Skin Tag Removal Overnight: Can It Be Done Naturally?

Skin tags are a cosmetic concern for many people. The skin growth can be unsightly and cause people to lose confidence.

Skin tags are benign tumors that can appear anywhere on the body.

Although they are normally painless, if they come in constant contact with clothing or jewelry, they can be painful.

Many professionals offer services to remove skin tags, but most people don’t want to spend money on the procedure.

Cryotherapy is a great option for skin tag removal overnight because it freezes the skin growth, which then shrivels away and falls off. But most people want options that are more natural.

The good news is that there are many natural remedies for skin tag removal overnight. For these remedies, all you need are some household items.

Here are some remedies that we’ve compiled for you. They are safe and will effectively help you get rid of the skin growth.

Let’s take a look at them:

Apple Cider Vinegar

skin tag removal overnight using apple cider vinegar

You can easily find this ingredient in your pantry. For this remedy, you need a cotton ball other than ACV. Get both the things and wash the skin tag thoroughly.

How To Use Apple Cider Vinegar

Soak the cotton ball in the vinegar and squeeze it to get the excess vinegar out.

Place the soaked cotton ball on the skin tag and make sure it covers the whole growth.

Secure the cotton in place with a bandage or band-aid and keep it there overnight. Depending on the size of the tag, it will soon shrivel up and fall off.

If the remedy doesn’t work on the first try, use more apple cider vinegar the second time and you’ll get great results.

Oregano Oil

skin tag removal overnight

A natural antibiotic, oregano oil also has some strong anti-inflammatory properties.

It can not only help you fight infections, but it also relieves joint and muscle pain.

With so many healing powers to its credit, it’s no surprise that oregano oil can also help with skin tag removal overnight.

How To Use Oregano Oil

Apply a few drops of oregano oil directly on the skin tag or soak a cotton ball with the oil and place it on the skin tag.

Follow the remedy a few times a day for the desired results.


skin tag removal overnight

Garlic has some advanced antioxidant properties, which makes it the perfect remedy for skin tag removal overnight.

You can work with sliced garlic or garlic juice, whatever appeals to you. Both will provide the same benefits and will make sure your skin tag falls off.

How To Use Garlic

Slice garlic and place the thin piece to cover the skin tag properly. Apply a bandage to secure it in place and leave it overnight.

You can also crush a few cloves of garlic to get its juice. Soak a cotton ball in it and place it on the skin tag.

The antifungal properties of garlic will help keep infections away as the skin tag shrivels and falls off.

Tea Tree Oil

skin tag removal overnight

Many people swear by the effectiveness of this remedy.

By now you know that skin tags are quite harmless, but some people may find their appearance bothersome, which is why using tea tree oil is important.

Tea tree oil has antiseptic properties that can help fight fungal infections. It also helps to suit the skin, which is why the oil has been used to cure several skin conditions.

How To Use Tea Tree Oil

Put 4-5 drops of tea tree oil on the skin tag and make sure to saturate it.

Follow the remedy throughout the day and cover the skin tag with a bandage when you sleep at night.

The remedy will show great results in a day or two, so keep the skin tag covered.

Consistent application is the key here so make sure you keep applying tea tree oil on the skin growth.

Baking Soda Paste

skin tag removal overnight

For this remedy, you need baking soda and castor oil. Apart from being rich in proteins, minerals and Vitamin E, castor oil also has natural antifungal properties.

This makes it the perfect carrier oil to add to baking soda to remove skin tags.

How To Use Baking Soda Paste

Mix one tablespoon of baking soda and one teaspoon of castor oil to make a thick paste. Apply it on the skin tag with a cotton ball and leave it overnight.

Keep following the remedy at least for a week, but remember that the results depend on the size and location of the skin tag.

Aloe Vera

skin tag removal overnight

Aloe vera is the perfect remedy for your skin problems. The antibacterial and antioxidant properties of the plant can keep your skin healthy and boost your immunity.

The healthful compounds in the plant also work to remove skin tags.

How To Use Aloe Vera

Fresh aloe vera works best for this remedy so make sure you buy a plant. Slice a leaf and scoop out all the gel.

Keep it safe in a bowl and apply it on the skin tag several times a day. Soon the skin tag will die and fall off. This process does take time, so be patient.

When using any of these remedies, make sure that the skin around the skin tag isn’t broken or inflamed.

Applying any of these remedies to broken skin can lead to inflammation, irritation and  infection.

So, it’s better to get your local GP’s opinion before trying out any of these home remedies.

Final Word

skin tag removal overnight

It’s important to know how to remove skin tags at home, especially for people who don’t want to go under the knife.

Use the above-mentioned remedies for skin tag removal overnight and get your confidence back.

There are many other ways to deal with this condition, but these natural remedies are the safest options and extremely effective.

Try them out today and let us know what you think!