How To Get Rid Of The Smelly White Stuff Under Toenails

Health is wealth, and there’s no denying this fact. Toenail fungus is very common and almost half the population is affected by it.

Sometimes, toenail fungus can lead to smelly white stuff under toenails and cracked nails, which can cause a lot of pain and be off-putting.

The condition can be difficult to treat, but with a few tricks, you can prevent the problem in the first place.

Here are some tried and tested toenail fungus tips that’ll save you from the embarrassment and pain.

It’s not that hard to keep the condition at bay and ensure your feet health. All it takes is effective foot hygiene tips.

So if you want to keep toenail fungus away at all costs, you need the help of the following tips.

· Get Your Nail Clippers Out

Smelly White Stuff under Toenails

Long nails do look great, but if you don’t keep them clean, they can be a breeding ground for bacteria.

Always use sanitized nail clippers and make sure all your other tools are also germ-free.

You may feel comfortable sharing your nail clippers with others, but it can put you at high risk of contracting toenail fungus.

It’s better to avoid using someone else’s nail tools to prevent the spread of the infection. However, if you have no choice and you must use them, sterilize them first.

You have to be careful when snipping your nails. It’s better to cut them straight across, but it’s not necessary.

As long as you file them after cutting them, you can keep toenail fungus at bay.

Another important piece of advice is to never cut the cuticles. Your cuticles act as a barrier against infection and prevent bacteria from getting under your nails.

Cutting them off means you remove the barrier and provide bacteria easy access. This leads to smelly white stuff under toenails and causes a lot of pain.

Daily moisturization will help keep your cuticles soft so that you don’t feel the need to cut them.

· Maintain Feet Hygiene

Smelly White Stuff under Toenails

It is not easy to take out time from your busy life to look after your health; however, hygiene is very important.

If you don’t find time to go to the spa or don’t have the budget to go for a pedicure regularly, you can engage in some home remedies to disinfect your feet.

Furthermore, one of the best toenail fungus tips is to wash your feet with soap and water every day, especially after strenuous activity.

Dry your feet so there’s no moisture left to help the fungus grow. Make sure you clean between your toes thoroughly because it is a hotspot for bacteria to grow.

Use a nail brush to scrub your nails and wash away any dirt accumulated under them.

· Keep Your Feet Safe From Injuries

Smelly White Stuff under Toenails

It might not always be possible to prevent injuries, but try your best. Any injuries to the nail bed can increase your chances of contracting toenail fungus.

Any harm that comes to the skin around your nails can also put you at risk. Biting your nails may seem like an innocent thing to do, but it isn’t.

Even biting or ripping hangnails can create an opening for fungus, so refrain from it.

· Be Aware Of Fungal Hotspots

Smelly White Stuff under Toenails

Places that are moist and crowded are loaded with fungi.

Locker rooms, public pools and gyms are some of the most common places from where you can contract toenail fungus.

Since you can’t avoid the moist environment, it’s better to be careful in these places. Don’t walk around barefoot or share towels with anyone.

Always take a pair of flip-flops so that your feet don’t come into contact with the floor.

Visiting a nail salon might be your idea of a lazy day of pampering, but it can also turn out to be your worst nightmare.

Always go to a salon that is licensed and follow high hygiene standards.

Ask the nail technician to sterilize the nail clippers and other grooming tools before using them.

Many salons have single-use instruments that eliminate the risk of the spread of the infection. The easiest way to go about this is to just take your own instruments.

· Let Your Feet Breathe

Smelly White Stuff under Toenails

Remember that toenail fungus thrives in damp and dark areas.

If your feet are cramped inside tight shoes throughout the day, they become susceptible to the threat of toenail fungus.

If you don’t want to deal with the pain and discomfort of this condition again, it’s better to let your feet breathe.

Opt for shoes that aren’t too tight. Similarly, you have to avoid shoes that are too big.

You have to allow air to flow freely around your feet and keep them dry.

Choose shoes made of breathable material, such as leather and canvas, which prevent moisture buildup and the formation of smelly white stuff under toenails.

To give your toes some much-needed space, go for shoes that have a wide toe box.

It’s better to keep changing your footwear. If you wore a pair today, make sure you air them tomorrow and wear another pair.

After a day of airing, your shoes will be free of moisture, thus preventing toenail fungus. Sprinkle your shoes with anti-fungal powder to prevent fungi growth.

Follow this routine rigorously during warm weather.

Even hot socks can make you vulnerable to toenail fungus, so it’s better to look for socks made of synthetic materials.

Cotton is a much better option than wool, but bamboo fiber will win at moisture absorption any day.

These toenail fungus tips are just what you need to prevent smelly feet.

It’s important to maintain feet hygiene so that you never have to deal with the smelly white stuff under toenails again.

Give your feet a new life with these healthy tips!