do this in a number of ways.

Make sure to cut your toenails regularly since a smaller nail surface area decreases the chances of chemicals and water being absorbed into your nail bed.

You should also file your nails regularly as that reduces the chances of your toenails splitting, breaking and even drying out.

When filing your toenails, always file in one direction or your toenails will not have a proper shape.

If your toenail has an irregular shape, make sure never to pick on the cuticle or the nail.

Either let it grow and then cut it out or use a metal instrument to push the cuticle back.

You can even apply nail hardener to your toenails since it can help them become healthy and strong.

Avoid Nail Polish

how to get rid of dry toenails

Nail polish plays a huge part in decorating your feet and making them look attractive, but applying nail polish too often is not good for your toenails.

It is essential to give your toenails a break since they are not impermeable. They can easily absorb harsh chemicals that are present in nail paint and its removers.

If you tend to leave your toenails painted for long periods of time, you may notice that when you take the paint off, your nails are chalky and yellow.

This means that your nails are dry and brittle and they need immediate hydration.

The top layer of your nail absorbs the chemicals and pigment from the nail color and dries your nail out.

As the top layer turns dry, it is much easier for mold, bacteria and yeast to grow on the bottom layer. This can easily cause an infection in your toenail.

This does not mean you can never paint your toenails again. Simply remove the nail paint every 3 to 4 weeks and then give your toenails time to breathe.

During this time, it is best to keep your feet dry and wear shoes that give you enough room to stretch your toes without damaging the toenails.

Apply Olive Oil

apply olive oil

If your toenails look cracked and dry, you can use olive oil to make them look healthy again.

The first step is to wash your feet with soap that will remove all bacteria, grime and sweat from your nails and prevent you from getting an infection or fungus.

The next step is to dry your feet with a soft towel so you can use olive oil on them.

Take a dropper and fill it with olive oil. Simply drip a few drops on your toenails, but make sure to cover every end.

The top layer is important, but so is the nail bed. Massage the olive oil into your cuticles and nails.

As the nail size decreases or increases, the amount of olive oil you are using will change, too.

Olive oil will not only prevent your toenails from getting dry or brittle, but it will also protect them from any serious infections.

Before wearing shoes or socks, let the olive oil soak in your feet for 10 to 12 minutes.

This will allow the oil to completely absorb into the nail bed and make your nails strong and shiny again.

It is best to do this every other day after removing nail polish since it will keep your nail bed moisturized and hydrated.

If you want a foot massage with a nail massage, you can even warm the olive oil and rub it over your feet.

Besides helping your toenails, olive oil will also rejuvenate the skin of your feet.


how to get rid of dry toenails

These were all the methods on how you can get rid of dry toenails.

After a few days of applying moisturizer or olive oil, the yellow-ish color will disappear from the top layer of your nail bed. Your toenails will also become healthier and less dry.

However, if your toenails remain dry despite trying the methods mentioned above, you may have toenail fungus or bacterial infection.

In such a case, it is a good idea to speak to a professional before things get any worse.

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how to get rid of dry toenails